Avada vs Divi

Avada vs Divi: Which WordPress Theme Is Best For You?

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Avada vs Divi: Which WordPress Theme Is Best For You?

Trying to decide between the Divi vs Avada for your WordPress website?

Divi and Avada are two extremely popular premium multipurpose WordPress themes. Both come with incredible customizability.

But while both Avada and Divi are excellent themes, they still differ a lot.

In this post, we analyze and compare the two WordPress themes, their strengths and weaknesses so that you can have a better understanding of which theme to select for your next WordPress website.

Let’s get started!

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Divi vs Avada WordPress Theme Overview

Divi is a flagship WordPress theme by Elegant Themes, with a user base of over 700,000 web design professionals and business owners.

Divi WordPress Theme

What makes Divi an amazing WordPress theme is that it’s a true multipurpose theme with countless customization options, hundreds of template packs, and full theme building capability.

This is how Divi looks in action

Divi Color Manager

Avada, on the other hand, is ThemeForest’s best selling WordPress theme with over 620,000 sales.

Avada WordPress Theme

Like Divi, Avada is also a multipurpose theme that you can use to create any type of WordPress website.

One big difference between the two is that Divi comes with a full-featured website builder (Divi Builder), while Avada has only recently launched its website builder update, which is still not as advanced as the Divi Builder.

Free Divi Test Drive

Explore the surprising power of Divi Visual Builder

Here’s a quick comparison table of Divi Theme vs Avada Theme…

Divi ThemeAvada Theme
No. of downloads700,000620,000
Ease of setup✔️✔️
Editing ModesFront and Back endFront and Back end
Prebuilt Templates800+70+
Support24/7 Live ChatSupport Forum

Now let’s look at some of the core differences between the two themes.

Avada vs Divi Theme: Ease of Use

Both Divi and Avada are user-friendly themes with simple design workflows that you can use even if you don’t have any coding knowledge.


Divi is a beginner-friendly theme with a very easy installation process.

To set up Divi, all you have to do is sign up on the Elegant Themes website and download the theme files.

Then go to your WordPress dashboard > Plugins, upload the theme files, and activate the theme with the license key.

Divi Theme Installation in WordPress

Now to set up your website, you can simply import any of Divi’s pre-built templates, and your site will get ready within minutes.

Divi Template Library

You can watch this quick video to see how you can install the Divi theme:


Avada also comes with a ton of features that may look slightly complicated at first, but everything within the theme is easy to use.

After installing and activating Avada, you’ll see a welcome screen where all the theme basics are explained with steps on what you can do next.

Divi vs Avada Theme

A demo installer is also included within the theme, which you can use to import demo content on your site.

Note: One downside of Avada is that it uses multiple third-party plugins (LayerSlider WP, ACF Pro, Slider Revolution, Convert Plus, etc.) to function properly. Now no extra licensing is required for the additional plugins, but they end up consuming website resources for no reason. So make sure you check everything before going ahead with the Avada theme!

Avada vs Divi Theme: Template Library

Both Divi and Avada offer a lot of templates that you can import to build a professional-looking website.

However, with Divi, you get access to over 100 full website packs and 800+ pre-built templates.

This is massive!

Divi Theme Template Packs

You can create your own designs within Divi and save them as templates to reuse them either on the same website or export to use on any other website you want.

Divi Premade Layouts

World-class design by Elegant Themes

In contrast, Avada offers only around 70 pre-built templates suitable for almost any type of WordPress site. You can import either a full template or parts of any template with just one click and instantly edit the content.

Avada Template Library

Avada templates are available in all major categories like business, fitness, sports, education, restaurant, construction, and travel.

Overall, Divi’s template library is far better in terms of both quantity and quality. You can find a template in Divi for almost every type of project.

Note: A website pack is a set of themed templates where around 5 to 10 pages are included within the pack on one topic. For example, you will get 8 fully built pages (about, blog, careers, contact, home, landing, portfolio and services) in the Digital Marketing layout pack of Divi (check the live demo of this layout pack here). In many cases this is all you need to get your website up and running in minutes.

Avada vs Divi Theme: Page Builder

Page builders are tools that lets you design pages from scratch — with drag and drop content modules and without any coding. Both Divi and Avada offer page builders but with a different approach…

Divi Builder

Divi comes pre-packed with its page builder, also known as Divi Builder (reviewed here). It’s a WYSIWYG drag and drop page builder that you can use to design 100% responsive layouts.

Avada vs Divi Theme

The Divi Builder offers two editing modes — frontend mode and backend (wireframe) mode.

The front end mode gives you the freedom to build a website visually in real-time. You can design everything in a website with Divi Builder, including headers, footers, single posts, pages, archives, and category/tag pages.

Over 40 content modules are included in the Divi Builder that are highly customizable too.

Divi Builder

Some examples of included modules are:

  • Heading and text blocks
  • Buttons and CTA box
  • Content sliders
  • Contact form
  • Media and galleries
  • Testimonials
  • and Blog posts grids

The recent Divi release, Divi 4.0, is a game-changer update that allows you to use Divi Builder to design a website from start to finish, without writing a single line of code. It gives you complete control of your website design which is not possible with Avada.

Watch this video to see how Divi Builder works…

Fusion Builder

Similarly to the Divi Builder, Avada has a Fusion builder that you can use to design posts, pages, headers, and footers. The Fusion Builder is fast, easy to navigate, and offers 70+ design elements.

As for the performance, it’s slightly faster compared to the Divi Builder.

Avada vs. Divi Editor

Some of the content elements you will find in Fusion Builder are…

  • Text
  • Button
  • Chart
  • Checklist
  • Code Block
  • Column
  • Countdown
  • Slider
  • Social Links
  • Tagline Box
  • Testimonials
  • and Gallery

The Fusion Builder also has a wireframe mode (similar to the Divi Builder wireframe view) that displays the page layout using the backend editor. It’s a handy feature to create and manage long pages like landing or sales pages.

Avada Fusion Builder

You can check this video to learn more about how Fusion Builder works…

Note: Both Divi Builder and Fusion Builder include similar features like frontend and backend editing, inline editing, global colors, advanced customization options, and hundreds of templates. The one major difference between the two is the editing interface. So if you’re confused about which one is better, watch the videos we have included above to see how they work.

Documentation and Support

When it comes to support, Divi is much better, while Avada can be limiting, especially if you are new to WordPress.


With Divi, you get access to their documentation, support forum, and 24/7 live chat support, where you can ask all your questions related to theme or plugins.

Divi Support Forum

Elegant Themes (the creators of Divi) even have developer documentation in case you need any help with the advanced features of the theme.


As Avada is available through ThemeForest, it only provides documentation and support forum for all its users. And the support with new theme purchases is only for 6 months (compared to 1 year support from Divi).

Also, there’s no live chat support, so if you’re someone just starting with WordPress, Divi might be a better option as you will get faster replies to your questions.

Divi vs Avada Pricing

Now for the pricing, if you’re thinking which of the two themes is cheaper to use … then that depends on how many sites you need to use it on.

First, Divi has a straightforward pricing model where you get all the Elegant Themes products at a yearly membership or one-time payment option:

Divi Pricing and Membership Plans
  • Yearly access at $89 per year.
  • Lifetime access at $249 one time payment.

Avada’s pricing is different as it’s available exclusively on ThemeForest, so it only offers a regular license at $60 per year.

Divi vs Avada Pricing

This includes support for six months, theme updates, and all the Avada theme features. You can extend the theme support for up to 1 year by paying an additional $18.

But Avada’s regular license can be used only on one website, while Divi’s both plans give you access to unlimited website usage.

So if you’re looking for a theme to use on a single site, then Avada will be cheaper … but for multiple websites, Divi will cost you a lot less — especially if you take the lifetime access plan.

Note: Divi offers 30 days no questions asked return policy, so you can ask for a refund if you don’t like the theme. But as Avada’s return policy is controlled by Theme Forest, you can only ask for a refund in case there’s an issue with the theme, so if for some reason you don’t like Avada, you won’t be able to file for a refund.

Final Thoughts on Divi vs Avada Theme!

Avada is a great WordPress theme, but it has just started its journey with the page builder, and it lacks many different features that Divi has. Also, unlike Divi, Avada relies on many third-party plugins to function properly, leading to code bloat with time.

If you’re looking for a complete solution to build your WordPress website with full design and content control, then Divi (Divi Theme + Divi Builder + other cool products and features included in any Divi plan like Bloom and Monarch) will be a better option for you. It’s a true multipurpose theme with virtually no design limitations.

Divi vs Avada Multipurpose Theme

Plus, Divi Theme offers more value for money than Avada, which only includes a license for one site and support for 6 months.

With Divi yearly plan, you not only get support and updates for 1 year, but you also get access to all the Elegant Themes premium themes and plugins (Extra, Bloom, and Monarch). So, Divi is more than just a WordPress theme and page builder, it’s a complete WordPress marketing and design toolset.

So click here to start your journey with Divi Theme now or try the free Divi demo first. Once you have purchased Divi, you can check our guide on how to start a website from scratch with it.

To check the live preview of Avada, you can click here to visit Theme Forest website.

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