How to Build a Website From Scratch: The Step-By-Step Guide

How to Build a Website From Scratch
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This is the SIMPLEST website starting guide you can find online. With this step-by-step guide, you can get your website up & running in under 30 minutes. We’ve specifically made it short, simple and to the point, so you do not waste too much time on researching things online. With this guide, you are safe to skip your research as we’ve already done it for you! Just follow the 3 simple steps below to get your website published TODAY!

How to Build a Website From Scratch?

To build a website from scratch you need three essential components:

  1. Platform (or CMS – Content Management System) – this is the place where you build your website (like your digital factory or digital garage).
  2. Domain & Hosting – A domain name is simply an understandable and easily identifiable form of IP address. An IP (Internet Protocol) address is like the physical address you have for your residence or your office; it just exists on the internet. People use this address to identify you. As the actual IP address has several numbers and is difficult to remember, the concept of the domain name is being used. When you get yourself a domain name, you are merely buying yourself an address on the internet (the one that starts with “www”).And hosting is the place on the remote server which “hosts” your website and serves it to anyone who types your domain address into the browser search bar or comes to your website in any other way (by clicking a link on Google search for instance).
  3. Website Builder – a set of tools that help you to design and manage your website (and make it look exactlythe way you want). They also save you tons of time and help you to build your website without touching a single line of code.

And that’s all. Yes, seriously, that’s it. 🙂

You don’t need anything else to start a website in 2019.

Cool? 😉

Awesome! Now, let’s get to Step 1.

STEP 1: The Platform

As you may know, there are different platforms for creating a website. To make your life easier you need to choose the best one right from the beginning.

It’s such a pain to migrate your website from one platform to another after you’ve built it (we’ve been there and done this). So, you need to be smart here and make the most effective decision before you start building your website.

Let’s see what website platforms are out there and how popular they are among website owners:

Website Platforms (CMS) Sorted by Popularity and Usage (Global Data)

 % Market Share% All Websites

Data from W3Techs.

So, these are essentially your main platform options for creating your new website on.

As it is clearly seen from the table by far the most popular platform to build a website is WordPress. And there are solid reasons for that (if you want to learn those reasons just open the toggle below).

First of all, with WordPress, you are always in a good company.

Most of the websites in the world are built and run on WordPress!

Here are some examples:

News Websites Built on WordPress:

How to Build a Website From Scratch - News Websites Built With WordPress

Fortune 500 Company Websites Built on WordPress:

How to Build a Website From Scratch - Fortune 500 Websites Built With WordPress

Source: WordPress


All those brands chose WordPress for a reason!

Here are the most important benefits that come with WordPress that other platforms mostly lack:

  1. Top-notch software
  2. Huge community (there is always help available)
  3. Flexibility (you can build any type of website on WordPress)
  4. No restrictions (you are the owner of your website and free to do whatever you like with it. In contrast, this is much different on other platforms)
  5. SEO friendliness (probably the most important factor)

Generally, it’s really hard to make a mistake by choosing WordPress as a platform for your website.

So, it does not really make sense to spend a lot of time on this step. You can just go with WordPress, mark this step done and let’s move on to Step 2.

Wait… But how do you get WordPress for your website?

Good news! 🙂 You’ll get WordPress automatically installed in one click with your hosting (it’s a built in feature). So, no need to do anything at this point, just move to the next step. 😉

STEP 2: Domain Name & Hosting

This is probably the most straightforward part of the process of building a website.

Your website needs to live somewhere (be hosted on some server) so you need to get a place (hosting) for it.

Your website also needs an address that will help people to easily access it by typing it into their browser’s address bar. This address is called a domain name (example:

Thankfully, today buying and setting up a hosting and domain name is a matter of few clicks. This all can be done 100% online in minutes.

So, how do you get a domain name and hosting for your new website?

You start with picking your hosting provider.

There are different domain and hosting companies, but we recommend using SiteGround for the following reasons:

  • Our website is hosted with SiteGround, so we can recommend it based on our own experience
  • It’s super simple
  • It’s super fast (huge SEO and user experience advantage)
  • It has great, easily accessible and very helpful support (when you need help you talk to a human and not to a robot or chatbot)
  • and it’s also super reliable

Importantly, we are not the only one who recommends SiteGround hosting. WordPress officially recommends it too:

SiteGround Recommended by WordPress

Simplicityspeed, and reliability are the three main components of a hosting company. SiteGround scores 5 stars for all three.

In short, going with SiteGround will make your life much easier.

So, how do you buy your domain and hosting from SiteGround?

Very simple! Just head over to SiteGround website and purchase their WordPress service online (they currently have a special price for this service, so hurry up! 😉 ):

Here is what you need to click:

How to Build a Website From Scratch - Getting Hosting

Once you click WordPress Hosting SiteGround will walk you through the setup process (very easy, takes a couple of minutes) and you will also be able to get a domain name for your website during your hosting setup (no need to go to a different place for a domain name and waste time on complex domain setup processes).

WordPress Hosting will be installed for you in one click by SiteGround and after that, you are ready to start building your website.

Here is the special price link to SiteGround again.

STEP 3: Build & Publish Your Website

Being the best website building platform WordPress nevertheless has one minor drawback. It’s not designed and not powered for building on the front end when you visually see what you are building. WordPress by default provides a back-end functionality which is not beginner-friendly especially if you don’t know how to code.

But thankfully there are tools that simply eliminate this minor drawback and add seamless front-end building feature to WordPress. These tools are called WordPress WYSIWYG Editors (WYSIWYG stands for “What You See Is What You Get”).

Currently, there are some really cool WYSIWYG website builders for WordPress, but we recommend going with the Divi (you’ve probably heard of that, it’s insanely popular).

We recommend using Divi for the following reasons:

  • Our website has been built with Divi, so we can recommend it based on our own experience.
  • Divi comes with a premium Divi theme for WordPress and many cool plugins and other helpful tools that you will need for your website. So, it’s sort of all-in-one solution for any WordPress website. Very useful.
  • It’s powerful. You can do crazy things with Divi.
  • It’s intuitive. No need to learn difficult stuff.
  • It’s reliable. Divi is very well supported with regular updates, new features, and helpful support team.
  • No risk. Divi provides 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you’ll get a refund.
  • What is also great about Divi is that it comes with lots of pre-made (and fully customizable) professional layouts that can help you to save a lot of time and hassle. You can find a layout for almost any type of website you want to build. With those layouts, you may not need to build anything at all! You just insert your content into the ready-made website and that’s it. You’ve got a world-class website. That feels awesome!

Here is what Divi can do for you in a quick video:

So, after you are done with two previous steps and already have a domain and hosting set up the next thing you need to do is to get yourself a Divi builder and add it to your WordPress website.

We also have a very EXCITING NEWS for you! With this link you’ll get an exclusive 20% OFF for Divi products (limited time offer) which is a great deal with great value:

How to Build a Website From Scratch - Divi Discount

So, if you are serious about starting a website (which you probably are if you made it so far!) make sure you grab this offer asap! As we mentioned above, Divi comes with 30 day money back guarantee. So, if you don’t enjoy Divi (which is very unlikely) don’t worry, you’ll get a refund. 😉

So, getting a website builder is the last step for building a website. Once you are done with that you are ready to start building your website!

Next, just go to your WordPress dashboard via SiteGround and start building your website with Divi. 

When content is added and you like the design just hit publish and your website will go live! 😉

P.S. For any questions you may have during the process you can contact SiteGround and Divi Support. Both teams are super helpful and they’ll help you to sort everything out. You can also send us your questions or comment to “info at siteefy dot com” – we are always happy to help! 🙂

We wish you all the success with your new website!

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