Divi Builder vs Divi Theme

Divi Builder vs Divi Theme: What’s The Difference?

Divi Builder vs Divi Theme is something that comes up very often. As a beginner and potential Divi user, this might confuse you. This post will help clear up that confusion and help you make a better decision.

Let’s get started!

The Main Difference Between Divi Builder and Divi Theme

We want to start off by defining the main difference between two parts of Divi: Divi Theme and Divi Builder.

So, how these two are different?

The main difference between Divi Builder and Divi Theme is that:

  • Divi Builder is a WordPress plugin
  • and Divi Theme is a WordPress theme

If you are new to WordPress then check the videos below to understand what are WordPress plugins and themes and how they differ from each other.

Now let’s take a closer look at Divi Theme and Builder.

What Is Divi Theme?

Divi Home Page

The Divi Theme is a premium WordPress theme made by the folks at Elegant Themes. It’s one of the easiest and most feature-rich WordPress themes out there. 

Divi uses drag and drop, and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) to help you make beautiful websites quickly.

The best thing about Divi is that it provides you with a lot of customization options to play with, so it’s easy to make your site look just as you want it.

You can also access the Divi Template Library for some pre-made website designs. 

What Is Divi Builder?

Divi Builder overview

The Divi Builder comes bundled with the Divi theme. It’s a visual page builder plugin that allows you to create pages easily by arranging various kinds of elements like text, images, videos. 

It’s a live builder and updates your website instantly. It also provides great control over the design of your website.

Here’s a Divi builder demo.

Customization Options: Divi Builder vs Divi Theme

Divi (including both Divi Theme and Divi Builder) is known for the huge amount of customization options it provides. 

Divi theme general options

Here are a few of them:

Divi Theme

Fixed Navigation Bar

The navigation bar becomes fixed on top of the screen and remains as it is upon scrolling.

Blog Style Mode

Helps give a more traditional look to your blog by displaying your posts in full.

Social Media Icons

Automatically place social media icons in your footer and choose the ones to use.

Responsive Shortcodes

Makes the shortcodes adapt to different screen sizes.

Custom CSS

You can inject your own CSS to customize your website even more.

Ad Management

For websites that rely on advertisements, this tool helps automatically display them at specified locations.

SEO Settings

Choose to enable things like meta descriptions, canonical URLs, title autogeneration, etc.

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Divi Builder

Divi builder options

Visual Builder

The Visual Builder allows you to build pages on the front end of your website.

Bulk Editing

Ability to select multiple elements at once and edit them all together.

Hover States

You can set custom actions that happen when someone hovers over an element. You can change the position, color, and do all sorts of wonderful things!

The Divi Library

Save your favorite layouts, rows, and modules for later use.

Role Editor

Gives control over what certain WordPress user roles can do.


Disables the element by fading it without actually deleting it from your builder.

Differences Between Divi Theme and Divi Builder

As we already stated above, the difference between Divi Builder vs Divi Theme is that Divi is a traditional WordPress theme, whereas Divi Builder is a WordPress plugin.

A WordPress theme is a collection of code files that gives a basic appearance and design to your website.

A WordPress plugin on the other hand adds additional functionality to your website which is not available in the core WordPress software like authentication, design, performance boost, SEO, etc…

📝 Note

You can think of Divi Theme as a tool that provides the basic framework and layout of your website and Divi Builder as another tool that helps you to customize that framework.

The Divi Builder allows you to visually edit that without coding, making WordPress easier for beginners.

The Divi Builder is not exclusive to Divi Theme and can be used as a page builder with any WordPress theme. It functions like other page builders, say Elementor or Brizy

More than that, the Divi theme is also compatible with other page builders (other than Divi Builder). So, if for any reason you don’t like Divi Builder, then you can easily switch to another WordPress page builder and keep your Divi Theme active. 

Pricing: Divi Theme vs Divi Builder

Divi Theme and Divi Builder both are part of Elegant Themes membership.

Elegant Themes membership also includes Bloom, Monarch, and Extra Theme on top of Divi Theme and Builder. 

The membership costs $89/year or $249/lifetime

Divi Pricing Plans

Support And Documentation: Divi Builder Plugin vs Divi Theme

You get premium support once you purchase the Elegant Themes membership. You can chat with the support staff for technical queries and reach other ET departments using email. 

You can also ask the community for support, or join the Divi Facebook Group

Documentation is also available for both, the Divi Builder, and Divi Theme. It is pretty vast and covers most of the topics you would need help with. 

Divi documentation

Pros/Cons of Divi Theme and Divi Builder

In this section, we will talk about the Pros and Cons of Divi Builder and Divi Theme.

Divi Theme


  • Global customization settings are available
  • Multipurpose theme
  • Lots of tutorials and community support to get started
  • Speed (significantly improved recently)
  • Compatibility with other page builders


  • No free version is available
  • No standalone purchase option

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Divi Builder


  • Lots of pre-made templates and designs
  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Can be used with any WordPress theme
  • Lots of additional features like A/B Testing, Backend View, etc


  • Shortcode based
  • No standalone purchase option

Final Words

We hope that this article helped answer the Divi Builder Plugin vs Divi Theme question.

You can also have a look at our in-depth Divi theme review which shall help you know the product even more and help you with your purchase decision!

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