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Divi Cloud – All You Need To Know About the New Divi Feature

Siteefy content is free. When you purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Siteefy content is free. When you purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Elegant Themes recently released a new exciting feature for Divi called Divi Cloud.

In this post, we want to take an in-depth look at Divi Cloud, how it works, and what benefits it could bring to Divi users.

What is Divi Cloud?

Divi Cloud is a cloud storage functionality for Divi templates, layouts, and content. It’s a cloud Divi library that’s accessible from anywhere.

With Divi Cloud, you can save and access your Divi layouts from any computer or device.

Saving a layout to Divi Cloud
Saving a layout to Divi Cloud

In simple words, Divi Cloud is the Divi version of Dropbox. It’s a place where you can store your Divi files and access them from anywhere.

How Divi Cloud Works

Divi Cloud is already integrated into the Divi Builder. You can start using it if you have an Elegant Themes account and Divi installed on your WordPress site.

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There are three ways to save your Divi layouts to Divi Cloud.

Bulk upload

You can save all Divi layouts from your computer to Divi Cloud at once.

For example, if you have a Divi layouts collection on your computer (including layouts downloaded from Divi Marketplace) and you want to upload them all to Divi Cloud, all you need to drag and drop the JSON file into Divi Builder:

Dropping files to Divi Cloud

then select “Import to Cloud” and click the “Import Layout” button:

Divi Cloud Bulk Import

Moving layouts from your local library to Divi Cloud

Both your local layouts and Divi Cloud layouts are available in your Divi Builder, meaning that you can browse both types of items at once.

Cloud items are marked with a blue cloud icon:

Divi Cloud item in Divi Library

Moving items from your local library to Divi Cloud is as easy as selecting the Divi layouts you want to move and then clicking on the cloud button:

Moving items from your local library to Divi Cloud

Saving directly from a page

You can also save Divi layouts directly from a page.

For example, if you have created a custom layout for your home page and you want to save it to Divi Cloud, all you need to do is to click on the “Add To Library” button and select the “Save To Divi Cloud” option.

Saving to Divi Cloud directly from a page

Divi Cloud Features

Divi Cloud comes with the following features:

  • Access your Divi layouts from anywhere

  • Get more organized

  • Browse all your layouts visually


  • Save Divi layouts directly from the Divi Builder
  • Save time with the bulk uploader
  • Unlimited storage (premium)
  • Option to favorite layouts
  • Categories and filters
  • High level of security

Who Divi Cloud Is For?

Divi Cloud is for anyone who wants to have access to their Divi layouts from anywhere.

If you are a freelance Divi developer, for example, you can use Divi Cloud to store all your Divi projects in one place and access them from any computer or device.

Divi Cloud may also be incredibly beneficial for agencies that use Divi to create client websites and have hundreds of designs in their library.

How Much Does Divi Cloud Cost?

Divi Cloud is free for everyone (up to 50 items).

However, there is a premium version that gives you access to some additional features, such as unlimited storage, unlimited items, and unlimited websites.

The premium version of Divi Cloud starts at $8 per month (currently 20% launch discount is available and the discounted price is $6.40/month) and $96 yearly (currently 40% discount is available and the discounted price is $57.60/year).

Learn more about Divi Cloud pricing options here.

Summary and Our Opinion

To sum up, Divi Cloud is a great feature that was somewhat expected based on the way Divi has been evolving lately.

Divi Cloud definitely makes the overall Divi experience better and more convenient, especially for those who often need to access their Divi layouts from different computers or devices.

Plus, with the introduction of Divi Cloud Elegant Themes also made the Divi Library UX and UI better by adding additional features such as categories, filters, and favorites.

The best part is that Divi Cloud is available for free for up to 50 items. This allows Divi users to try it at absolutely no cost and upgrade to the premium version only if they need more storage or additional features.

If you are a Divi user, we definitely recommend that you give Divi Cloud a try. We think you’ll find it very useful!

Try Divi Cloud free now!

Have you already tried Divi Cloud? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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