Our Editorial Process

Our Editorial Process

Here at Siteefy we are on a mission to provide reliable, accessible, and accurate information so that everyone has the tools to create, maintain and grow their website. 

The 4 Pillars of Our Editorial Process

Our process is complex, but we can break it down into several components or “pillars”.

1. We Keep High Editorial Standards

To ensure that our audience can easily digest our content and that the information we share is completely reliable, we have built a list of requirements that our team follows before publishing any article.

Here’s how we meet our standards in every post:

1. We carefully select who we work with: Through an extensive recruitment process, we make sure to select the best content creators based on subject matter expertise and life experience.

2. All content is always fact-checked: We make sure that every single piece of information we provide is reliable. We fact-check everything before publishing. We ensure that all information is accurate, well-researched, and up-to-date so that our readers can trust our content.

3. Strict guidelines: To ensure that all our content is of the highest quality, our team follows a set of specific guidelines and quality control mechanisms.

4. We provide original content: Sometimes, during our research, we use information from other sources. When we use an external source, we provide proper credit by referencing this source.

2. We Prioritize Facts and Experimentation

Building and promoting websites requires a wide range of tools, which can take time and research to understand and use properly.

To provide our readers with trustworthy information, we must experiment with each tool we review before providing our opinion on it. This way, we can ensure that the advice we give is comprehensive and accurate.

For example, if we are reviewing a WordPress plugin, we will make sure to install that exact plugin on a WordPress website, use it, experiment with it, and read its documentation.

In addition, we always make sure to stick to official and reliable sources in order to provide up-to-date information on every tool we recommend or statistics we offer.

3. We Make Sure Our Content Is Actionable and Easy to Understand

When reading our content you will notice that we focus heavily on readability, clarity, empathy, inclusivity, and real-life application.

To achieve this, we simplify things.

1. We avoid jargon as much as possible.

2. We keep the layout of the content clean and uniform with bullet points and headings and make sure that paragraphs are short.

3. We provide references so you can learn more about a specific topic.

In addition, we do our best to provide helpful visuals (images, videos, gifs, screenshots) so you can have a better experience while reading our content.

4. We Constantly Monitor and Update Our Content

We understand that our guides and reviews can quickly become outdated.

At Siteefy we constantly monitor and update our articles to ensure that our audience receives accurate and up-to-date content every time they visit our website.

To achieve this, we keep track of industry trends, updates of the tools we review and compare, and most importantly, we audit our content every few months.

What We Don’t Do

We are professionals and work hard to make Siteefy a leading resource. That’s why we make sure to avoid the following practices.

We Don’t Post Anything Without Thorough Research

Every piece of content on our website goes through an extensive research process before it is published so that it provides accurate, relevant, and reliable information.

We Don’t Use Shady SEO Techniques

Since we want Siteefy to be a reliable source of information, we make sure to avoid using questionable SEO techniques.

We Don’t Promote Irrelevant or Spammy Sources

We only link to relevant authoritative sources that help our users in some way, for example, to clarify a concept or explore a topic in depth.

You will not find a link to irrelevant or spammy sources in any of our articles. Every link we add passes our quality criteria.

We Will Keep Working Hard, for You

At Siteefy you are our top priority. We want you to grow your online business using the best tools and strategies on the internet, and to help you achieve that goal we keep improving our processes continually.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, you can get in touch by visiting our contact page.

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