How to make AI art

How To Make AI Art (Alternative Tools)?

Quick Answer: The best way to create AI art is to use AI art generators that have been trained on large datasets of images. Just input a prompt or a seed image, and the AI will generate a unique piece of art.

There is a decent variety of online AI platforms like DALL-E 2, Midjourney, NightCafe and more that allow you to make AI art.

How To Create AI Art?

Creating digital art can be a time-consuming and skill-intensive process. However, with the emergence of artificial intelligence, it’s now possible to generate unique and beautiful pieces of art using AI.

Let’s look into several alternative tools to create AI art.

Tools for Creating AI Art

Here we’ll discuss some popular AI art generating tools and how to use them.

1. DALL-E 2

DALL·E 2 is a state-of-the-art AI model, developed by OpenAI, capable of generating high-quality images and artwork based on textual descriptions.


  1. Access the DALL-E 2 web app and navigate to the home page. DALL-E 2 platform is available only via a paid subscription.
  2. Input Description: Type a detailed description of the desired AI art into the text box.
  3. Generate Images: Click ‘Generate’ to instruct the model to create images based on your input. Four separate image variations will pop up.
  4. Adjust Parameters: Explore adjustable parameters to customize style, content, or other aspects of the generated images.
  5. Save or Export: Once satisfied with the results, save or export the generated images in the preferred format.

Example of a DALL-E-generated AI art:

Example of a DALL-E generated AI Art
Prompt: A vibrant sunset over a serene landscape, digital art

DALL·E 2 is a very user-friendly AI art generator. It is known for its impressive ability to produce realistic and diverse images, making it a top choice for AI art creation.

⚠️ You can now access the more advanced DALL-E 3 model for free on Bing Chat. Bing Image Creator generates AI art using DALL-E 3.

2. Midjourney

Midjourney stands out as an effective tool for AI art creation. Regardless of artistic skills, Midjourney helps users to produce visually captivating artwork.


  1. Join Midjourney: Create an account on Midjourney by signing up on the platform and join its Discord server. Midjourney works only with a paid subscription.
  2. Access a Newbie or General channel: Find and access any channel labeled general-# or newbie-#. These channels are designed for users to interact with the Midjourney bot.
  3. Describe the Image: Type “/imagine” and provide a text description of the image or artwork you want to generate. The Midjourney Bot will interpret your prompt and generate an image.
  4. Use Effective Prompts: Write concise, descriptive, and clear prompts to guide Midjourney in generating the desired AI art.
  5. Experiment with Prompts: Explore different prompts to experiment with the style and content of the generated AI artwork.

Discover more about creating AI images with Midjourney in this article ⬇️
How To Use Midjourney To Create AI Images?

Example of a Midjourney-generated AI art:

Example of a Midjourney generated AI art
Prompt: A girl sitting in a sunlit room, working on a laptop

Midjourney’s popularity in the AI art community is attributed to its user-friendly platform, distinctive style generation, and the ability to facilitate the creative process without special artistic skills.

3. NightCafe

NightCafe is another powerful AI art generation tool to create remarkable digital illustrations. With multiple creation methods, NightCafe Creator platform is well acknowledged for its effectiveness in unlocking creativity of AI-generated art.


  1. Access the NightCafe Studio: Go to using the browser of your choice.
  2. Input a Prompt: Type your desired prompt into the prompt box or generate a random one using the tool.
  3. Generate/Create your AI art: Choose a style and click on the “Create” button in the main menu. NightCafe will generate your image.
  4. Join AI Art Masterclass: Users can enhance their skills by joining the Night Cafe Tutorial Masterclass for Text to Image AI Art Generators.

Example of a NightCafe-generated AI art:

Example of a NightCafe generated AI art
Prompt: available here, created by user @ArtAIJB

NightCafe offers multiple AI art generation modes, allowing users to get different quality and types of outcomes, including photorealistic, fantasy-style images, abstract art, and many more.

4. Craiyon

This AI tool, formerly known as DALL-E Mini, has gained popularity for its simplicity and versatility since 2022. Craiyon is a free AI image generator designed to effectively transform text descriptions into imaginative and realistic visuals.


  1. Access the Craiyon Platform: Visit the Craiyon website or download the Craiyon Android app. Craiyon is free to use.
  2. Describe Your Image: Enter your text prompt. You can also add negative words to specify any items you want to exclude from your query.
  3. Choose a Style: Choose the type of image you’d like to see. You can play around with different keywords, such as “illustration,” “photorealistic,” and “high definition”.
  4. Generate the Image: Click the “Draw” button to generate your AI art.
  5. Select an Image: Select an image from the generated results. You can click the “Upscale” button to try to improve the resolution and quality.
  6. Save the Image: Click the “Screenshot” button to save it as a PNG file.

Example of a Craiyon-generated AI art:

Example of a Craiyon generated AI art
Prompt: cute white anime fox with blue eyes

In addition to the web version users can explore Craiyon’s Android app. The tool offers different styles and allows users to add negative words to specify any items they want excluded in their query.

Brief Summary:

Creating unique pieces of AI art has become more accessible thanks to various AI-powered tools. DALL·E 2, Midjourney, and NightCafe stand out as noteworthy AI art makers, each offering unique features and capabilities.

Whether you are looking for photorealistic images, fantasy-style illustrations, or abstract art, these AI platforms have got you covered.

Remember, the key to creating amazing AI art lies in experimenting with different prompts and adjustable parameters.

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