45+ Curious Reddit Statistics That Will Make You Think Twice

Reddit has a reputation for being the offbeat social media platform. Yet, it continues to show huge growth. This year, it marked 430 million monthly active users, beating out Twitter’s 396 million users. 

Even better, Reddit got a hefty hike in valuation this year, which is sure to bring new growth as well. To better understand this company’s market position, let’s go over the latest Reddit statistics. 

Reddit’s Popularity Worldwide

Reddit monthly active users

Source: Statista

As you can see above, Reddit is the 15th most popular social network worldwide, just below Pinterest. At the same time, it boasts of 52 million daily active users

Reddit App was installed 122.5 million times this year. On the platform, users can interact with 2.6 million subreddits, including 130,000 active communities. In 2020, this included content such as:

  • 303.4 million posts a year
  • 2 billion comments a year
  • 49.2 billion upvotes a year
  • 50+ billion monthly views
  • 1.4 billion monthly native videos
  • 5 million minutes of video watching per day

What’s more, Reddit’s popularity just keeps growing. In June 2021 alone, 85,000+ new subreddits were created:

New subreddits per month

Source: Front Page Metrics

Reddit User Demographics

Generally speaking, Reddit users tend to be young (aged 18-49). In fact, 36% of users are aged 18-29 and 22% are aged 30-49. 

Reddit usage by age

Source: Statista

In addition, 80% of Reddit interactions are conducted in English. Some other demographics to keep in mind include:

  • 59.7% of Reddit users are male, while the remaining 40.3% are female.
  • The vast majority of Reddit users are white non-Hispanic adults, followed by Hispanics with 12% and African Americans with 7%.
  • 42% of Reddit’s users have a college degree and 26% of them make more than $75,000 a year.

Reddit User Behavior

Reddit may not be the most popular social app, but it does rank #3 in average session duration. At 4.96 minutes per app session, it has some of the highest engagement. This is especially notable, considering that 70% of Reddit videos are viewed on mobile.

Average app session length

Source: Statista

In addition to the app, users spent 10 minutes and 23 seconds per visit on the Reddit site. 

Users also access Reddit frequently: 52% of users access Reddit daily, 82% access it weekly and 95% access it monthly.

Reddit Statistics in the U.S.

Reddit is especially popular in the U.S., with nearly 46% of Reddit’s worldwide installs from the U.S. It’s even the 7th most-visited site in the U.S. Moreover, U.S. users have these characteristics:

  • 8% of U.S. internet users get news from Reddit. 
  • 72% of Reddit users in the U.S. use it for entertainment purposes.
  • 62% of Reddit users in the U.S. agree that it protects their privacy.
  • 82% of Gen-Z users trust Reddit regarding getting info about new products.
  • 51% of Gen-Z users like Reddit’s user-driven features, such as subreddits, comments, and upvotes. 

For teenagers, Reddit is the 6th most popular platform, with 4% of 13-14-year-olds having tried out Reddit.

Platform popularity with teens

Source: Statista

Reddit’s Popularity by Country

As we mentioned, Reddit is most popular in the U.S. However, it does have a strong presence in other regions, including these countries:

Reddit popularity by country

Source: Backlinko

After the U.S., Australia is #2 in number of Reddit users, while India takes the #3 spot. 

Reddit Statistics on Revenue 

2020 was an excellent year for Reddit revenue, as it’s vamped up its ad revenue program. It generated $170 million in revenue, mostly from ads. In fact, it’s estimated to increase ad revenue by 92.63% for the 2020-2021 period. 

In addition, Reddit has seen good funding numbers, including:

  • $6 billion valuation in February 2021, doubling its previous valuation.
  • As of this year, Reddit has accumulated $919 million in total funding over 8 rounds. 

Reddit Feature Statistics

Reddit’s features have expanded in recent times. Video has become especially popular. In fact, since Reddit Video launched, ads have seen 2.3 times higher conversion rates and 3.5% higher engagement.

In addition, different types of content elicit distinct reactions. Generally, posts with questions get the most comments, while videos are the #1 most popular in getting upvotes:

Video post engagement

Source: Foundation Inc

Popular Reddit Content

Reddit content popularity varied greatly. The #1 most popular subreddit was r/announcements by far:

Popular subreddits

Source: Backlinko

In addition, other popular content included:

  • 9972.4% activity increase in r/blacklivesmatter
  • 48,286% increase in r/unemployment
  • #3 most popular community was r/coronavirus
  • r/penpals saw an 128.4% increase
  • r/USPS saw a 55.1% increase

In particular, a few Reddit posts stood out from the crowd, including:

Most popular Reddit posts 2020

Source: Statista

Final Takeaway

Reddit continues to surprise with strong, steady performance. As it expands ad revenue, Reddit is sure to see even more growth next year. The estimates for new Reddit users are high for 2022 – will this platform gain even more popularity?

We’ll be keeping our eyes on Reddit, that’s for sure.

If you enjoyed these Reddit statistics, you can get all our statistics on WordPress, Websites, the Internet and more on our blog.

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