Siteefy Extension track your articles to make them accurate and SEO Friendly

Siteefy Keyword Tracker is a tool that allows you to track specific instances of keywords to enhance the value of your written material and make it SEO friendly. All words you are tracking will be highlighted in the text area and also displayed with different color indicators in the right panel showcasing the frequency and percentage of keywords used.

How to use the keyword tracker:

  1. Place the keywords you want to track into the input box on the right sidebar
  2. Make sure you separate keywords using commas or simply place one keyword per line
  3. After placing the keywords, just click the Start Tracking button and the tracker will start tracking the keywords as you write. Pasting a pre-existing text is also possible. For this, simply use the copy/paste function.

The advanced Chrome extension version of this tracker is also available. With Siteefy Chrome Extension you can:

  1. Track keywords inside WordPress (Gutenberg)
  2. Track keywords on a blank page
  3. Track keywords on live web pages


Keyword Tracker

Enter the keywords you want to track:

Make sure to separate individual keywords with a comma or place one keyword per line

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