A Quick Look at WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

Siteefy content is free. When you purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Siteefy content is free. When you purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to build your business online. It’s a cost-effective and straightforward approach to promoting and expanding your company.

WordPress, on the other hand, has evolved into something more significant than a hosted service over time.

WordPress development teams continually create effective tools that tackle complex business challenges, including email marketing tools. However, we’ve seen WordPress plugins with built-in email marketing features in recent years. WordPress email marketing plugins are what we call them.

You can use a WordPress email marketing plugin to extend the functionality that arrives with your WordPress installation. Plugins are typically used to add new features or functionality to a host website without altering the website itself.

WordPress Email Marketing Plugins 

You can find dozens of WordPress email marketing plugins to enhance your site performance and automate the email process.

But which one to choose?

So, to help you narrow down this time-consuming search, we have crafted this list of the 7 WordPress email marketing plugins you can start using right now. 

1. MailPoet 

MailPoet newsletter plugin

MailPoet integrates newsletters and email subscriptions with your website. It comes with a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to design a subscription form quickly.

It can also be integrated with Google Analytics to track the number of visitors to your website.

Features of MailPoet

  • Responsive subscription forums.
  • Variety of templates, and a drag-and-drop editor to create your email quickly. 
  • List and segmentation options to manage subscribers.
  • Import and export contacts in a simple and straightforward way.
  • Automates the welcome, thanks, and discount, emails.
  • Stats on consumer interaction that are insightful. 


MailPoet’s free plan for starters permits you to deliver newsletters to 1000 subscribers for free.

Mailpoet pricing

It offers three different subscription plans for creators, businesses, and agencies. The cheapest option is priced at €8 per month with 500 subscribers for creators, € 10 per month for businesses, and €30 per month for agencies. 

2. Email Subscribers & Newsletters

Email Subscribers & Newsletters

Email Subscribers & Newsletters is a full-featured solution.

It comes with everything you need to build, manage, and send newsletters without any third-party connection.

Email Subscribers & Newsletters send emails from the owner’s own server, so no third-party subscriptions or extensions are required.

It has all of the essentials, is simple to learn, and provides some automation possibilities.

Features of Email Subscribers & Newsletters

  • Gather email addresses, by adding a subscription form to your website.
  • Send email newsletters either manually or automatically based on triggers.
  • Send alerts when new members sign up and send out welcome emails that are sent automatically.
  • View information about each email, such as when it was sent and when it was viewed.


A premium plan, which starts at $9 per month, is available in addition to the free version.

Email Subscribers & Newsletters pricing

Extra features include email templates, spam detection built-in, and the ability to test newsletters.

3. Brave

Bravel live demo

Brave is an all-in-one conversion engine. It allows WordPress website owners to capture visitors to the website as leads.

It provides a drag-and-drop tool using which you can create any kind of popups, sticky bars, modals, or lightbox.

Features of Brave

  • User acquisition tools: 
    • Lead Capture quiz 
    • New users signup using social media accounts
  • Sales growth tools:
    • Cart abandonment pop-ups 
    • Slide-ins and countdown timers to create FOMO 
    • Review & Testimonial widget
  • Website management tools:
    • Terms & Conditions popups 
    • Cookies popup


Pricing starts from $59/year and goes up to $199/year depending on the number of websites and types of features you need. 

Brave pricing

4. Newsletter 

Newsletter homepage

With a long list of features like email automation, email segmentation, performance tracking, etc., Newsletter is another plugin for WordPress email marketing to grow your subscriber numbers and generate leads. 

The easy drag & drop composer allows easy email newsletter composition directly from the WordPress dashboard. The best thing users like about Newsletter is its block options, including social icons, images, videos, gifs, and pricing things

Newsletter is also linked with external mail delivery services like Amazon, Sendgrid, and MailGun. Moreover, this WordPress email marketing plugin is SMTP-ready (Simple mail transfer protocol) and integrates with other platforms as well. 

Features of Newsletter

  • Easy to use drag and drop editor for the composition of responsive newsletters. 
  • It comes with an in-build subscription spam checker to keep the spammers at bay. 
  • Allows users efficient control over the email newsletters delivery. 
  • Easy tracking of statistics and comprehensively analyzing the campaigns. 
  • Advanced targeting and segmenting options. 
  • Widgets, custom forms, and pages can all be customized to your choice. 


Newsletter is a freemium plugin. But if you have a professional team and are looking forward to gaining more benefits, you can always unlock the premium features available in the premium plan; a $96/year plan for bloggers and a $376/year plan for agencies.

5. Mailster 

Mailster template

Mailster is a hassle-free WordPress email marketing plugin.

Easily builds mobile-friendly email campaigns with the efficient drag and drop builder. Have all the assistance you want from their very polite and useful customer service, and get the best possible experience on your WordPress.

Don’t hesitate, since this premium plugin is well worth the money, and we’ve put it at number two on our list of the best WordPress email marketing plugins available.

It’s a self-contained WordPress solution, which means you won’t need to rely on a third-party service to use it. It’s a self-contained WordPress plugin that manages everything from the dashboard.

Features of Mailster

  • Designs that are mobile and Retina ready.
  • Campaign builder that is simple to use and drag and drop.
  • It’s simple to use and interact with other WordPress plugins.
  • Advanced analytics to assist you in maintaining your record 
  • Auto Responder that you can easily manage.


Mailster is a premium WordPress email marketing plugin. A one-site license, upgrades, and six months of support will cost you $89 in total.

6. MC4WP – Mailchimp For WordPress

Mailchimp plugin homepage

Mailchimp is one of the few first brands that come to mind when it comes to email marketing. Mailchimp is the most widely used email marketing platform, with millions of users.

For gathering prospects on your Mailchimp list, the MC4WP plugin allows you to construct sign-up forms and add numerous signup options. MailChimp has all of the features you need to reach your goals, whether you’re a blogger, a lone entrepreneur, or a company.

The email marketing platform from MailChimp is similar to the HubSpot range of solutions. MailChimp, on the other hand, focuses solely on marketing tools such as landing page creator, email campaigns automation, and user journey builder, rather than a wide range of solutions for diverse reasons.

It also includes real-time metrics, so you can stay on target at all times.

Features of MC4WP

  • User-friendly and mobile-optimized sign-up forms are already available.
  • Create Custom Sign-Up Forms and integrate them into your WordPress website.
  • Landing Page Builders and other eCommerce plugins are seamlessly integrated.
  • Marketing campaign detailed report and statistics.
  • When new users sign up, you can choose to receive an automatic notification.
  • Add-ons and extensions are available for enhanced functionality.


MC4WP is a completely free program. However, in order to use the plugin’s functionality, you must purchase the premium version.

Mailchimp pricing

The standard price begins at 59$ per year for 1 site and increases up to $149 for 10 sites.

7. SUMO 

Sumo homepage

Sumo is another prominent WordPress email marketing plugin for growing your website’s email list.

With the use of attractive appearing newsletters and subscription-based popups, it helps you convert your one-time visitors into permanent subscribers. You will have absolute control over the timer that will activate your audiences’ subscriptions.

Features of Sumo

  • Choose from a variety of pre-designed subscriber form templates using the drag-and-drop form builder.
  • Engaging users with effective targeting tools.
  • Other email marketing platforms can be easily integrated.
  • Option to view ROI from all email subscribers and sales via eCommerce integration.


The lite edition is absolutely free to download. The plugin’s premium version is available for $39 per month.

Bottom Line 

WordPress page builders, email marketing plugins, Yoast SEO, and multiple others are the best to increase your business reach and lead conversion. If you want to grow and refresh your subscriber list, having WordPress email marketing plugins on your website is a must.

Whether you’re searching for a plugin to help you create stunning email or subscription forms, eye-catching pop-ups, and composing email newsletters to keep your audience engaged, we’ve got you covered. 

Please have a look at our collection of fantastic WordPress email marketing plugins to see how they can help you and your business grow to their maximum potential. We hope we’ve helped you figure out which plugin is ideal for you!

Want to learn more about WordPress? Read our Siteefy blog where we have all the tips you need.

This article has been written by Trevor Hatfield, a managing partner of SendX.

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