Best AI Course Creators 2024 (Table)

AI course creators

AI course creators are simplifying the practice of course creation and presentation, offering effective solutions for the diverse needs of training audiences.

This page provides an overview of the leading AI course creation tools, highlighting their unique features and suitability for different users and content.

Comparative Table of AI Course Creators

Course CreatorUser-FriendlyFeatures VarietyPricing ModelIdeal For
CourseboxMediumHighSubscriptionCourse creators who want sell courses online
EdAppHighMediumSubscriptionCreating microlearning courses
Heights AIHighHighSubscriptionKnowledge-based and skill-based courses
MiniCourse GeneratorHighMediumSubscriptionCreating short and simple courses
Kajabi AI Creator HubMediumHighSubscriptionGenerating course outlines and lesson content
Course FactoryMediumMediumSubscriptionHigh-quality AI-generated educational content
360LearningMediumHighSubscriptionExperts in various fields and a wide range of courses


Coursebox homepage

Coursebox is an AI course creator that simplifies the process of creating high-quality online courses. It uses AI technology to automate tasks like content generation, tutoring, grading, and issuing certificates.

✨ Main Features

  • Course Structure Generation: Coursebox allows users to quickly generate draft course structures and content with the help of AI.
  • Content Conversion: Users can convert various media, such as videos and documents, into interactive eLearning content, making it easy to incorporate multimedia elements into their courses.
  • Interactive Quizzes: The platform provides interactive quiz features that allow instructors to assess learners’ understanding and knowledge retention.
  • Video Integration: Coursebox enables the integration of videos into courses, raising the learning experience by providing visual content and engaging learners.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design: Coursebox facilitates the creation of mobile-friendly eLearning content, ensuring that learners can access and engage with the courses on their preferred devices.

💰 Pricing

Coursebox offers a free plan with limited features.

  • Creator: $19/month
  • Expert: $49/month
  • Learning Experience Platform (LXP): $99/month


EdApp homepage
EdApp homepage

EdApp AI course creator is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate courses and slides quickly and easily. It focuses on bite-sized and mobile-friendly learning.

✨ Main Features

  • AI-powered Lesson Generation: EdApp’s star feature, AI Create lets you build entire lessons with just a click. Just tell it the topic, and it writes the script, suggests quizzes, and even formats it for you.
  • Microlearning Focus: EdApp specializes in creating bite-sized, mobile-friendly courses. This keeps learners engaged and allows them to learn in short bursts throughout the day.
  • Gamification Features: EdApp incorporates game-like elements like points and leaderboards to boost learner motivation and make training more fun.
  • Easy Content Management: You can use a drag-and-drop interface to add multimedia content like images and videos to your courses.
  • Analytics and Reporting: It helps you track learner progress and measure the effectiveness of your training programs.
  • Integration with Bing’s Image Search: EdApp AI uses Bing’s image search to provide relevant images for your microlearning courses. 

💰 Pricing

EdApp offers a free plan with limited features as well as a 30-day free trial for premium plans.

  • Do It Yourself: $2.95/per month per user
  • Managed: $2.95-$5.95/per month per user
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales team

Heights AI

Heights AI homepage
Heights AI homepage

Heights AI is an AI-powered tool of the Heights platform for helping coaches and building courses online. It uses AI to suggest course structures, write descriptions, and find images, while you focus on creating the core content.

✨ Main Features

  • AI-powered Course Assistance: Heights AI helps structure your course, write compelling descriptions, and find images to visually improve your content.
  • Drag-and-Drop Course Builder: You can easily organize your course content with a user-friendly interface. Add text, videos, quizzes, and other elements to your lessons with a simple drag and drop.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Heights integrates with popular payment processors and lets you offer one-time purchases, subscriptions, or even installment plans.
  • Community Building Tools: Heights AI offers features like discussion forums and student-to-student messaging to create a vibrant learning community.
  • Content Monetization: Heights helps users publish and sell courses online. You can monetize your course by selling it or exporting it to your Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Points and Badges System: It offers an optional points and badges system to reward student progression and motivate them to complete lessons and projects.

💰 Pricing

Heights AI offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card required.

  • Challenge: $29/per month with a 20% discount when billed annually
  • Basic: $49/per month with a 20% discount when billed annually
  • Pro: $119/per month with a 20% discount when billed annually
  • Academy: $499/per month with a 20% discount when billed annually

MiniCourse Generator

MiniCourse Generator homepage
MiniCourse Generator homepage

MiniCourse Generator is a user-friendly AI platform that allows you to quickly create mini-courses for lead nurturing or selling your expertise. It stands out for its simplicity, speed, and AI-assistant feature that generates content in a mini-course format.

✨ Main Features

  • AI-Assistant: MiniCourse Generator comes with an AI-assistant feature that helps you generate and modify content for your mini-courses. You can use it to modify text, paraphrase existing text, or summarize content.
  • Direct Content Generation: With MiniCourse Generator, you can generate text and images directly on your content cards, eliminating the need to generate content elsewhere and transfer it to your mini-course.
  • Content Card Types: The platform offers various content card types, including surveys, text inputs, numeric inputs, star ratings, and quiz cards.
  • Customization and Branding: The platform offers customization options, even for free plan users, allowing you to customize the appearance of your mini-courses with different presets or by setting your own branding choices.
  • Audio and Video Integration: MiniCourse Generator supports audio integration by allowing you to directly upload audio files to your content cards. The platform also supports video integration.

💰 Pricing

MiniCourse Generator offers a free plan with limited features and no credit card required.

  • Premium Plan: $29/per month with a 50% discount when billed annually
  • Pro Plan: $49/per month with a 50% discount when billed annually

Kajabi AI Creator Hub

Kajabi AI Creator Hub homepage
Kajabi AI Creator Hub homepage

Kajabi AI Creator Hub is a suite of AI tools within the Kajabi platform that helps you create and market your online courses. It helps creators to generate course outlines, assist with marketing copy, and brainstorm content ideas.

✨ Main Features

  • Course Outline Generator: This tool generates a structured outline for your online course, breaking down your topic into modules and lessons.
  • Lesson Content Generator: With the help of AI, this tool creates text-based lesson content and summaries for your online course.
  • Social Media Content: This feature helps you create engaging social media posts optimized for different platforms, promoting your course to your audience.
  • Landing Page Generator: This tool allows you to generate copy for your course sales page, including a catchy title, brief description, and benefits of your course.
  • Video Script Generator: Based on your course topic, you can generate short video scripts that you can record and share to promote your courses.
  • Integrated Platform: Unlike standalone AI course creation tools, Kajabi AI Creator Hub functions within the Kajabi platform. This means you can create your course content, manage it, and sell it all in one place.

💰 Pricing

Kajabi platform offers a 14-day free trial with limited features.

  • Basic Plan: $149/per month with a 20% discount when billed annually
  • Growth Plan: $199/per month with a 20% discount when billed annually
  • Pro Plan: $399/per month with a 20% discount when billed annually


CourseFactory homepage
CourseFactory homepage

CourseFactory is an AI-powered learning ecosystem that aims to improve the creation and management of educational courses. It streamlines the process by helping users envision, design, and create engaging course content.

✨ Main Features

  • AI-Powered Course Creation: CourseFactory utilizes artificial intelligence to assist in the creation of online courses, providing support in generating course descriptions, learning outcomes, and course structures.
  • Quiz Generation: The platform automates the process of quiz creation, saving time for educators and ensuring interactive assessments for learners.
  • Course Translation: CourseFactory offers the ability to translate courses into different languages, allowing for localization and reaching a global audience.
  • Video Generation: The tool enables the creation of engaging video content to enhance the learning experience, allowing educators to incorporate multimedia elements into their courses.
  • Content Collaboration: CourseFactory provides features for collaborative course creation, allowing teams to work together on developing and modifying course content.
  • Integration with Learning Platforms: The platform seamlessly integrates with popular learning management systems, making it easy to export and share courses with students.

💰 Pricing

CourseFactory offers a free plan with limited features and no credit card required.

  • Pro Plan: $24.95/month per user and $19.99/month if billed annually
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Sales team


360Learning homepage
360Learning homepage

360Learning is an advanced learning and development platform that leverages AI to amplify the process of creating and managing educational courses. Its core strength lies in features that cater to large-scale training needs within an organization.

✨ Main Features

  • AI-Powered Course Creation: The platform uses AI tools to assist in the creation of courses, suggesting course outlines, summarizing content, and generating quizzes or questions.
  • Personalized Learning Recommendations: 360Learning platform provides personalized learning recommendations to learners based on their profile, skills, and learning needs.
  • Collaborative Learning: The platform fosters collaboration among learners and L&D teams, allowing for the creation of engaging and interactive learning experiences.
  • Integration with LinkedIn Learning: The platform integrates with LinkedIn Learning, providing access to a vast library of high-quality courses that can be combined with first-party content.
  • Content Variety & Engagement: You can create interactive courses with multimedia elements like videos, quizzes, and simulations to keep learners engaged.

💰 Pricing

360Learning platform offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card required.

  • Team: $8/month per user
  • Business: Contact Sales team


AI course creation tools allow users to build high-quality online courses with greater pace and efficiency. These platforms offer many effective AI-powered features, from creating course outlines to automated content generation.

For more in-depth information and comparisons, visit the respective websites of these AI landing page builders.

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