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At Siteefy, we’re creating innovative, reliable, and affordable tools to help you start your website and grow it online.

AI Content Checker

AI based browser extension for reviewing and checking content before publishing (for SEO specialists, content creators and digital marketers). Available in Chrome Web Store.
AI Content Checker

Keyword Tracker

Siteefy Keyword Tracker is a tool that allows you to track specific instances of keywords to enhance the value of your written material and make it SEO friendly.

Siteefy Theme

Siteefy is a lightweight yet full-featured WordPress theme that enables you to build beautiful, fast-loading, and accessible websites quickly and easily.

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Free resources to help you start a website, get it online and learn how to make changes on your own.

➥ Starting a Website

We’ve created a series of tutorials aimed at helping you to get your feet wet with website creation and management.

How to Make a Webcomic Website (Step by Step Tutorial)

➥ WP Page Builders

Learn everything you need to know about WordPress page builders in our free guides and resources.

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