46 Website Ideas for Beginners and Pros

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If you are looking to start up a website, but are short of ideas of what to present (or just look for niche site ideas), here are 46 proven website ideas for beginners and seasoned pros to choose from:

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Niche website ideas

Niche Store

Find a subject that holds the interest of a select group of people and you can create a profitable website around it.

You can become an authority on a specific subject, writing content, and selling the items that represent the niche you have found/created.

This is arguably the most popular of all website ideas, but you can always find your own unique (or at least less competitive) niche.


Website Ideas - Travel Blog

If you love to travel, take along your camera and create stories from your adventures.

From hot-air ballooning to skydiving and more, where you go and what you do can be the basis for your website idea.

Offer tips, links to travel sites, and items through affiliate marketing that are travel-related.

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Fashion is a website subject that never goes out of style.

Write about the latest styles, offer tips, and use affiliate marketing to websites that have fashion products people can buy. You can even upload videos, offer makeup advice, and your personal views to create a popular site.

Save Money

You’ll have a big audience if you can show real and working ways of saving money.

From coupons to making detergent to patching up clothes, and more.

It’s a website idea that can be combined with affiliate marketing and you can post daily to grow your audience.

Video Games

It’s pretty simple, play your favorite video games and upload them to your site.

You will start to build up a following, especially if you provide tips, strategy, and recommendations about video games.

You can livestream as well to increase your audience size.


Everyone can use some self-help tips.

You can use your personal experiences and combine them with effective tips on how to improve the lives of your audience.

It’s easy to set up and you can build a big audience if your site is personable.

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Weight Loss

It seems everyone wants to know how to lose weight. If you’ve taken off the pounds, you can tell others what you did.

Answer questions, provide tips and offer guidance for those who want to lose weight.

It’s a simple, yet great website idea that offers great potential.

Plus, you can use affiliate marketing to sell vitamins, exercise equipment, and other weight-loss products.


Post pictures of your own wedding and offer tips, ideas, and what you learned.

Weddings never go out of style, so you can build a popular blog starting with your own wedding.

Plus, you can answer questions and even offer personal coaching on how to create the perfect wedding. A great website idea that can make you money.

Celebrity Site

If you have a favorite celebrity or two, then this is the perfect way to get started. All you need is some photos of the celebrity and the latest news on their activities. Celebrity sites are effective because they provide instant recognition which gives you a leg-up on getting started.

However, there is considerable competition for most celebrities, so you may want to start with new celebs or those who need more information about them. Keep in mind that celebrities want public attention, so the better the site you create, the more likely the actual celebrity might participate in an interview or provide unique material.

Learn a Foreign Language Website

Learning a foreign language is easier than ever. And so too is building a site dedicated to learning another language.

This is a great way to start affiliate marketing proven language products while offering tips and information about the best ways to learn another language. Selling your own language learning products and services (e.g. e-books, lessons, tests, evaluations, advice etc.) is also a great option and might bring in good profit.

You can even add travel information to countries that speak the language you are selling as an added bonus.

There is considerable competition but making your site unique will help you stand out and make more money with this profitable idea.

Internet Marketing Blog

Learning how to build a truly successful website and make it work is one of the most popular topics on the web. Making a website to work is not an easy task and involves hundreds of different factors. Currently, there are more than a billion websites out there and only a small fraction of them gets real traffic and business. So, there is a huge demand for good online marketing advice.

You can dedicate your site to tips, case studies and ideas about marketing. Plus, you can affiliate market products and software that helps people succeed in drawing in traffic. You can even use the ideas yourself, test them out and use personal experience about how they worked for you. This can serve as a great material for real-world case studies which you can share with your audience on your blog.

Online marketing blogs are quite popular, but you can stand out by giving out real value and sharing proven things that actually work.

Meditation Website

Finding inner peace is something millions around the world are seeking. You can help by providing a website dedicated to the art of meditation. You can start with the type of meditation you use daily and research more methods to put on your website. Those who do well in this field will focus on a particular type or style of meditation and expand from there.

In addition to the viewers, many meditation websites offer affiliate marketing opportunities through auxiliary products, such as essential oil disperse units. Meditation is a hot topic and offers an excellent way to build new followers for beginners.

Checklists Website

Checklists are simple but powerful tools. People tend to underestimate their power but then they come back to checklists again and again.

Checklists help to organize any sort of work or process right from the start without the risk of forgetting something. When used consistently checklists help to prevent many types of standard failures.

Your site can benefit by focusing on checklists that offer guidance to those who are putting together projects, going on vacation, or simply trying to better organize their life or work. You can focus on a specific niche or try to cover the broader category of related niches – this all depends on your plans and resources. Checklists are simple, handy, and quite effective at bringing in visitors, so your checklists website has great chances for being a successful project.

Quizzes Website

People love to take quizzes, so it’s a no-brainer to create a website that provides interesting quizzes for your viewers.

You can offer quizzes from different areas or industries. Or, you can select a particular theme if you are selling products or services.

Good, intriguing quizzes are essential to the success of your site. This is true whether your site is dedicated to providing quizzes or you use them to boost interest in a specific niche. The quizzes will have to be good, interesting, and challenging enough to entice people to your site without being too complicated or too easy

Recipes & Cooking Website

If you love to cook and share recipes, then this is the website idea for you. Remember that you will need to come up with your own recipes and share cooking tips to get started.

Once your site starts to gain momentum, you can take contributions from your audience and expand what is offered. This type of website is also perfect for getting endorsements and reviewing cooking items from retailers, so you may earn more money if your site builds up a considerable audience.

Events Website

You can choose to focus on your community or expand outward to cover the continent with this absolutely cool website idea.

If you are going local, then tapping into announcements of what is happening in your community is a must. Going national or continental usually means focusing on a specific niche, such as concerts for a music genre for example. Once you have selected your niche, then you can include events which helps to generate interest in your site.

Whether local, national, or international, research is a must and publishing new events regularly is required. However, the attention you get as a resource can be quite remarkable.

Photography Website

This is another insanely popular website idea that becomes more and more popular with each coming year as the quality of available cameras improves and prices for them go down. These market trends fuel the general interest of people towards everything about photography. So, photography website is a good website idea for the coming years.

On your photography website you can show off your own photographs and your talents as a photographer, demonstrate how to take better family or vacation photos, launch a stock photo store or share tips about how to take the best photos.

With so many people owning smartphones and tablets that can take remarkable pictures, your audience is now the world. You can make money through selling your work, partner marketing, or teaching courses on photography.

Personal Finance Blog

With the baby boomer generation reaching retirement age, there has never been a higher demand for personal financial help than today.

You do not need to be a licensed or certified expert, you just need to have the right information and guidance to help people with their personal financial situation.

There are many ways to make money from this type of blog. From advertising to selling courses, marketing of related products, and more.

Plus, you can make your blog essential by posting the latest tips, advice, and guidelines to help people with their financial situation.

Personal finance will never go out of style as long as you provide solid, usable information.

Entrepreneurship Blog

The entrepreneur is always looking for the big idea (or website idea 😉 ) that can build a massive business.

With so many people looking to get ahead through entrepreneurship, you can tap into that large market with a blog that highlights success stories, provides proven techniques, offers advice, and your own point of view to make it unique.

If you have entrepreneurial experience (which is a quite valuable thing), that can be used to build your blog.

This is a great website idea because so many people are looking to create the next big thing. This means a focus on what new products or services may be around the corner for the entrepreneur to build their dreams.

Survey and Polls Website

Arguably one of the best website ideas considering the effort involved, you simply have to keep up with the latest news to draw attention to your site.

You can conduct daily polls on the latest events, publish surveys on interesting topics, and provide insight into current events without having to spend a lot of time.

This is because a survey and poll website requires that you come up with interesting topics so that your visitors can participate.

While most of your income will probably come from advertising by building up an audience, there may be parties interested in the results of your surveys and polls that pay money as well.

Affiliate marketing website ideas


Website Ideas - Reviews

Select a niche, such as fashion, movies, or whatever your interests and review them. You can become an affiliate marketer reviewing the very products that are being sold on your site.

Just remember to create a niche first, so that people come to you when they want informed reviews.

Build up an audience and watch your income grow as a result.

Buying Guides Website

This is another great website idea because if you can pick the right niche, do the research, and try the right products, a buying guide website has enormous potential.

This is because many people look for a second opinion when making a purchase on all types of products or services. Your website can be that second opinion that provides the proper insight so that customers can make the best-informed decision.

It helps if you try all the products first, but you can create a buying guide built around information that is already available.

Simple website ideas


A personal blog is a great way for beginners to learn about how the web works while posting about their daily activities or interest/hobbies.

If you do this for fun, you can start with a free website and go from there. Blogging can become quite profitable once you are familiar with how to market your site.

Content creation and blogging have become the most popular marketing strategies for businesses across the globe, and with good reason. So, you can jump in and grab your share accordingly.

Interview Blog

A blog based around interviews with experts in a selected field is quite popular for good reasons. Good interviews provide viewers and listeners with valuable information. Whether you conduct the interviews with emails, podcasts, or videos, getting answers from respected members of a particular industry provides gravitas to your site. Plus, they provide a relatively easy way to gain unique information that helps set your site apart from the competition.

If you want to establish yourself in a particular niche, getting good interviews with respected members of that field can serve as a great website idea.

Statistics Website

This is an absolutely awesome website idea for any beginner. We love publishing stats here at Mill too (check our heavily cited all across the web stats pages: Video Marketing Statistics and Mobile Marketing Statistics for inspiration).

People want information and you can provide that commodity through a website dedicated to statistics generally or in a chosen field. Your goal with this type of website is to become a resource people can rely upon for their own research. You will need to update your website frequently with new statistical information that is accurate.

For beginners, creating a website that becomes a commonly-used resource is an excellent way to build up followers. Remember, your product is accurate information, so be sure to check out new statistics before adding them to your site. Successful statistical sites never go out of style, so you have an evergreen website that continues to grow.

Humor Website

Being funny sells, especially if you can create a niche that appeals to a particular interest.

You can choose everyday life, the political realm, celebrities, and entertainment, or whatever your heart desires. If you have a knack for making people laugh, then this is a simple website idea and a great way to earn extra money online.

Plus, you can attract others who are funny and have them post on your site. Who knows, this might even evolve into a community one day. With this website idea, you can build up income through ads, sponsored content or selling your own products while making people laugh.

However, what is important with this website idea is that you will need to be consistent in your posting, so that people will follow your site regularly.

Leadership Blog

One of the most popular areas of self-improvement is becoming a better leader.

You can use examples from your own life and combine them with tried and true methods to create a leadership blog. Your product is information and your pitch is the personal angle you put on becoming a better leader. This means your site can use famous quotes and aphorisms, proven techniques, and personal guidance to help others fully realize their leadership qualities.

It helps if you can find a specific niche, but what you really need is dedication and persistence which are qualities of good leadership.

Quotes and Aphorisms

It seems that every day people are looking up famous quotes and aphorisms to use in their books, reports, and sites. By providing a single location, you can tap into a considerable audience and build up the visitors to your site.

You probably want to start with popular quotes and aphorisms that pertain to a specific area or subject. However, you can quite branch out once you have maximized the potential of one area.

All you need is an angle, the proper research, and attribution to get going. Just keep in mind that you have plenty of competition.

Lifehacks Website

Who doesn’t want to know a better, faster way to get things done?

It’s why people take shortcuts or purchase devices that work better. Lifehacks automatically draws in an audience because you provide information that is immediately helpful.

From lifehacks around the kitchen, at work, learning a skill, or getting the right product, your lifehack website can quickly accelerate an audience if what you provide is interesting and workable. Plus, you can sell your own eBooks or raise revenues beyond ad money if you are creative when applying the lifehacks presented on your site.

Website ideas to make money

E-Commerce Store

Running your own E-Commerce store is hands down one of the best ways to make money.

This is especially true if you are selling your own products. In this case, you keep 100% of the income and expand your online store as you see fit. Plus, you can harness the power of partnering with other adjacent businesses (by including their products in your store) and earn commissions off items that fall within your industry.

While arguably the most profitable, an eCommerce site also requires a considerable amount of effort to get noticed and separate yourself from the competition. Expect a slow buildup, but once you start making customers, it does get easier to earn profits.

Courses Website

One of the most popular types of websites are those that offer courses on a specific subject. Accordingly, you can use this simple website idea for starting your own website.

You can use text or video courses that help explain concepts in a specific industry. This provides you with a means to appeal to a broad audience on a topic of great interest. From self-improvement to learning new techniques, your courses website offers considerable financial possibilities.

You will need to create or affiliate market solid, interesting courses on the subject of your choice. Once you have them, all you need to do is market what you have effectively and watch the courses sell.


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Website Templates

Templates are used for website creation, which is why they make for a great idea for beginners. You can create new templates using existing programs or feature templates created by other designers. By offering a good selection, your website will grow in popularity. You can offer a broad range of templates for different types of websites or focus on a specific niche.

Templates are a great idea for beginners because the product sells itself if they are well-crafted. If you have a good eye for design, then this may be the right idea to help your site take off.

CV/Resume Website

It seems that everyone needs help with their resume. What makes this especially profitable is that the setup of CV/Resume website/business is fairly simple and straightforward.

You can also offer tips on how to make resumes more appealing, what jobs are the most in-demand, and create industry-specific resumes for maximum impact.

You can choose to offer the resumes for free or help someone fill them out for a fee.

It does take some work on your part, but once you establish your reputation in the field you’ll never run out of work.

Unique website ideas

Answer People’s Questions

If you regularly get questions from people and have access to resources and can provide answers quickly, this can be a great website idea.

Simply answer questions sent to you from students, business owners, or individuals from a niche you have chosen quickly, and you can build up an audience thanks to your knowledge and speed.

Advertising will be your main revenue stream, but you might be able to offer products as well.

Other website ideas


Create a website that highlights the “best” websites in a particular field (any field that you are genuinely interested in or know a lot about should work perfectly fine for this website idea). You can easily draw attention to your website while not being too controversial.

However, remember that you’ll need to know well the subject matter of the website, offer clear highlights, and back up your opinions.

How-To Website

This is a simple idea that can really take you far. When you explain how to do something millions of people want to know, it makes for a great website.

Simple, straightforward, and with some dedication it can be profitable as well.

You just need to pick a subject that people are interested in and go from there.

Resource Site

This takes a little research, but you can place links of resource sites on your website and create a large amount of traffic.

If you can organize your site to make the links easy to find, such as in related categories, your site might become quite popular.

Keep it simple, clean, and easy to navigate.


Scrapbooking is a popular hobby, which means you can build your website around that idea and build up a considerable audience.

You can demonstrate your scrapbook skills, offer advice, and even teach people how to create the perfect scrapbook. You can also sell items or information through online courses if you so desire.


If you can carry a tune, you can create a website around it.

You can use your website as a platform to demonstrate your singing ability. But you can also teach people how to sing, offer tips, tell stories of your performances, and build up the confidence of those who want to go beyond singing in the shower.


Arguably the most popular form of exercise, you can create a website that shows off the routes you walk using a GPS tracker.

The maps created will give people ideas about how they can find routes in their community.

You can also sell shoes, sweats, jackets, and other walking accessories through affiliate marketing.


Help out your favorite charity or cause with a donations site. You can relate personal stories, offer advice about how donations help those in need and provide tax tips that provide incentives for donating.

It’s important that all the money goes to the charity, but you might earn profits through advertising if your site becomes popular.

Case Studies Website

Designed primarily for business-to-business or B2B sites, adding case studies to your website provides beneficial factors that boost your brand and appeal. You will need to create a website that offers a type of product or service and back it up with case studies.

Case studies:

  • Create Trust
  • Help People Make Better-Informed Decisions
  • Increase Viewer Engagement
  • Bring in Endorsements

You can also take the content provided by case studies and use them to create podcasts, videos, or handouts for trade shows. Many use case studies in their press releases, so you can benefit considerably when using this type of information to bolster your website.

Website About Wild Animals

The fascination with wildlife is a part of the human condition.

There are many exceptional wildlife websites for a good reason which is the intense public interest. You can create a website on a specific species, location, or grouping of animals, birds, reptiles, or marine life. You can even choose insects and arachnids if you desire.

You will need to separate your site from the competition, but the audience potential is substantial. Plus, you can use the site to sell your own pictures, eBooks, or reports on wildlife that helps build up revenues along with the ad money that is earned.

Website About Pets

There is a good reason why pets are one of the most popular subjects for websites. With the many that are already published, there is still plenty of room for more.

The key is choosing a subject or angle that is both unique and popular. This is important as you can sell pet products that you create or resell others products on your website to maximize revenues.

Of course, the ad revenue of successful pet sites is quite substantial. Plus, you can link up with other, similar sites to increase your audience potential.

If you love pets of all types, this may be for you.

Website About Dogs

There are so many possibilities with a website devoted to dogs. From love and appreciation to training to tips on care and more, a website devoted to dogs will have a huge audience potential.

While the competition is fierce, creating a unique website about dogs can start with videos of your own pooch.

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a profitable website about dogs, their history, how to train them, and the many products available for their care. All you need is the right angle or approach and the potential is extraordinary.

Website About Cats

A very cute website idea! 🙂

As popular as dogs are, cats rule the internet.

There is something about cats that relates to an audience even better than dogs. Creating your own cat website can start with your cat and the adventures it has every day.

If you have a decent video camera or smartphone, then you can start your own cat website and watch your audience grow.

You can augment your revenues by writing eBooks, selling pictures, or the many other creative ways that are available when you build a popular site around cats.

This list of website ideas for beginners is being regularly updated as we research and discover new beginner-level website concepts. So, make sure that you check back this page after a while for freshly added new website ideas.

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