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30 Amazing Hair Salon Websites That Will Inspire You

Siteefy content is free. When you purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Siteefy content is free. When you purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Are you trying to create a website for your hair salon but you don’t know where to start?

In this article, we will show you 30 of the best hair salon websites. From them, you can get inspiration on how they are using design elements and marketing elements.

Keep reading to learn more.

1. Dash Bar

Dash Bar website

Dash Bar has a glitzy look with a series of full-length banners about their services – each with its own appointment button. The fonts are charming and the floating chatbot is handy.  

🟣 Website Builder: Elementor
🖼️ Theme used: Hello Theme
🧩 Plugins/Tools used: WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Draftpress, WP Call Button, Jetpack

📌 Elementor has a special premade website kit for hair salons. Demo is available here ➡️

2. Blackstones

Blackstones website

This luxury hair salon in NYC has a rustic, Old World feel. The full-width images, transparent pricing and clear location info immerse customers immediately. The grid of artsy staff photos is also a nice touch.

🟣 Website Builder: Shopify
🖼️ Theme used: Dawn
🧩 Plugins/Tools used: Google Analytics, Bugsnag, MailChimp, Typekit

3. Bleach London

Bleach London website

Bleach London recreates a chic look. This website has vibrant colors, plus banners with offers and key info immediately visible. The use of video-images is also quite stunning.

🟣 Website Builder: Netlify
🖼️ Theme used: N/A
🧩 Plugins/Tools used: Hotjar, Klaviyo, Snowplow, Algolia, Viral Loops, Contentful, Yotpo

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4. Butchers Salon

Butchers salon website

This hair salon keeps it simple yet beautiful. A short mission statement plus “call now” and “book now” buttons is super convenient. Users can also see location information, as well as serene images and colors that fit with the salon’s style.

🟣 Website Builder: Squarespace
🖼️ Theme used: N/A
🧩 Plugins/Tools used: FullStory, Typekit, Zenoti, React

5. CODE Salon

Code Salon website

The full-width image carousel for CODE Salon is striking, the grid below with key services lets users click directly to the info they want. Great graphics and easy-to-find social buttons prove this website is at the top of its game.

🟣 Website Builder: Drupal
🖼️ Theme used: Bootstrap
🧩 Plugins/Tools used: jQuery plugins (Isotope, FlexSlider), Olark, MailChimp, CKEditor, Phorest

6. Dry Bar

Dry Bar website

Dry Bar lands you directly on its colorful shopping page, where you can get offers and buy products. This website also has an excellent booking section by location, with super simple buttons for getting scheduling info.

7. Fringe Salon

Fringe Salon website

This NYC hair salon strikes a good balance between info and graphics. The page has great calls-to-action for its services, locations and booking system. The drop-down navigation also makes the digital experience easier.  

8. George Northwood

George Northwood website

George Northwood is a sophisticated website for a hair salon. Black-and-white photos and lots of info give it a serious feel. You can also easily navigate to the appointment, products and tutorial pages.  

9. Hair & Co

Hair & Co website

The full-width banner video on Hair & Co is stunning. The drop-down navigation is well-organized to find what you need. The home page has useful embedded YouTube videos and stylist bios. The “meet your stylist” quiz is also an intriguing plus! 

10. Hairzoo

Hairzoo website

Hairdressing websites don’t get any better than Hairzoo. This site has a huge banner of short video clips showing their stylists in action. It also has an interesting grid of the latest offers when you scroll down.

11. Jayden Presleigh

Jayden Presleigh website

Lovely full-width banner images give this site a classy look. The navigation is clean and when you scroll down, you’ll find a grid of the most popular areas of the site for easy access. The floating “book now” button is also highly convenient. 

12. La Rousse

La Rousse website

La Rousse uses a charming color scheme and custom icons for an overall cozy feel. The “COVID and appointments” button is also a genius yet simple way to share necessary info before the booking process begins.

13. Larry King Hair

Larry King Hair website

This hair salon keeps it simple with a homepage that delves right into the location info. The footer is packed with easy-to-grab details too.

14. Lloyds Hair

Lloyds Hair website

Lloyds Hair’s snow animation gives it a festive look, while the floating “book appointment” bar is great for easy scheduling. (screenshot captured during Christmas time)

15. Lunatic Fringe

Lunatic Fringe website

This website for a hair salon manages to be family-friendly and stylish at the same time. Great graphics and calls-to-action give this site a real personality. 

16. Metropolis Salon

Metropolis Salon website

Metropolis has a lovely banner video that instantly gets your attention. This site also has tons of buttons and its “new clients” page is wonderfully organized.

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17. Modify Hair Lounge

Modify Hair Lounge website

The best websites for hair salons have their own sense of style. Modify has a down-to-earth vibe with colorful fonts and an artsy photo gallery. 

18. Parlor by Haides

Parlor by Haides website

This hairdressing website has minimalist pics and a navigation that rocks. With a “book an appointment” banner and floating button, it’s easy to go straight to scheduling.

19. Plume Salon 

Plume Salon website

Plume has an eye-catching turquoise color scheme that inspires wonder. In one simple scroll, this hair salon lays out everything you need to know in a straightforward way. 

20. Salon U

Salon U website

Salon U has a clean look with green-tinted banner images. With lots of photos and buttons, this site is quite easy to navigate. 

21. Salt Hair

Salt Hair website

Salt Hair is a beautifully designed website. It’s got it all with great colors, fonts, images, videos and a social media feed. 

22. Sensa

Sensa website

Sense is a Seattle-based hair salon with a distinctly friendly vibe. In addition to the warm color scheme, the homepage is nicely organized with photos, buttons and a floating chatbot. 

23. Taylor Taylor

Taylor Taylor website

This website for a hair salon is glamorous, with an initial full-width banner and gold accented buttons and headers. The images in the menu are especially eye-catching and the overall look is elegant.

24. The Salon California

The Salon California Website

The Salon California has the perfect homepage look, with a video banner and three main call to action buttons. With an image grid and a social media feed, this website is pure charm.

25. Toni & Guy

Toni & Guy website

Bold is the name of the game for Toni & Guy. This website has wonderful fonts and is well-organized by banner sections. 

26. Trephin

Trephin website

Trephin has stunning banner images on every page that show its vibrant personality. With easy navigation and a social feed, it’s got a great neighborhood feel. 

27. Abel’s on Queen

Abel’s on Queen website

This Ontario-based upscale barbershop has fantastic old school graphics and an eye-catching color scheme. The “book an appointment” button is front and center, while the navigation and scroll are beautifully informative.

28. Barbetorium

Barbetorium website

Barbetorium takes a splashier approach with a bright orange color scheme that makes for a clean look. The easy drop-down navigation and COVID banner update make it easy to get the info you need.

29. Crow’s Nest Barbershop

Crow’s Nest Barbershop website

Crow’s Nest has the best call-to-action buttons. The first thing you can see is an attractive  “book now” button, plus an easy-to-find booking button on the top right corner.

30. Cuts & Bruises

Cuts & Bruises website

Cuts & Bruises Barbershop has a great black-and-white look with old-school graphics. Shopping and booking buttons, as well as social media buttons, are immediately obvious. Plus, the use of embedded YouTube videos gives the website an intimate feel. 

Final Words: The Best Hair Salon Websites

This is just a sample of the best hair salon websites out there. Feel free to get ideas from them and start building your own service page today.

🤓 Want to learn how to create your own hair salon website?

Here at Siteefy, we’re your one-stop shop for everything web. Check out our guides to websites, tools, statistics and more on our blog.

Hair Salon Websites – FAQ

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Elizabeth O
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Thank you for this inspiration. Creating a website for my hair salon would have been so hard without these

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