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Elementor Review 2021: The Best WordPress Page Builder?

Siteefy content is free. When you purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Siteefy content is free. When you purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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Elementor Review Summary

Overall, Elementor is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to build amazing WordPress websites with ease. If you’re not a coder, but you need the design and customization freedom on your website, then Elementor is worth checking out.


→ Feature-packed free version

→ Intuitive user interface

→ Constant updates

→ Great documentation and videos

→ Active Facebook group community


→ Can be complicated for new users

→ Custom styling doesn’t always work

→ No white label option for developers

Elementor is a relatively new but already a very popular WordPress page builder used by over 5 million professionals.

It is designed with a focus on ease of use and flexibility so that you can create any type of website you might want on WordPress.

Elementor, with all its features, and competitive pricing, looks good on paper, but is it the right page builder for your WordPress website?

In this Elementor review, we will discuss what is Elementor, it’s features, pricing, and answer all your questions to help you make a quick decision.

Elementor Overview

While there are dozens of page builders to choose from for a WordPress website, Elementor is probably the best of them in just about every way possible.

Elementor page builder

Elementor is a visual drag and drop page builder suitable for both beginners and advanced users (designers/developers).

You can create unique layouts with Elementor and design everything (like theme and WoCommerce stores) on your WordPress website.

The important thing is, with Elementor, you can make your WordPress site the way you want it to be without any coding or design limitations.

Main Elementor Features

Here are the most prominent Elementor features that make it a fantastic WordPress builder:

Drag and Drop Builder

The biggest strength of Elementor is its 100% visual drag and drop builder, which makes the whole website building process super easy and fast.

Elementor review

The WYSIWYG editor of Elementor works in real-time so you can see all the edits as you make them. It doesn’t require any coding (HTML/CSS/JS), and you can design custom layouts even if you’re not a professional with years of experience in building websites.

How to use Elementor

Elementor editor uses a sidebar on the left from where you can access all the content elements and their settings. To add any module, all you have to do is drag the module and drop it anywhere on the page.

The module settings panel opens up after that in which you can edit the content and then make all the customizations you want.

Elementor for wordpress

To keep the website mobile friendly out of the box, Elementor widgets automatically adapt to the mobile and tablet views. You can still set different values for all the widgets to make sure the page looks good on both desktop and mobile.

Content Elements

Content Elements (or widgets/modules) are the building blocks in Elementor. There is a total of 90 widgets available, 30 of which are offered for free with Elementor’s free version.

Elementor content widgets

Some of Elementor Pro content widgets are:

  • Posts
  • Portfolio
  • Slides
  • Form
  • Login
  • Nav menu
  • Animated headline
  • Price list
  • Flip box
  • Gallery
  • Reviews

All the widgets are fully customizable with multiple options for everything like fonts, animations, colors, padding, margin, border, and background.

Advanced settings in Elementor page builder

This gives you full control over how your page looks, and you are not restricted in terms of design and functionality with Elementor widgets. You can adjust all the aspects of a page like:

  • Set exact margins and padding.
  • Position the widget inside or outside of the rows/columns.
  • Set the spacing between rows, columns, and widgets.
  • Add motion effects like hover, transparency, blur, offset to the widgets.
  • Show/hide the row/column/widget based on the device screen size.
  • Add custom CSS to the individual pages.

If you’re looking for a particular content element in Elementor but can’t find it in the widgets panel – no problem! Check the Elementor addons. There is a ton of them out there by third parties, and they help to extend the core features of Elementor. So, there is really nothing you can’t do with Elementor.

Template Library

While with Elementor, you have the freedom to design pages from scratch, you don’t always have to spend time on this as Elementor visual builder comes with hundreds of beautiful and ready to use template packs.

There are 300+ templates available in many different categories like hotels, restaurants, agencies, app, real estate, interior design, photography, travel, gym, and law firm.

Elementor Templates

Full template kits were also added recently in the Elementor library to help users set up a complete website (with all the pages such as home, about, contact, etc.) within minutes. Very useful.

Template library of Elementor

All templates are divided between pages and blocks where pages are full-page layouts, and blocks are templates of specific parts of a page (like contact form, FAQ, testimonial section). So you can use the template a whole, or if you want, you can use its independent parts separately.

Theme Builder

With Elementor Theme Builder, you can easily create and customize all your theme elements.

You can create a header, footer, single post, posts archive (blog), search page, and 404 pages with the Theme Builder.

Elementor theme builder

All the theme builder content elements are powered by dynamic content, so you only have to set up the design once, and it will automatically fetch the content from the published pages.

Some of the dynamic content elements are:

  • Post Title
  • Port Excerpt
  • Post Content
  • Featured Image
  • Author Box
  • Post Comments
  • Search Form
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Sitemap

Custom Fields integration is included as well, and ACF, Toolset, and Pods are supported within the editor. So you can use these plugins to create dynamic layouts like a portfolio page, real estate listing, or a restaurant menu.

Eelementor Pro features

This video explains how you can design entire website with the Elementor Theme Builder.

WooCommerce Builder

Elementor WooCommerce Builder is similar to the Theme Builder, but it can be used to design all WooCommerce related pages in WordPress.

With the WooCommerce Builder, you can create a custom products page, add to cart page, product categories, and shop page.

WooCommerce specific content widgets are included in the editor to help with the page setup. Some of those widgets are:

  • Add to Cart Button
  • Product Price
  • Product Image
  • Upsells
  • Product Content
  • Related Product
  • Product Rating

Many pre-designed layouts for product and shop pages are included in the Elementor Template Library for quick setup.

Check this video to learn more about how you can use the WooCommerce Builder to launch an online store:

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Popup Builder

With Elementor, you can not only design posts, pages, and themes; you can also build popups with powerful Elementor Popup Builder.

Elementor popup builder interface

The Popup Builder uses the core Elementor drag and drop builder and offers countless customization options.

You can use it to create any type of popup like:

  • Email opt-ins
  • Login forms
  • Lead capture
  • Announcements
  • Promotion banners
  • Exit intent forms
  • Content locks and upgrades

Watch this video for a quick overview of the Elementor Popup Builder:

Advanced targeting is built-in in the popup editor to control the conditions, triggers, and rules to display the popups.

Elementor popup builder rules and triggers

The Popup Builder supports dynamic content so you can fetch the page title within the popups to make them personalized based on the page visited by a user.

The best thing is that you can use the popups for unlimited page views and interactions. Popups are currently an essential element of marketing for everyone, so it is a really useful feature by Elementor that comes at no extra cost bundled with Elementor Pro.

Additional Elementor Features

We have already discussed the most important Elementor features above, but that’s not all! Let’s take a look at smaller Elementor details and characteristics now. Those small (or not so small) things can be equally essential to building a great WordPress website…

So, what else comes with Elementor?

  • Ease of Use: The Elementor editor is developed with a focus on beginners, and it prioritizes ease of use above everything else. The left sidebar panel in the editor is very intuitive and promotes faster workflows with a clean layout to work on.
  • Global Widgets: Whenever you want to reuse a widget on multiple pages, you can save it as a Global widget. After that, the widget will be available to reuse on multiple pages, and you can update it all over the site with a single edit.
  • Canvas Layout: If you want to design a page/post with a custom header and footer, you can use the Canvas layout in the Elementor settings panel, which will give you a blank page for you to design everything from scratch.
  • Inline Text Editing: With inline editing, you can click anywhere on the page and start typing just like you type in a Word document.
  • Clean Code: Unlike other page builders (like Divi and WPBakery), which leave a shortcode mess when deactivated, with Elementor, you don’t have to worry about any of this. Even when deactivated, Elementor pages keep the same structure, and you will only lose the styling. This is a very important feature of Elementor (for some people this is a game-changer).
  • Theme Compatibility: Elementor is developed with the highest coding standards and you can use it with any WordPress theme, whether free or paid.
  • Documentation & Premium Support: To help the users, Elementor has explained all the major and minor topics in their documentation (often with videos) so that you can get a solution to your problem quickly. In case you don’t find anything, you can always contact their 24/7 support.

Note: Elementor also offers a free theme (Hello theme) explicitly built for Elementor (you can use it with other page builders too). The combination of Hello theme and Elementor works great with proper SEO, no code bloat, and ultimate design flexibility.

You can watch this video to learn about the Hello theme and it’s features…

Elementor Pricing

The pricing of Elementor is simple.

There are five plans based on individuals (freelancers and website owners), and teams (agencies).

The plans for individuals are:

Elementor pricing for individuals
  • Essential: $49 for 1 site.
  • Advanced: $99 for 3 sites.
  • Expert: $199 for 25 sites.

The plans for teams are:

Pricing of Elementor pro for teams
  • Studio: $499 for 100 sites.
  • Agency: $999 for 1,000 sites.

All plans are yearly renewable and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for new purchases.

Drag and drop live visual editor, Theme builder, WooCommerce builder, Popup builder, 300+ templates, and 24/7 premium email support are included with all Elementor premium plans.

The Studio and Agency plans also have access to VIP support (24/7 live chat), team access (up to 5 and 10 members respectively), 100+ website kits, and Elementor Experts Profile.

There’s a free version of Elementor as well, which comes with the core drag and drop builder, responsive editing, 40+ basic widgets, and 30+ basic templates. The free plugin is enough for very small sites and basic features.
We’ve written a separate post about Elementor Pro vs Free, make sure you check it out.

Elementor Review Conclusion

Overall, Elementor is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to build amazing WordPress websites with ease. If you’re not a coder, but you need the design and customization freedom on your website, then Elementor is worth checking out.

We’re using Elementor at Siteefy too, and the results are pretty great.

So click here and start your journey with Elementor now. As a first step, you can try the free Elementor plugin and see how it works for you … or if you’re looking to use all the Elementor Pro features (like Theme Builder, and Popup Builder), click here to purchase the premium version and install it on your WordPress website.

If you have any questions related to the Elementor review, please ask us in the comments below.

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