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59+ Best Elementor Websites (Fantastic Designs)

Siteefy content is free. When you purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Siteefy content is free. When you purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Elementor is a powerful, versatile WordPress page builder that allows you to create any kind of website.

If you are in the process of creating a website, then you have come to the right page.

In this post, we will showcase 30 of the best Elementor websites, from which you can take inspiration.

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1. An Grianán Theatre

An Grianan Theatre

An Grianán Theatre makes excellent use of buttons, including Book Now, More Info and What’s On. The info banner with box office hours is especially useful, as well as the featured events section.

🗄️ Host: Cloudways
🖼️ Theme used: Astra
🧩 Plugins used: Elementor Pro, Advanced Custom Fields, JetEngine, WooCommerce, WP Rocket
🟣 Matched Elementor Template: Technology Conference Website

2. Aldam Street Art

Aldam Street Art

Aldam Street Art has a cool graffiti hover that reflects the webpage’s style. The minimalist white background also makes the art portfolio pop. 

🖼️ Theme used: Hello Elementor
🧩 Plugins used: Yoast, Elementor Pro
🟣 Matched Elementor Template: Art Gallery Website

3. Align Office

Align Office

Align Studios has a sleek design that uses great fonts and an eye-catching top navigation menu. The visuals are well-chosen and the image grids have a professional look.

🖼️ Theme used: Twenty Seventeen
🧩 Plugins used: Elementor Pro, Livemesh Addons for Elementor
🟣 Matched Elementor Template: Design Portfolio Website

4. Aroz Jewelry

Aroz homepage

Aroz Jewelry is one of the best Elementor websites because it has a stunning look that mirrors the jewelry it sells.

This webpage is well-organized with a drop-down menu and a carousel of product photos. In addition, the visuals and icons are nicely laid out and animated.

🖼️ Theme used: NA
🧩 Plugins used: PrestaShop, MailChimp
🟣 Matched Elementor Template: Urban Clothing Shop (see demo ➡️)

5. Art Academy

Art Academy

Art Academy showcases their culinary flair with a minimalist style, beautiful visuals and effective use of the Find Out More button. The hover cocktail menu is also a clever way to intrigue guests.

🖼️ Theme used: Hello Elementor
🧩 Plugins used: Elementor Pro, SG Optimizer, PowerPack
🟣 Matched Elementor Template: Italian Restaurant Website

6. ArtCare Conservation

ArtCare Conservation

The ArtCare website is a work of art itself. With a hover navigation bar, well-organized sections and lovely visuals, this Elementor site has it all.

🖼️ Theme used: Hello Elementor
🧩 Plugins used: Elementor Pro, Timeline Widget Addon For Elementor, Smash Balloon Instagram Feed, Yoast SEO
🟣 Matched Elementor Template: Art Museum Website

7. Artistically


Artistically makes excellent use of white space and key buyer questions. The portfolio animation is especially neat to see on the desktop and mobile screens. 

🖼️ Theme used: Hello Elementor
🧩 Plugins used: WP Fastest Cache, Yoast SEO, Elementor Pro, Lazy Load by WP Rocket
🟣 Matched Elementor Template: Illustrator Portfolio Website

8. Aurec Capital

Aurec Capital

Aurec Capital utilizes wow-worthy graphics that tell the story of their brand. They also have a unique navigation menu that spins like a globe and reflects their key values.

🖼️ Theme used: Hello Elementor
🧩 Plugins used: Elementor Pro, Elementor Header & Footer, Slider Revolution, Popup Maker, Yoast SEO
🟣 Matched Elementor Template: Construction Company Website

9. Aviaja Dance

Aviaja Dance

This Elementor website has a minimalist style with image headers that give a sense of movement. We’re also a fan of the video footer and the easy-to-read portfolio page.

🖼️ Theme used: Hello Elementor
🧩 Plugins used: Smush, Rank Math Seo, Ithemes Security, Wp-Optimize, WPS Hide Login, Complianz
🟣 Matched Elementor Template: Dance Studio Website

10. Balma

Balma homepage

Balma is another beautiful design Elementor website with elegant animations and a great sidebar slide-in menu. Its contact form right inside the sidebar menu is especially noteworthy.

🖼️ Theme used: GeneratePress
🧩 Plugins used: LoftLoader, Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, Lightweight Social Icons, CookieYes
🟣 Matched Elementor Template: Interior Design Firm (see demo ➡️)

11. Balzac

Balzac website

The Balzac website is colorful, animated and just a joy to click through. This Italian agency shows its storytelling capacity first hand with designs that pop and an amazing color scheme. Its portfolio page grid is especially exciting to look through.

A true inspiration for those who want to build vibrant, kaleidoscopic websites with Elementor (and Elementor Pro).

🖼️ Theme used: Hello Elementor
🧩 Plugins used: HappyAddons, Slider Revolution, Yoast, JetTabs
🟣 Matched Elementor Template: NA (see all Elementor templates here ➡️)

12. Barrel Marketing

Barrel Marketing

Barrel Marketing has just stunning graphics that start with the BARREL video header and continue on every page. The Our Work section is also cleverly organized with category filters.

13. Body EM

BodyEM homepage

Body EM is a powerful website example with a home that’s organized as a sign-up page. What’s more, this website’s colors, icons, and visuals are gorgeously designed in orange, black, and white. 

🖼️ Theme used: NA
🧩 Plugins used: Yoast, HotJar
🟣 Matched Elementor Template: Personal Trainer (see demo ➡️)

14. By George Legal

By George Legal

By George Legal achieves a super professional look that’s modern and colorful. This Elementor website has great fonts and graphics, as well as well-organized text.  

15. CB4

CB4 homepage

This sophisticated retail tech company has an absolutely stunning flashlight animation on its homepage.

📝 Note

This website takes good advantage of several features that Elementor can provide, such as icons, buttons, infographics, highlights and more.

16. COVID Photo Diaries

Covid Photo Diaries

COVID Photo Diaries has a huge visual impact with full-length hero headers and clearly separated portfolio sections.



CROING has a unique look with neon colors, animations, graphics and avatars – all with an elegant black background.

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18. Diegovz

Diegovz homepage

Diegovz uses a striking all-black background to showcase his work. The combination of text and visuals is eye-catching and the resume-like webpage format is well-organized.

19. Eighty

Eighty homepage

Eighty uses an intriguing word cloud for a first impression. This website from Elementor has a minimalist black-and-white look with great visual content. 

20. Eiktyrne Whisky

Eiktyrne homepage

After a whimsical animated intro, this website has a beautifully styled look with a clean color palette, floating photos and a marbled background.

21. Embark Agency

Embark Agency

Embark has a simple yet effective design that uses a portfolio grid, minimal text and a blue color scheme.

22. Eyepples


Eyepples has a dark mystic with excellent graphics and storytelling through intricately designed webpages. The “eyepple” mouse hover is a nice touch, too!

23. Forest to Home

Forest to Home homepage

Forest to Home achieves a rustic look with a full-width home photo. This website also makes good use of elegant fonts, images grids and minimalist white space.

24. Forwwward Studio

Forwwward Studio

This Elementor website is beautifully organized so users can easily look through the portfolio or get in contact. It’s got a savvy feel that reflects their manta as a company.

25. Frankentoon Studio

Frankentoon Studio homepage

Frankentoon Studio has a traditional layout with some snazzy extras. Bright buttons, social icons and visuals make this ecommerce site stand out from its peers.

26. General Condition Studio

General Condition Studio homepage

General Condition Studio won 1st place in the 2021 Elementor showcase – and for good reason. This website’s look is reminiscent of a classical painting, with a gorgeous black background, classic imagery and fonts that pop. 

27. Gidimo

Gidimo homepage

Gidimo is an educational platform that gamifies learning for students everywhere. The website reflects this fun spirit with animated shots of the app in action and original kid-friendly icons. 

28. Gray & Company

Gray & Company homepage

Elementor websites are elegant and this is not an exception. Gray & Company has a traditional layout with a great selection of portfolio images and floating text. This website doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but recreates it with great style. 

29. Good Fabric

Good Fabric

This Elementor website has a lot of content, which it masterfully handles with lighted boxes, color schemes, elegant fonts and more. We also like the top search bar for easy access.

30. Grenade Studio

Grenade Studio homepage

Grenade Studio website has a striking image-only look. In the photo grid below, you’ll find quick links to all the most important information. 

31. Haim Benisty

Haim Benistry

Haim Benistry has a sleek, professional look through animations, graphics, fonts and more. The My Story section is especially intriguing with a scrapbook style that highlights his storytelling abilities.

32. Halley Stevensons

Halley Stevensons

This Elementor website has a minimalist, elegant look achieved with great fonts, white space and a focus on the fabric products. 

33. Immigra8

Immigra8 homepage

Immigr8 has a clean look with an impressive initial animation and photo icons designed to fit into the overall look. The use of images and stats together also works well. 

34. Inspire Shoots

Inspire Shoots homepage

Inspire Shoots has a spectacular look that starts with beautiful full-width images and personalized text. The black-and-white style and portfolio grid also gives this website great class. 

35. Inzone Design

Inzone Design

Inzone catches your eye from the initial video banner. In addition, this Elementor website uses brilliant image grids, animations and more for a highly engaging design.

36. Jack Williams Mountaineering

Jack Williams Mountaineering

Jack Williams Mountaineering gives a sense of adventure. Stunning photos of real treks and on-brand graphics make this Elementor website easy on the eyes. 

37. Kasar Design

Kasar Design

Kasar Design has a striking homepage with a mouse hover that displays different designs. It also has an excellent scroll with a portfolio and clients list.

38. Kingdom & Sparrow

Kingdom Sparrow Elementor website

Kingdom & Sparrow is cleanly designed with gorgeous product photos organized in a loose grid design. Its visual floating menus are especially eye-catching. 

39. Lech Rudnicki

Lech Rudnicki Elementor website

Simple yet effective, this website from the engineer Lech Rudnicki is well-organized and easy on the eyes. You can find all the info you need in nicely formatted resume sections.

40. London Youth Games

London Youth Games homepage

The home page animation of the London Youth Games website is quite striking and all the key info is nicely sorted into the navigation. Plus, its color scheme is intriguing.

41. Lost Tribe Travel

Lots Tribe Travel Elementor website

Lost Tribe Travel uses a spectacular full photo to get visitors in the mood for travel. With clean full-width sections and block text, this is one of the most beautiful website examples made with Elementor.

42. Mars Mission

Mars Mission Elementor website

The Mars Mission website has a modern look. The black background is eye-catching and the simple animations pop on the page.

43. Mocs Media

Mocs Media

Mocs Media has a savvy home image with a cell phone that flashes different social videos. In addition, it makes use of well-organized image grids, white space and buttons.

44. Outbound Film

Outbound Film

This Elementor website has an easy-to-find menu and social buttons, plus beautiful images, fonts and use of colors.

45. Proxy


Proxy has a one-of-a-kind nightscape homepage with the perfect buttons, fonts, graphics and image boxes for a bewitching look.

46. Relearn Digital

Relearn Digital Elementor website

Relearn Digital is an educational website with an intriguing home design. Not only does it have a bright color scheme, but the information is well-organized into blocks.

47. Rockscape


Rockscape has an eye-catching long scroll, plus excellent use of photos in the shape of their logo. This Elementor website also includes great headers with buttons.

48. Solid Digital

Solid Digital

This Elementor website is beautifully dynamic, with a center animation, bright red headers and on-brand graphics. We also adore their integrated testimonial quotes!

49. Steffie de Leeuw

Steffie de Leeuw

This lush, imaginative Elementor website has just magnificent artwork and fonts. The portfolio is well-organized down the scroll with CTA buttons, too.

50. Studio Grit

Grit Studio

Grit has a unique look that’s simple yet alluring. With a minimalist look, this webpage well-organizes information, such as the service section on the About page and the numerous portfolio items.

51. Superglow Creative Studio

Superglow Creative Studio Elementor website

Superglow’s site is one of the most unique Elementor website examples in this list.

It has a minimalist design that reflects a music album. The titles going down are client names and photos. This set-up is super creative and makes you want to click around the site.

52. The Foxes Photography

The Foxes Photography Elementor website

The Foxes Photography shows off its photography prowess with full-screen images of their elopement adventures. The colorful fonts and buttons give this website a daring feel. 

53. The Perfect Loaf

The Perfect Loaf Elementor website

The Perfect Loaf showcases superb product photos in several designed grids. All the guides are organized into recipe-like steps and include great visuals. 

54. The Shift Clinic

The Clinic Shift homepage

This website example has wonderfully styled icons, fonts, and textures that create a peaceful look. The blog section is especially robust, with a well-organized article grid.

55. The Vera

The Vera

The Vera website has a lovely home image, as well as an effective date checker for travelers. We’re also huge fans of the Accessibility button that allows users to change settings according to their needs.

56. The Watermark Collection

The Watermark Collection website

The Watermark Collection website has excellent full-width product photos, gold buttons, and styled descriptions for a highly sophisticated look. 

57. Thom Evans Fitness

Thom Evans Fitness website

Thom Evans Fitness has an energetic look with action photos, block fonts, animated text, and a long scroll with plenty of buttons. 

58. Totem Automobili

Totem Automobili Elementor website

The Totem Automobili website is classy as can be with stunning photos, minimalist fonts, embedded videos, and more.

59. Vsta Vridis 

Vsta Vridis Elementor website

Vsta Vridis is a steel company with a website that shows its strength. With a black background, product photos, styled fonts, and a gorgeous order form, this website hits all the high notes.

60. Clio Websites

Clio Websites homepage

Clio Websites is a simple yet attractive website. The site’s pages are well-balanced between text and visuals, using blue-white color schemes for both accuracies in representation while also giving off an elegant look!

🖼️ Theme used: Hello Elementor
🧩 Plugins used: Elementor Pro, Elementor Custom Skin, WP Rocket, Reviews and Rating for WordPress, and CleanTalk Spam Protect
🟣 Matched Elementor Template: Digital Marketing Agency (see demo ➡️)

Final Words: The Best Elementor Websites

Now that you have seen all of these Elementor websites, it’s time to start building your own.

The possibilities are endless when you choose Elementor to create your WordPress site.

Elementor Websites – FAQ

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