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Brizy vs Elementor: An In-Depth Comparison (2021)

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Brizy vs Elementor: An In-Depth Comparison (2021)

Gone are the days when we used to rely on themes to give our WordPress websites an edgy look. Now, we can count on a page builder to help us get on board with a website that can reflect a unique design. 

No coding skills are required to use page builders, so basically, anyone today can build stunning WP websites in no time with the help of WordPress visual page builders.

Brizy and Elementor are two such editors that are also free. Now, the question that pops in one’s head is that which of the two is better? 

Well, let’s see below.

Overview of Brizy vs Elementor

Compared to Elementor, Brizy is fairly new. Elementor has been in the market since 2016, and Brizy came out in 2018. 

However, Brizy is already well-known for its simple and very intuitive editor. A key element that differs Brizy from Elementor is the ecosystem. 

Brizy vs Elementor Builder WordPress page builder
Brizy WordPress Website Builder

So, ecosystem-wise, Elementor is more open as it gives third-party developers the permission to create add-ons which proves to be fruitful as they manage to come up with widgets that aren’t there by default in the Elementor. 

Elementor page builder
Elementor WordPress Page Builder

Brizy does not have such a system. To put it in simple words, you can only use the default content elements on Brizy. 

Apart from that, Brizy offers a cloud service where you can host your individual landing pages on a Brizy subdomain or your custom domain.

Brizy Cloud is especially useful for businesses, agencies, and teams to collaborate over projects with other members and clients. In the Brizy Cloud, you can get access to premium template designs, marketing apps integrations, and funnels to get leads and sales.

In Elementor, you will have to get your hands on third-party add-ons to get these features.

User Interface: Brizy vs Elementor

UI is one of the main reasons why Elementor & Brizy are such a hit among the users. The editor interface of both Brizy and Elementor allows you to create your WordPress website in the best way possible. 


Brizy has a very simple interface, and it is known as the most user-friendly WordPress plugin for building posts and pages. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use Brizy. 

The page builder supports full responsive design where you can customize your website for all screen sizes — desktop, tablet, and mobile.

However, Brizy does not come with a navigator (a list of all the sections on a page), making it a little challenging to move from one element to the other while building WordPress websites (spoiler alert: Elementor does have this navigator). 


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Just like Brizy, Elementor also uses a sidebar interface. All the content elements are available in the sidebar, which you can simply drag and drop into the page.

Elementor Page Builder Editor Interface
Elementor Editor

The mobile-first design feature is there in Elementor as well. You can also set the page title, description, and other global settings right within the Elementor editor.

Design Elements 

Design elements are an important part of building your pages and website as a whole. So, let’s take a look at the design elements of Brizy and Elementor. 


Brizy offers several content and design elements.

Brizy builder elements

It comes with 40 design elements, of which 26 elements are available in Brizy’s free version. 

Some of the builder elements in Brizy are text, button, icon, contact, map, embed, divider, icon box, tabs, countdown, counter, accordion, and image.

Elements for WooCommerce are also available like products, single products, categories, and pages.


To create pages, Elementor uses rows, columns, and content widgets. 

In Elementor, blocks are termed as widgets, and each widget has a minimum of one column that hosts it. Elementor comes with more than 90 widgets that you can use. 

Pro widgets in Elementor

Some of the Elementor pro content widgets are posts, portfolio, slides, form, login, navigation menu, animated headlines, price list, flip box, call to action, and media carousel.

Pricing Brizy vs Elementor

Elementor and Brizy are known as freemium WordPress plugins. 

This means that both of these plugins can be used for free, but with only a few basic features, and you can also buy their premium versions to access all the pro features.

In case you don’t want the premium versions, then Brizy’s free version should be your go-to as Brizy free version offers all the features (like drag-and-drop editor, responsive control, 26 builder elements, contact forms, etc.) required to build a basic WordPress website.

Elementor Free is also enough for building basic websites and is not restricted too much (Brizy just looks a little better from this aspect).

Both Brizy and Elementor have multiple plans for their premium versions. Let’s take a look at them!


The lowest plan of Brizy is $49 per year, and it is valid for 3 sites. 

Brizy page builder pricing plans

The middle plan of Brizy is $99 per year, and it is valid for unlimited sites. 

The highest plan of Brizy is a $299 one-time payment, and it is for unlimited sites. The highest plan also comes with a white-label feature, lifetime updates, and support. 


Elementor New Pricing Plans

The Elementor plans are as follows:

  • Essential — $49 for 1 website.
  • Advanced — $99 for 3 websites.
  • Expert — $199 for 25 websites.
  • Studio — $499 for 100 websites.
  • Agency — $999 for 1,000 websites.

All plans are yearly renewable with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the premium version.

In the Essential, Advanced, and Expert plan, you will get access to 50+ pro widgets, 300+ pro templates, 10+ full website kits, theme builder, form builder, WooCommerce builder, Pop up Builder, and premium support.

Studio and Agency plans offer all the above and VIP support with live chat and access for up to 10 members and Elementor Experts network profile.

Final Verdict: Brizy vs Elementor 

Moving towards the end of this article, we believe it is difficult to conclude which out of Brizy vs Elementor is a better option. Both Brizy & Elementor come with an incredible interface, are fun, simple, & easy to use. 

If you need a simple page builder, then Brizy will be a good option for you.

But if you are looking to build conversion-focused landing pages, eCommerce websites, or complex designs, then Elementor will be perfect for you.

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