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☑️ What is Canva AI?

Canva AI (Canva Magic Studio) is a one-place suite of AI-powered design and content creation tools that help users generate creative designs and visual materials.

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🔑 Key Features

Magic Design: This feature helps turn your ideas into designs. You can start with a written prompt or by uploading your media. Magic Design uses Canva’s AI to create sophisticated, curated designs.

Magic Switch: This tool allows you to swap formats, languages, and dimensions. You can instantly reformat any design for multiple platforms or auto-translate them without leaving the page.

Magic Media: This feature transforms your words into beautiful images and videos. It fast-tracks your creative process by generating captivating visuals that suit your design.

Magic Expand: This tool allows you to extend an image in any direction for the perfect shot. It can fix awkward framing, save zoomed-in images, or turn a vertical shot into a horizontal one.

Magic Grab: This feature helps you redesign images, just like a Canva template. You can select and separate the subject of your photo so that you can edit, reposition, or resize it.

Magic Edit: This tool allows you to reimagine your image and add to, replace, or edit it with a short written prompt.

Magic Eraser: This feature allows you to brush away unwanted details and distractions from your photos.

🤓 How to use Canva AI?

  • Create an account: Visit the Canva Magic Studio and create an account.
  • Access the dashboard: Once you’re logged in, click on the “Home” tab in the sidebar to access the main dashboard.
  • Upload an image: In the “Meet Magic Studio” section, click on “Upload” to upload an existing image or video as a starting point.
  • Input a prompt: If you don’t have an image or video, you can enter a prompt in the text box to generate designs based on your idea. To get more accurate results, consider adding a descriptive prompt with at least five words.
  • Choose your design: After uploading an image or entering a prompt, Canva’s Magic Design tool will generate multiple designs for you to choose from. Browse through the designs and select the one that best matches your vision.
  • Customize the design: If required, you can further customize the design by clicking on “Customize this template”.
  • Make adjustments: In the editor, you can make adjustments to the design, such as changing the text, fonts, colors, and adding additional elements.
  • Download your design: Once you’re satisfied with the final design, you can download it or share it directly from Canva.

📚 Canva AI Use Cases

  • Content Creation: You can quickly draft designs using Magic Design and Magic Write, or create images and videos from your ideas with Magic Media.
  • Design Transformation: Magic Switch lets you change the format and language of your designs. This is useful for content creators who need to adapt their designs to different social media platforms.
  • Visualizing Ideas: You can turn words into images and videos using Magic Media, which is helpful when you want to show your ideas visually. This feature helps marketers, educators, and designers who want to visualize their ideas effectively.
  • Image Editing: Canva’s Magic AI tools help you adjust and clean up your images. Magic Studio offers several tools for effortless image editing.
  • Background Removal: If you need to get rid of the background in your images or videos, you can use the Background Remover tool. It helps graphic designers and social media managers who often need to isolate subjects from their backgrounds.
  • Automating Tasks: Magic Studio is designed to help you work smarter by automating various tasks that will save you time and effort.

💲 Pricing

Monthly subscription – $14.99/month

Annual subscription – $119.99/year

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