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☑️ Description

ClipDrop is a suite of AI design tools that can help you generate impressive visuals.

🔑 Key Features

Background Removal: Extract the main subject from a picture by removing the background.

Replace Background: Use AI to change the background of your images, allowing you to create compelling compositions by teleporting subjects to different environments.

Cleanup: Automatically remove objects, people, text, and defects from your images to create cleaner and more professional-looking pictures.

Uncrop: Adjust and expand your photos to various image formats, allowing you to modify their composition.

Image Upscaler: Increase the size of your images by 2x or 4x in just seconds, while also reducing noise and enhancing details for sharper and clearer results.

Relight: Adjust the brightness, contrast, and color of your images using beautiful lighting effects, enhancing realism and appeal.

💲 Pricing

Pro- $9/month

API- starts at $29 with 500 credits

🔗 Links

Official website



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