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☑️ What Is Doctrina AI?

Doctrina AI is an educational platform that uses artificial intelligence to help students and teachers with various learning tasks.

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🔑 Key Features

Class Notes: Summarize and improve your class notes, focusing on key concepts and themes.

Essay Generator: Start your writing process, structure your thoughts, and generate an essay based on your topic and focus areas.

Exam Generator: Prepare for exams by creating personalized tests based on specific books, authors, subjects, and topics.

Quiz Generator: Create interactive quizzes based on your preferences, enabling you to efficiently assess your knowledge and comprehension.

Chat with Doctrina: This tool allows you to chat with an AI assistant that can answer your academic queries and discuss complex concepts with you.

🤓 How To Use Doctrina AI?

Doctrina's Dashboard
Doctrina’s Dashboard
  • Visit the website.
  • Click on ‘Log in’ or sign up if new.
  • Navigate to the user dashboard.
  • Choose the Notes tool to summarize class notes.
  • Opt for the Essays tool to generate essays.
  • Select the Exams tool for personalized exam preparation.
  • Use the Quiz tool to create custom quizzes.
  • Engage with the Chat feature for academic discussions.

📚 Doctrina AI Use Cases

  • Study Enhancement: Streamline study sessions by improving and summarizing class notes, focusing on key concepts and themes.
  • Essay Writing: Kickstart the writing process, structure thoughts, and generate essays tailored to specific topics.
  • Exam Preparation: Create personalized exams for targeted study.
  • Knowledge Testing: Create interactive and customizable quizzes, testing knowledge on preferred topics and difficulty levels.
  • Academic Assistance: Engage with the Chat feature to converse with Doctrina, the education-focused AI assistant, for academic queries, homework help, and in-depth discussions on complex concepts.
  • Educational Integration (For Institutions): Use the Software Development Kit (SDK) to incorporate Doctrina’s AI tools into institutional systems, improving the learning experience for students.

💲 Pricing

  • Lifetime access- $39
Doctrina AI Pricing
Doctrina AI Pricing

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