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☑️ What is Feedly AI?

Feedly AI is an AI-powered engine that gathers and analyzes information from millions of sources in real-time and helps users track specific topics, monitor competitors, and scout emerging trends.

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🔑 Key Features

AI Engine: Feedly AI is powered by an AI engine that gathers, analyzes, and prioritizes intelligence from millions of sources in real-time.

AI Feeds: Feedly AI provides a powerful search and tracking interface called AI Feeds, which allows users to monitor specific topics and trends.

AI Models: Feedly AI offers pre-trained AI Models that help define the information users want to gather. These models cover a wide range of topics, such as companies, strategic moves, technologies, and trends.

Relevant Results: Feedly AI understands the essence of research topics and delivers relevant content, even if the articles don’t contain the exact keywords searched for. It can deduplicate articles about the same news event, saving time for users.

Actionable Insights: Feedly AI delivers precise and actionable intelligence, including highlighted insight sentences, to help users cut through the noise and accelerate their analysis.

Collaboration: Feedly AI allows users to save articles to Team Boards, annotate and highlight key sentences, and tag team members for collaboration. Users can also share curated insights and analysis via Feedly newsletters.

🤓 How to use Feedly AI?

  • Set Up Your Account: Go to the Feedly website and sign up for an account. Follow the prompts to set up your account preferences, including selecting your areas of interest.
  • Discover Must-Read Sources:
    • Click on “Add Content” to open the Discover page.
    • Start typing a website, URL, name, or topic in the search bar.
    • Select from the autocomplete list or hit enter for more results.
    • To follow a source, click the “Follow” button and select one of your feeds or create a new feed.
    • Repeat these steps to find and follow more sources.
  • Explore Topics or Industries:
    • Use the topic search feature in Feedly to find reliable sites in a specific industry or topic.
    • Click on a featured topic or search for a topic or name in the search bar.
    • Review the list of sources and related topics.
    • Open a preview of a source by clicking on its card.
    • Don’t forget to explore the related topics on the right side of the page

📚 Feedly AI Use Cases

  • Tracking specific topics and trends: Feedly AI allows you to monitor competitors and the market, scout emerging trends and technologies, and find inspiration for thought leadership content.
  • Filtering out information overload: Feedly AI helps you declutter your feeds by reading and analyzing articles, allowing you to focus on what matters most. It gives you control over your feeds, allowing you to prioritize topics, trends, and keywords, mute irrelevant information, and summarize articles.
  • Collecting artificial intelligence insights: Feedly AI understands the concept of AI and can create AI Feeds tailored to your team’s needs. It helps you stay up to date with key developments in the field.
  • Market Intelligence: Users can stay informed about trends, companies, and topics across the web. Feedly AI gathers, analyzes, and prioritizes information in real-time, allowing you to effortlessly track relevant subjects.
  • Speed Up Research: Researchers and analysts can benefit from Feedly AI by automating knowledge gathering. It helps you find signals in the noise and focus on growing your expertise.

💲 Pricing

Monthly subscription – $8/month

Annual subscription – $6/month

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