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☑️ What Is Interior AI?

Interior AI is an AI-powered interior designer that optimizes the approach to designing spaces. It empowers users to reimagine their living spaces, transforming basic images or sketches into detailed and visually appealing interior designs.

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🔑 Key Features

AI-Powered Redesign: Reimagines uploaded photos into new interiors using AI, all within seconds.

Style Selection: Allows users to specify their preferred interior style, such as Modern, Minimalist, or Contemporary.

Photorealistic Renders: Converts sketches and SketchUp files into detailed, lifelike images of proposed interior designs.

Virtual Staging: Improves real estate listings through the virtual furnishing of empty properties, increasing their market appeal.

3D Flythrough Videos: Generates dynamic 3D video tours from rendered designs, offering an immersive preview of redesigned spaces

🤓 How To Use Interior AI

How Interior AI works
  • Visit the Interior AI website and enter your email address.
  • You’ll receive a link to view the pricing plans.
  • After choosing your plan, you’ll gain access to the platform’s features.
  • Upload a photo of the interior space you want to redesign.
  • Choose your preferred interior design style from the available options.
  • Let the AI process your photo and style choice to redesign your interior.
  • Use additional features if needed, like sketch conversion or virtual staging.
  • Once you’re happy with the design, bring it to life in your space.

📚 Interior AI Use Cases

  • Home Renovation Projects: Good for homeowners looking to visualize and experiment with different interior design options before committing to real changes.
  • Real Estate Virtual Staging: Assists real estate agents in improving online property listings through the presentation of furnished interiors.
  • Interior Design Conceptualization: Assists interior designers in generating multiple design concepts quickly, facilitating client discussions and decision-making.
  • Commercial Space Planning: Good for businesses wanting to redesign their retail, dining, or office spaces to improve aesthetics, functionality, or customer experience.
  • Event Space Design: Supports event planners in visualizing and planning the layout and design of event spaces, from weddings to corporate events.
  • Property Development Marketing: Enables developers to present potential interior finishes to buyers and investors, aiding in pre-sale marketing efforts.
  • DIY Home Decor Enthusiasts: Empowers individuals interested in interior design to explore and apply professional-looking design ideas to their own projects.
  • Furniture Placement and Room Layout: Helps users in determining optimal furniture arrangements and room layouts, maximizing the use of space and flow.

💲 Pricing

Pro- $39/per month

Premium- $99/per month

Business- $299/per month

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Best AI Room Designer app out there

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 26, 2024

I have been using Interior AI in my interior design process and it has been magical. @levelsio created a tool where you can upload an image of a room and within seconds the room is staged with furniture, lighting and accessories🤯

Isabelle Orsi

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