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☑️ What is Landing AI?

Landing AI is a company that offers AI-powered computer vision solutions for manufacturing, quality control, and other industries. The platform uses AI algorithms to analyze images and video data in real-time, detecting defects, anomalies, and other issues that may impact production quality.

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🔑 Key Features

Computer Vision Platform: Landing AI’s platform provides AI-powered computer vision solutions that analyze images and video data in real-time to detect defects, anomalies, and other issues that may impact production quality. The platform is customizable and can be adapted to specific business needs. 

AI Consulting Services: Landing AI offers consulting services to help businesses develop and implement AI strategies, including assessing AI readiness, developing AI roadmaps, and building AI systems. This helps businesses understand how to leverage AI to drive innovation and growth.

LandingLens: Landing AI’s computer vision platform includes a product called LandingLens, which is a set of pre-built computer vision models that can be used to detect and classify objects, recognize faces, and perform other image and video analysis tasks. 

Automated Defect Detection: Landing AI’s computer vision platform includes automated defect detection capabilities, which help businesses identify defects and quality issues in real-time. This can help reduce waste and improve production efficiency. 

🤓 How to use Landing AI?

  • Create your project: Start by creating your computer vision AI project on the Landing AI platform.
  • Upload images: You can upload images directly into LandingLens. This can be done by dragging and dropping images, capturing live images from your webcam, or uploading labeled images.
  • Label objects in your images: Use the LandingLens labeling tool to label objects in your images. This step is crucial as AI models are only as good as the data you feed them.
  • Train your model and evaluate its performance: After labeling, train your model. During this process, LandingLens learns what to look for based on your labeled images. LandingLens also automatically runs label checking in the background and if it is confident that an image’s labels can be improved, it will let you know.
  • Test your model: After completing model training, you can test your model performance by showing it new images.
  • Deploy your model: Once your model is accurate enough for use, deploy it to the cloud or edge devices. You can monitor your model performance and update your model as needed.

📚 Landing AI Use Cases

  • Manufacturing: Landing AI’s AI/Deep Learning workflow simplifies the development of automated machine solutions that identify, classify, and categorize defects in manufacturing, ensuring high component quality levels.
  • Healthcare: Landing AI offers AI-powered solutions for healthcare, including medical imaging analysis and patient monitoring.
  • Retail: Landing AI offers AI-powered solutions for retail, including inventory management and customer behavior analysis.
  • Agriculture: Landing AI offers AI-powered solutions for agriculture, including crop monitoring and yield prediction.
  • Computer Vision: Landing AI’s platform, LandingLens, enables automatic defect inspection, at speed and scale, at multiple production stages, and can be used for various computer vision applications.
  • Labeling Tool: LandingLens labeling tool helps you create high-quality training data that your AI model can use for maximum accuracy. It also allows you to send labeling tasks to different people on the team, providing a collaborative approach to AI.

💲 Pricing

Monthly subscription – $39/month

Annual subscription – $33/month

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