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☑️ What Is Pebblely?

Pebblely offers an AI product photography service, generating images by removing backgrounds and enhancing lighting for businesses and creative purposes.

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🔑 Key Features

Background Removal: Automatically removes backgrounds from product images, creating a professional and clean appearance.

Enhanced Lighting: Improves lighting conditions to highlight product details.

Resize Options: Allows users to resize images according to their specific requirements, enhancing flexibility.

Image Gallery and Templates: Provides an assortment of inspiration and templates for creating appealing product images.

Custom Image Upload: Allows users to upload their own product images for enhancement and transformation.

🤓 How To Use Pebblely?

Pebblely's User Interface
Pebblely’s User Interface
  • Navigate to Pebblely’s website and sign up.
  • Once registered, log in to access the platform’s features.
  • On the dashboard, click on the ‘Upload new’ button to add an image. Pebblely will automatically remove its background.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to remove or refine the background of your image.
  • Click on ‘Save asset’ to make any necessary adjustments or edits using available tools.
  • Convert the generated image into various marketing assets, suitable for platforms like Instagram stories, Facebook posts, email banners, and more.
  • Save or download your edited image.

📚 Pebblely Use Cases

  • E-Commerce Product Listing: Retailers can use Pebblely to remove the backgrounds of product photos, ensuring they are ready for online storefronts with a consistent and clean appearance.
  • Professional Profile Pictures: Individuals can refine their profile photos for platforms like LinkedIn by removing distracting backgrounds, ensuring a more professional image.
  • Graphic Design and Branding: Designers can extract logos, icons, or other graphic elements from images and integrate them into various design projects without unwanted backgrounds.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Ad agencies can use Pebblely to prepare images for advertisements, ensuring the main subject stands out without any background distractions.
  • Social Media Content: Content creators can prepare images for posts, stories, or ads by focusing on the main subject and removing unrelated or distracting backgrounds.
  • Photo Enhancements: Photography enthusiasts can remove undesired backgrounds from their shots to emphasize the main subject or replace them with a more suitable backdrop.
  • Digital Art Creation: Digital artists can extract elements from various images to combine and create new pieces of art.
  • Presentation & Report Creation: Professionals can prepare cleaner images for their presentations or reports by focusing on the main subject and removing any unrelated backgrounds.

💲 Pricing

Starter- $19/month

Pebblely Pro- $39/month

Pebblely Bespoke- NA

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