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☑️ What Is RoomGPT?

RoomGPT is an AI tool that can help you transform your space with different styles and themes.

🔗 Official website: RoomGPT

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🔑 Key Features

Visualize Dream Rooms: Transform your current space into a dream room by uploading a single photograph, offering various themes like modern, cozy, minimalist, and colorful.

Design Customization: Change and personalize the pictures to match your own unique taste.

AI-Powered Realism: Use advanced technology to create realistic room images that look like they’re from the real world.

🤓 How To Use RoomGPT?

Room GPT User Interface
Room GPT User Interface
  • Visit the official website.
  • Log in to access the platform’s features.
  • Take a picture of the room you want to redesign.
  • Upload the picture to RoomGPT.
  • Instantly redesign the room in over 8 different themes.
  • Explore the generated room designs and compare them with the original.
  • Choose a design that resonates with your preferences.
  • Implement the design in your actual room or use it as inspiration for your redesign project.

📚 RoomGPT Use Cases

  • Home Renovation: Use RoomGPT to visualize different design themes before committing to a full renovation.
  • Real Estate: Showcase potential room designs to prospective buyers or renters, enhancing property listings.
  • Interior Design: Professionals can use RoomGPT to quickly generate design ideas for clients.
  • Event Planning: Visualize different themes or setups for events like weddings, parties, or corporate gatherings.
  • Furniture Shopping: Decide on furniture purchases by visualizing them in different room themes.
  • Digital Content Creation: Bloggers and YouTubers focusing on home decor can use RoomGPT to generate content ideas or visuals for their audience.
  • Personal Projects: Individuals can use RoomGPT to experiment with room designs for DIY projects or home makeovers.
  • Virtual Home Tours: Real estate agents or platforms can offer virtual home tours with multiple design themes for viewers.

💲 Pricing

30 credits- $9 (30 room redesigns)

100 credits- $19 (100 room redesigns)

200 credits- $29 (200 room redesigns)


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