☑️ What is Soundraw?

Soundraw is an AI-powered music generator that allows users to create original, royalty-free music by customizing the length, composition, and pace of their tracks based on their chosen genre, mood, tempo, and instruments.

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🔑 Key Features

AI-Powered Composition: These generators use advanced machine learning algorithms to generate original pieces of music in different genres. 

Customization Options: Users can adjust various parameters such as tempo, key, style, and instrumentation to create music that suits their needs.

Unlimited Music Generation: Users can create an endless number of songs by simply selecting the mood, genre, and length, with AI taking care of the rest.

Music Customization: Soundraw allows users to adjust various aspects of the generated songs, such as making the intro shorter or changing the position of the chorus, ensuring the music matches their specific requirements.

True Royalty-Free: Soundraw owns its music, so when they say “royalty-free”, they mean it. You will never have to pay any royalties whatsoever, whether you use the music on a TikTok video or on a TV ad.

Lifelong License: The license is forever. You can keep using the music you downloaded even if you cancel your subscription, in both old and new projects.

🤓 How to use Soundraw?

  • Enter the Soundraw Website: Visit the Soundraw website.
  • Create Music: Click on “Create music” on the home page.
  • Choose Music Mood: Choose the music mood you want, such as Running, Sad, Peaceful, etc.
  • Select Song Type: Select the type of song you want, such as Hip hop, Pop, Rock, etc.
  • Choose Song Duration, Tempo and Instrument: Choose the song duration, tempo and instrument.
  • Generate Music: After making your selections, Soundraw will generate a unique composition for you.

📚 Soundraw Use Cases

  • Video Content: Soundraw can generate custom background music for various types of video content. This includes YouTube videos, social media content, TV shows, movies, web ads, and corporate videos.
  • Audio Content: It can create personalized music for audio-based content such as podcasts, radio programs and ads, guided meditations, and audiobooks.
  • Independent Films or Documentaries: Soundraw can be used to create unique soundtracks for independent films or documentaries.
  • YouTube Vlogs or Tutorials: It can compose background music specifically tailored for YouTube vlogs or tutorials.
  • Videogames or Apps: Soundraw is capable of generating original scores for videogames or apps.
  • For Creators and Artists: Soundraw offers a platform for creators and artists to unleash their creativity by generating unlimited music. They can simply choose the mood, the genre, and the length, and Soundraw’s AI will generate beautiful songs.
  • Customization: Users can adjust the music to their needs by making an intro shorter or changing the position of the chorus.

💲 Pricing

Monthly subscription – $19.99/month

Annual subscription – $16.99/month

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