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☑️ What is Spline AI?

Spline AI is a powerful AI-driven 3D modeling tool that allows users to create 3D objects, animations, and textures with ease and without the need for advanced design knowledge.

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🔑 Key Features

Prompt-based 3D creation: Simplifies the process of creating 3D objects, animations, and textures by allowing users to describe their ideas using everyday language.

AI Style Transfer: Infuses 3D designs with different artistic styles, allowing users to apply the visual style of famous paintings or artworks to their creations.

Teams, Projects & Folders: Enables collaboration by establishing teams, sharing designs within those teams, and organizing projects using folders.

Image, Video, and 3D Exports: Allows users to easily share their 3D designs with others or embed them in various programs and platforms by exporting them as images, videos, or 3D files.

3D Modeling & Booleans: Empowers users to create and modify 3D objects with ease and flexibility using a variety of tools, including primitives, shapes, and curves. It also supports boolean operations for combining or subtracting portions of objects.

Code Export: Enables users to export their 3D designs as code snippets in popular programming languages like JavaScript, Python, and C++, facilitating integration into other applications or environments.

🤓 How to use Spline AI?

  • Gain Access: Sign up to join the waitlist. Once you have been granted access to Spline AI, you can start using the tool to create 3D objects.
  • Describe Your Vision: Use prompts to describe your vision for the 3D object you want to create. Specify shapes, sizes, colors, and other details to bring your idea to life.
  • Generate the Object: Spline AI will use artificial intelligence to translate your description into a 3D object. Watch as your idea takes shape.
  • Edit and Customize: Fine-tune and customize your 3D object using the editing tools provided by Spline AI. Adjust materials, lighting, and other details to perfect your creation.
  • Collaborate: Spline AI allows for real-time collaboration, so you can work with others to brainstorm, experiment, and refine your 3D object together.
  • Add Textures: Use AI Textures to style your object with seamless textures. Generate textures that complement your design, such as metallic finishes, weathered stone appearances, or vibrant patterns.
  • Export and Share: Once you are satisfied with your 3D object, you can export it and share it with others. Spline AI supports various file formats for seamless integration with other 3D design software.

📚 Spline AI Use Cases

  • 3D Object Generation: Spline AI allows users to generate 3D objects, animations, and textures using prompts. This feature is particularly useful for designers seeking a streamlined and efficient way to create 3D objects and scenes.
  • Incorporation of AI in Design Workflow: Creative professionals can incorporate AI technology into their 3D design workflow. Spline recently added AI-style transfer and AI texture tools to its suite, and it’s exploring ways to use prompts for content creation using large language models.
  • Texture Generation: Spline AI can generate seamless textures for 3D objects by using text prompts. Users can describe the type of texture they want, such as “blue mosaic” or “water,” and the AI tool generates the textures accordingly.
  • Exporting Designs: Spline allows users to export their designs as image files, GIFs, and more, or embed them in web pages using a few strings of code.
  • Interactivity and Animation: Users can add interactivity (including game controls) and animations to their 3D objects. This feature enhances the dynamism and engagement of the created designs.

💲 Pricing

Monthly subscription – $9/month

Annual subscription – $7/month

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