☑️ What is YouLand?

YouLand is a virtual space that emulates a real country, including its economy, legal system, and daily life dynamics, all powered by three technologies: AI, Blockchain and Virtual Reality.

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🔑 Key Features

Digital Identity: YouLand platform is designed to give everyone a chance to reinvent themselves through a new avatar-based identity.

Free Economy: YouLand will have a vibrant, blockchain-based digital economy with a free and healthy competition.

Modern Legal System: YouLand intends to build a legal system that’s clear and modern, designed from zero to suit the needs of a new digital era. 

AI Governance: The platform is developing an AI-driven governance system, designed to operate independently and effectively in a new AI era, free from human error and limitations.

🤓 How to use YouLand?

☝YouLand is currently in its initial development phase and will launch as soon as the first exclusive group of 1 million residents will be selected.

💲 Pricing

Monthly subscription – N/A

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