How to use Jukebox AI

How To Use Jukebox AI To Create Music?

Quick Answer:

  1. Set up the environment suitable for Jukebox.
  2. Set up Google Colab Notebook. It will serve as a platform for Jukebox.
  3. Install the OpenAI Jukebox package.
  4. Define parameters for music generation.
  5. Run the Jukebox tool and start generating your music.
  6. Save the output and do some post-processing if needed.

What Is Jukebox by OpenAI

Jukebox is a neural network-based tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate music. Developed by OpenAI, Jukebox is a neural network model capable of composing original songs in different genres and styles.

Jukebox employs a combination of deep learning techniques, including generative modeling and reinforcement learning, to create music that is both coherent and creative.

The main use cases of Jukebox include music generation, song completion, and music style transfer. It can generate new songs in the style of a given artist or even complete a song given a short melody.

With its ability to generate music across different styles and genres, Jukebox represents a significant advancement in the field of AI-generated music creation and holds immense potential for shaping the future of music production.


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Jukebox Guide for Creating Music

In this brief step-by-step tutorial, we will walk you through the process of using Jukebox to generate your own music.

▶️ Set Up Jukebox

  • Open the Google Colab Jupyter notebook provided by OpenAI.
  • Save a copy of the notebook to your Google Drive for easy access and to save your progress.

▶️ Install Jukebox

  • To install Jukebox, use this command in the notebook:
  • Import the necessary libraries and modules for Jukebox.

▶️ Mounting Google Drive

  • Create a new cell in the notebook and run the following code to mount your Google Drive:
  • Follow the provided link, log in with your Google account, and copy the authorization code back into the notebook.

▶️ Configure Jukebox

  • Specify the location in your Google Drive where you want to save the generated music through a change to the ‘’ variable in the code block.
  • Set the desired sample length for your music through the adjustment of the ‘sample_length_in_seconds’ variable.

▶️ Select Parameters

  • Choose the model you want to use for generating music. Options include “5b_lyrics” or “1b_lyrics”.
  • Set the desired number of samples and chunk size.
  • Adjust the levels and hop fraction parameters to customize the music generation process.

▶️ Generate Music

  • Run the code blocks provided in the notebook to generate music based on your selected parameters.
  • Wait for the music generation process to complete. Note that longer songs may take more time to process.
  • Once the music is generated, you can listen to it using the provided audio player in the notebook.

▶️ Save the Output

  • Save the generated music file to your Google Drive. Jukebox allows you to save your creation as a MIDI file.
  • Listen to the created music and enjoy the results of your Jukebox composition.

Following this tutorial enables you to create your own music using Jukebox. Experiment with different parameters, genres, and lyrics to explore further the capabilities of this AI music generator.

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Brief Summary

Jukebox is among the most efficient AI-powered music generators to create music and songs. This tool has garnered attention for its ability to produce high-quality music that resembles human-made compositions.

Even though this is a simplified guide, you can get a good grasp on how to use the tool from it. For more detailed information, we recommend to refer to the official OpenAI Jukebox documentation.

Remember, creating music with Jukebox can be a trial-and-error process. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different prompts and model settings!

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