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☑️ What Is Augie?

Augie is an AI tool that transforms narrations or text prompts into videos. It allows users to integrate both their own and AI-generated media into videos using simple editing tools.

🔗 Official website: Augie

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🔑 Key Features

Narration and Text Transformation: Augie converts spoken narrations or typed text prompts into video content, allowing users to create videos from scripts or live input.

Editing Tools: Provides tools for cutting, trimming, and arranging video segments, improving user control over the final output.

Integration of Assets: Supports the inclusion of user-uploaded content as well as AI-generated images and scenes.

AI Scriptwriters and Voices: Augie uses AI to generate scripts and vocal narrations, adding a professional touch to the videos without manual scripting or recording.

Augie Storyteller: This feature allows users to create personalized short animated videos and bedtime stories, offering the flexibility of unlimited revisions after the initial video generation.

🤓 How To Use Augie?

Meet Augie user interface
Augie user interface
  • Visit the official website.
  • Sign in using your email to access the features.
  • Click on “Create” to start your video project.
  • Select your video creation approach:
    • Uploading Existing Video: Import your own video files to edit and improve.
    • Turn Script into Video: Input a written script and choose a voice to automatically generate a video.
    • Storyteller: Craft engaging animated stories using predefined characters and settings.
    • Augie Script Writer: Create a video through setting objectives, editing preferences, selecting orientation, and reviewing audience details, location, tone, and topic.
  • After creating your Augie, it will be saved in the “Created” section.

💲 Pricing

No Watermarks plan – $10/per month

Premium plan – $40/per month

Enterprise plan – Contact Sales to get more details.

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