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☑️ What Is BetterPic?

BetterPic is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to transform casual photos and selfies into professional-grade headshots. It enables users to produce high-resolution portraits without requiring a professional photographer or a studio environment.

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🔑 Key Features

AI-Powered Headshot Creation: Transforms casual photos and selfies into high-quality headshots using advanced AI technology.

Extensive Customization: Offers over 150 styles and backgrounds to customize the headshots according to user preferences.

Business Solutions: Provides services for teams, allowing businesses to create consistent and professional headshots for their employees.

Studio Quality: Delivers headshots with studio-like quality without the need for professional photography equipment.

🤓 How To Use BetterPic?

  • Visit BetterPic’s official website.
  • Sign in with your email or Google account.
  • Choose a plan that suits your needs and complete the payment process.
  • Provide your first name, last name, and select your ethnicity, gender, and eye color.
  • Pick and customize styles and backgrounds from over 150 options.
  • Upload 10-15 selfies following the provided image guidelines.
  • Receive feedback on your uploaded photos to achieve the best quality input.
  • Wait for about an hour for the AI to process your headshots.
  • Review and download your professional headshots from the results page.

📚 BetterPic Use Cases

  • LinkedIn Profile: Improve your professional image on LinkedIn with high-quality headshots.
  • Company Websites: Use professional headshots for staff profiles on company websites.
  • Social Media: Improve your personal or professional brand on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Job Applications: Attach professional headshots to your resumes and CVs for a polished look.
  • Email Signatures: Add a professional touch to your email communications with a headshot in your email signature.
  • Business Cards: Include a professional headshot on your business cards for a personalized touch.
  • Press Kits: Use professional headshots in media and press kits for a cohesive and professional presentation.
  • Personal Branding: Improve your personal brand across different digital platforms and print materials.

💲 Pricing

All plans are one-time payments with no subscriptions.

Basic plan – $29

Pro plan – $45

Expert plan – $79

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Latest User Reviews About BetterPic

Had a blast with this product

July 5, 2024

So I got some good images in the first try so I thought great now I have some images for linkedin and my website but the most fun part was the AI studio xD.

I gave myself a turban, some white clothes looking like I am on a posh beach. It was so much fun that now I am using those on my instagram. Overall I spent about 2 hours on the product having fun and getting the images I want.

Apoorv Sharma

Got 3 great AI pictures in 4K

June 25, 2024

I did not imagine that I’ll be able to skip washing my face, wearing good professional clothes and going to a studio for some photography but here I was sitting at home and getting the same quality through AI headshots lol!

Apoorv Sharma

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