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Trolly is an AI-powered platform designed to improve content creation for SEO. It allows users to generate articles optimized for search engine rankings.

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🔑 Key Features

Multiple Output Styles: Trolly provides content in a variety of styles and variations to meet different preferences and requirements.

Multilingual Support: The platform supports content creation in more than 20 languages, enabling users to reach a global audience.

In-Article Media: Users can enrich their articles with AI-generated images and videos, making the content more engaging and visually appealing.

Grammar Checker: Features in-app grammar correction to improve content quality and professionalism.

Collaborative Access: Trolly allows multiple team members to access features simultaneously, supporting efficient workflow management.

🤓 How To Use Trolly?

Trolly user interface
Trolly user interface
  • Sign up and log into Trolly’s platform.
  • Start a new project and select your content type.
  • Choose from a variety of templates or outlines to start structuring your content.
  • Enter your topic and keywords to generate content suggestions.
  • Select the style and language for your content.
  • Use the provided SEO tools to optimize your article.
  • Add images or videos if needed and run the grammar checker.
  • Work collaboratively with team members on the content.

📚 Trolly Use Cases

  • Content Creation: Generate articles, blog posts, and web content with various styles and templates, saving time for writers and marketers.
  • SEO Optimization: Improve content with SEO tools to improve search engine rankings.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Automate the creation of bulk content for marketing campaigns, maintaining consistent messaging across different platforms.
  • Educational Content: Develop study materials, research papers, and academic articles quickly and accurately.
  • E-commerce Descriptions: Craft detailed and persuasive product descriptions and reviews for online stores, improving product appeal and customer engagement.

💲 Pricing

Basic plan – $29/month

Pro plan – $59/month

Team plan – $149/month

Enterprise plan – $499/month

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