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7+ Best AI Writers / AI Content Generators [2022]

Siteefy content is free. When you purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Siteefy content is free. When you purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

If you hate writing, it’s not your fault. Writing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Also, you might not be in a condition to hire freelance writers who can charge a lot for quality content. 

In that case, you must look for an article generator. These tools use the fancy magic of Artificial Intelligence to automatically create blog posts, marketing copy, and more on a given topic. 

This article will share the seven best AI writing tools that sound more like humans and are worth paying for. Let’s get started!

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1. Frase AI

Frase homepage

Frase is an all-in-one AI writing tool making a big splash in the market. What makes Frase so unique is its ability to help you create high-quality and compelling copywriting, even if you’re not a writer. 

The software has different features that help you create content that is optimized for search engines. It also uses information from Google Search Console to help you figure out what you should work on next.

Frase is the perfect way to organize your writing and stay on top of things!

What We Liked

The intuitive and simple-to-use interface of Frase means that even people without technical knowledge can get started. In addition, there are helpful video tutorials (Crash Course) available for those who need a little help getting acquainted with the tool’s functionality or would rather not learn everything at once – just watch these informative sessions on how things work!

With Frase’s free tools, you’ll never be at a loss for ideas again. From introduction and outline generators to product descriptions or rewriters – all the tools are there in one place!

When it comes to SEO content, there is no shortage of options. You can produce optimized blog posts with ease thanks to the various templates available at your fingertips in just minutes!

What We Didn’t Like

You have to make sure that your articles are error-free before publishing them because Frase does not yet integrate with grammar and plagiarism-checking software.

Although this tool is the number one on our list, it’s not perfect. Frase has certain limitations like any other tool out there.


Frase doesn’t offer a free version. For $1, you can try out the service with a 5-day trial and cancel anytime. 

Frase offers 3 premium plans: Solo, Basic, and Team.

Frase pricing

The standard plan starts at $14.99/per month, which allows you to generate and optimize 4 posts/per month, and goes up to $114.99/per month with unlimited posts.

You can generate up to 20K AI characters/per month with all plans. For unlimited AI characters and other features, Frase offers an additional The Pro Add-On for $35/month.

2. Jasper AI

📌 In-depth Jasper AI review is available here.

jasper homepage

Jasper is probably the most popular AI article writer on the market. 50K+ people use the tool, and there is a lot of hype surrounding it. The software contains 50+ templates for short content and a dedicated “boss mode” for writing blog posts and complete articles.

🎁 Limited time offer: Get 10K free words on Jasper AI here.

What We Liked

First of all, we liked Jasper’s onboarding process. Jasper learns more about your preferences and use-case upon signing up than other tools that take you straight to the dashboard.

Apart from that, the UI of this app is fantastic. Probably the best on this whole list. It’s everything we ever wanted! 

The 50+ templates get the job done in the actual AI writing tool. And with Boss Mode, you won’t be left searching for a solution for longer content. You can set some parameters in the tools themselves, and Jasper will generate multiple content blocks to choose the best one.

Inside the tools, Grammarly and Copyscape can check grammar issues and plagiarism.

What We Didn’t Like

No matter how good an AI writing tool is, it’s still not a human showing up in the generated text. The content made by Jasper was good, but it used rehashed and slightly robotic language, which is often easy to see through.

Apart from that, nearly everything is perfect about the app.


Jasper lies in the middle of the pricing spectrum for AI tools. It offers two plans: Starter and Boss Mode, which start at $29/month and $59/month.

jasper pricing

The Starter plan starts at 20,000 words per month, up to 5 users, short writing templates only, multi-language support, etc.

The Boss Mode plan starts at 50,000 words per month, allows up to 5 users, has long-form content + short content, better context, more features and integrations, and more.

3. Hyperwrite

hyperwrite homepage

The Hyperwrite AI writing assistant, as the name suggests, uses AI to help people overcome writer’s block. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to generate better sentences and paragraphs, and to help rewrite existing content. It provides several features to help with research, planning, and writing.

You can use the tool independently or pair it up with a word processor like Google Docs.

What We Liked

What we liked was the ability of the AI to generate content. The tool creates multiple versions of the paragraphs so that you can choose the one you like the best. 

hyperwrite editor and text generated

Apart from that, the content suggestions generated by HyperWrite consider the paragraphs you have previously written to avoid the repetition of ideas.

What We Didn’t Like

Some of the features like plagiarism and re-writing didn’t work as advertised. The ‘sentence shortener’ wasn’t making any relevant changes to the sentence, whereas the plagiarism checker failed to run.

hyperwrite's UI

We also feel that the UI could be better. It isn’t as polished as some of the other tools on the market.


Hyperwrite is an entirely free AI content generator, which is really impressive. It’s one of the only tools on the market with no paid tier and offers all the functionality for free.

4. Writesonic

writesonic homepage

Writesonic is an AI writer that can create content for you in multiple languages like English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, etc.

The tool works on a credit system, and you use some credits upon generating content. These credits determine how much content you can order each month.

What We Liked

writesonic templates

We liked the features and UI of Writesonic. The interface is polished and clean. Features-wise, Writesonic offers a ton of templates (40+) for all types of content and platforms. 

You can write YouTube scripts, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Emails, Bio Writing, copywriting formulas, product descriptions, etc.

The blog post ideas tool was particularly helpful in generating titles that would fill your head with ideas. It’s a handy time-saver.

You can save generated content that you liked for referencing back to it later.

The customer service is fantastic, too, with excellent documentation and tutorials on their website.

What We Didn’t Like

The content generated by Writesonic was good, but it sounded robotic. Also, the tool didn’t catch the context of the query at first, generating highly unexpected results.

writesonic out of context text

We asked the tool to write about itself, and it ended up writing about a book shop and whatnot! That also wasted our credits.

Apart from that, the long-form content wasn’t as satisfactory as the shorter extracts. You will require some manual intervention in the AI content.


Writesonic offers a free version that comes with essential features and multi-language support. The paid plans start at $15/month and go up to $95/month.

writesonic pricing

The paid versions offer more credits, better integrations, long-form writing assistants, browser extensions, high-quality content, and priority support.

5. home is yet another tool that promises to generate marketing copy in seconds and end writer’s block. You can select the type of copy you need, describe it with the help of a sentence or two, and then get the AI-generated content.

What We Liked

Like almost all the other tools, offers a ton of tools for various tasks. There were some unique tools like bullet points to blog sections, hero story intro, cliffhanger, etc. is a very advanced niche article writer.

The content that it came up with for each was pretty impressive.

It was way better and quite conversational compared to the other tools on the market.

There’s also a built-in text editor to write content and generate some side-by-side. The UI is also well done, and it’s straightforward to use even for complete beginners.

What We Didn’t Like

There can be a couple of incorrect facts and stats in the blog post, and the word choice can be messy. The content will require a run through Grammarly and fact-checking to ensure everything is correct.

Pricing works on the credit model. Credits can generate a set amount of content.

copy AI pricing

There are three plan offerings: a free plan, a pro plan, and a custom plan.

You get ten credits every month, a hundred bonus credits as a sign-up bonus, multi-language support, and copywriting tools in the free plan.

The pro plan costs $35/month (annual billing) or $49/month (monthly billing). It comes with unlimited credits, projects, priority support, future feature releases, and a premium community.

The custom plan is for large teams, and it has custom pricing. The features are the same as the pro plan, apart from better collaboration features.

6. Article Forge

article forge homepage

Article Forge is a more straightforward tool that allows you to create articles. It isn’t a jack of all trades, unlike the other tools. You can enter a keyword in the tool, wait for a minute, and get your content.

What We Liked

We liked how simple Article Forge was. It doesn’t confuse you with a thousand different tools. The created content was also free of plagiarism.

Apart from that, the integration of the software with WordPress was also impressive, as you could automatically publish generated content to your WordPress website.

What We Didn’t Like

We aren’t a big fan of the AI writer’s UI. It didn’t feel smooth like other tools, and it was seriously lacking.

Also, the generated content wasn’t of the highest quality. It was okayish at best and would require manual rework.


Article Forge doesn’t have a free version, but it offers a five-day free trial. There are two paid plans: Standard and Unlimited.

article forge pricing

Standard costs $27/month (annual billing), or $57/month (monthly). You get 250,000 words of content, bulk generation, integration with WordPress, and API access for that price.

The Unlimited plan costs $57/month (annual billing) or $117/month (monthly). It comes with the same features as Standard, but with unlimited words of content.

7. Rytr

rytr homepage

Rytr is another automated AI article writer that aims to cut down the friction of content creation; you know the 30+ templates found in almost all AI article generator tools. 

What We Liked

We liked the simplicity of the app. There’s an editor to play with the generated text and a sidebar to fill in the parameters to create articles.

With the history, you can access any text you have generated in the past.

We also loved that Rytr offered an option to create a custom use-case for stuff not covered in the app.

There is also a browser extension that you can use on any website while browsing. So, you can generate emails and Facebook posts in an instant!

What We Didn’t Like

The content quality was good, but it had almost no flow. The sentences seemed very broken up, and they didn’t connect.

Also, we didn’t like Rytr’s pricing model. They charge for characters, not words, which can be used up pretty quickly.


You can generate a set number of characters (not words, characters are the individual letters in an expression) each month with Rytr.

rytr pricing

The free plan offers 5K characters, 30+ use cases, 30+ languages, 20+ tones, a built-in plagiarism checker, and a premium community.

The Saver plan costs $9/month, comes with 50K characters, the other features as the free plan, and the ability to generate custom use-cases.

The Unlimited plan costs $29/month. It offers unlimited characters, all the other stuff from the Saver plan, a dedicated account manager, and priority support.

8. Simplified AI Writer

simplified homepage

Simplified is a suite of tools aimed at making marketers’ lives easy. It contains a graphic design tool, a video editor, an AI writer, and a content planner.

The connected tools function in harmony.

What We Liked

We liked the concept of offering other helpful marketing tools apart from the AI writer in one bundle. Also, there is an AI graphic designer to generate social media posts automatically.

If you’re a blogger, the graphic design tool, the content planner, and the AI writer are handy. For a marketing agency, all of them are practical.

As for the actual AI writer, it’s quite like other tools on the market. You’ve got tons of templates, a long-form mode, and the ability to save your favorite copy.

What We Didn’t Like

If we had to nitpick, the punctuation and grammar in the content could have been better. You’ll require a couple of minutes of rework to make it perfect.

Also, we would love it if the free plan had a bigger word count allowance.


Simplified has a free version that includes access to all the tools but with a reduced number of features.

Simplified pricing 2022

The Business plan costs $24/month, has up to 5 team members, and has even more features than the Small Teams plan.

The Growth plan costs $99/month, has support for a maximum of 5 team members, and almost everything is unlimited.

Conclusion – Best AI Content Generator

There you are. Now you know about the seven best AI article writing software available today on the market. Almost all these tools are industry leaders in one aspect. They can cut the cost of content generation by a considerable margin.

We hope that this article helped you make a better decision and cleared up any confusion regarding these tools. Thank you for reading!

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