How To Use Midjourney

How To Use Midjourney To Create AI Images?

Quick Answer: Create a Midjourney account and join the Midjourney Discord server.

Start generating images by typing /imagine followed by a prompt describing the image you want to create.

Select the images that you like and download them to your computer.

How To Use Midjourney AI?

Many people are interested in using AI to create images and artwork but may not know where to start. Midjourney platform is a great option for people who want to create AI-generated images without sophisticated AI knowledge.

Midjourney is an advanced AI-powered platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate realistic and creative images and art in various modes and quality automatically from users’ prompts.

Ways of Using Midjourney

Midjourney Discord Server

The Midjourney Discord server is the official and only way to access and use Midjourney. To join the server, you will need to create a Discord account (if you don’t have one) and then visit the Midjourney website to sign up.


  1. Subscribe to a Plan: To start generating images, you need to subscribe to a plan. Visit and sign in using your Discord account. Choose a subscription plan that meets your needs. Keep in mind that Midjourney does not offer a free trial anymore.
  2. Join the Midjourney Discord: To start interacting with the Midjourney Bot, join the Midjourney Server on Discord. Open Discord and locate the server list. Press the + button at the bottom of the server list. In the pop-up window, click the Join a Server option.
  3. Go to #General or #Newbie Channel: After joining the Midjourney server on Discord, you’ll see several channels listed in the sidebar. Select any channel labeled general-# or newbie-#. These channels are designed for beginners to start using the Midjourney bot. Midjourney will not generate images in other channels.
  4. Use the /imagine Command: Interact with the Discord Bot using a Command. Commands are used to create images, change default settings, and perform other helpful tasks. The /imagine command generates a unique image from a text description (prompt). Type ‘/imagine prompt:’ in the message field. Type a description of the image you want to create in the prompt field and send your message. The Bot will interpret your prompt and begin generating an image.

Here are examples of AI-generated images (Midjourney generates four variations by default) based on a simple text prompt:

A robot working on a laptop, realistic

Midjourney generated image example

⚠️ Prompting Tips from Midjourney:

The Midjourney Bot works best with simple, short sentences that describe what you want to see. Avoid long lists of requests.

Instead of: Show me a picture of lots of blooming California poppies, make them bright, vibrant orange, and draw them in an illustrated style with colored pencils 

Try: Bright orange California poppies drawn with colored pencils

▶️ Be specific with your prompt details:

  • Subject: person, animal, character, location, object, etc.
  • Medium: photo, painting, illustration, sculpture, doodle, tapestry, etc.
  • Environment: indoors, outdoors, on the moon, in Narnia, underwater, the Emerald City, etc.
  • Lighting: soft, ambient, overcast, neon, studio lights, etc.
  • Color: vibrant, muted, bright, monochromatic, colorful, black and white, pastel, etc.
  • Mood: Sedate, calm, raucous, energetic, etc.
  • Composition: Portrait, headshot, closeup, birds-eye view, etc.

The Discord server is the main operational platform of Midjourney and a large community of people who are interested in creating AI images. The server has many channels, including channels for generating and sharing images and discussing AI art.

Brief Summary:

Midjourney is widely recognized as one of the best AI image generators currently available and can produce impressive and realistic images based on text prompts.

By following the steps outlined in this How-To guide and applying well-written prompts, you can exploit the full power of Midjourney and create visually appealing images.

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