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What is Carrd? [Explained in Detail]

We include tools that we believe are helpful to our readers. We may earn a commission if you click on links on this page and make a purchase.

We include tools that we believe are helpful to our readers. We may earn a commission if you click on links on this page and make a purchase.

⚡What is Carrd?

Carrd is a one-page website builder that allows users to create simple, responsive websites in a matter of minutes. Carrd is perfect for small businesses, portfolios, resumes, and more.

Creating a Carrd website is easy and requires no programming or design experience. Simply choose a template, add your content, and publish your site to the web.

If you need a new website and don’t want to pay for the services of a web developer, then a platform such as Carrd could be your best free website builder option, although it might not be the perfect choice for everyone.

In this article, we will provide a detailed analysis of Carrd, discussing its pros and cons, who it is suitable for, and what costs are involved when using the tool.

What Is Carrd and Why Would You Use It?

Carrd is a website building platform that is similar to Wix and Weebly, offering a solution for both beginners and web developers who want to quickly create simple websites.

Carrd Homepage
Carrd Homepage

However, Carrd differs from a lot of alternative website builders as it specializes in just one-page websites, providing a range of templates for various functionality.

Many of the features on Carrd are free to use but there are some payment plans that we will discuss later. The platform allows you to create up to three websites free of charge that will be hosted permanently. 

Carrd is a sensible choice for people who require a simple webpage but the platform cannot support more complex projects such as an online store.

Who Is Carrd Aimed At?

The Carrd platform is especially suitable for: 

  • Freelancers looking to create a portfolio or brochure website to showcase their work.
  • Small businesses requiring simple but effective landing pages to promote their service.
  • Podcasters and App Developers looking to create landing pages for their content. 
  • Influencers and streamers who need to boost their online presence. 
  • Webmasters who want a minimalistic website to share useful information, such as current temperatures in a specific area, for example.
  • Aggregators that need a basic landing page to share links. 
  • People who require an easy-to-use fundraising website.
  • How to guide creators. 
  • People who require a newsletter sign-up page.

Using the Platform – Carrd Review

Now we know what it is and who may use it, the next stage of our Carrd review is to actually use the platform and test its effectiveness as a free website builder. 

The Carrd User Interface and Its Ease of Use

We found the Carrd website to be very easy to use, with clear prompts guiding the user every step of the way. Perfect for beginners who have no experience using web editing interfaces, most people can get to grips with the platform in less than 15 minutes.

Quality of the Carrd Templates and Design Features

Carrd allows you to choose from five category types – landing page, profile page, portfolio, a sectioned template, and an entry form. Each template is fit for purpose and the content can be modified.

There are around 80-90 different templates available in the pro version of the platform. 

Content can be customized, such as editing text and including images, an option to add new buttons and page dividers, while sections can also be added and removed. However, there isn’t much opportunity to personalize your website and the platform is lacking in creative options. 

Macbook displaying website

Responsive Websites With Carrd

Carrd is surprisingly capable of creating fully responsive web pages, with mobile optimization capabilities to edit elements of the website’s mobile version, a key benefit of the platform. 


Search Engine Optimization capabilities are limited, with the user only able to edit the title, description, and meta tags in the <head> section of the website. This is not uncommon for website-building tools aimed at beginners.

Fortunately, Carrd does automatically create a sitemap for your website and the top two pricing tiers provide access to Google Analytics.

Custom domains can be added in pro accounts, while the free websites will be given a domain. 

What are the different Carrd pricing plans?

Next in our Carrd review, we will look at the different paid plans available to determine whether it is worth being a paying subscriber. 

As well as the free option, there are three Carrd pricing plans ranging from $9 a year to $49 a year, unlocking numerous features and benefits.

Free Version of Carrd –  With the free plan, you can build up to three websites that have a subdomain and Carrd branding.

Carrd prices

Pro-Lite – Choosing the cheapest of the premium plans allows you to build up to 3 websites with premium URLs and with Carrd branding removed. You will also have access to premium templates, are able to upload high quality images, upload videos, and there is no limit to the number of elements on your website. 

Pro Standard – 10 websites and custom domain URLs, in addition to all of the above. Pro Standard users will also have access to Google Analytics, custom meta tags, add simple forms, and be able to include a range of widgets.

Pro Plus – The most expensive yearly plan lets you build 25 websites with all the features and benefits of Pro Standard, custom domains, as well as custom templates, password protection, redirect options, and access to more advanced settings. Users can also download their websites.

Each Carrd premium plan offers a 7 day free trial, with no obligation to continue after the trial period ends. Reviews of Carrd customer service are also favorable, with people reporting very quick response times to queries sent via email.

Carrd Review – Is It Better Than Rival Website Builders?

Let’s summarize our thoughts in this Carrd review with a look at its advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of Using the Carrd Website Builder

When reviewing the Carrd platform we have decided on 4 key benefits of using the website builder, as detailed below.

  1. Easy to use with simple online prompts and no account creation is required before you can start assembling your website. The Carrd platform is very beginner-friendly, with a learning curve of around ten to fifteen minutes. 
  1. Websites can be created very quickly thanks to the short learning curve and straightforward use of templates that help the user create five types of simple, one-page websites.
Google home screen on a cellphone

3. Templates are responsive and look good on all devices, meaning no coding is required.

4. You can create three websites at no cost and they will be hosted on the platform indefinitely, making it a good free option compared to some of its rivals. 

Does Carrd Have Any Downsides?

In contrast, we feel that there are three clear disadvantages of the platform when compared to other website building options.

  1. You are limited to just a one-page website and there is only a small number of on-page elements. You are also given very few options in terms of editing these individual elements.
  2. Blogging is not an option, which makes achieving high Google rankings extremely difficult, as there is minimal scope in terms of adding new and engaging content to your website.
  3. There is also no option to create online stores using the Carrd website.

Carrd Review – A Great Option for Developing Landing Pages

In conclusion, now we have fully reviewed Carrd, we can conclude that the single page website builder is a good option for people who only require a very simple website, have little to no technical knowledge, and do not want to spend much time building their one page website. 

The interface is very easy to use and the templates can help users create one page sites in less than fifteen minutes. 

Carrd is a contender for the best website builder for people looking to build an online portfolio, minimal landing pages, or just a basic web page. Carrd offers paid plans that provide a range of benefits and are affordable compared to many competitors.

creating website wireframe

We would not recommend the Carrd website builder to anyone who wants to develop a more complex multi page website as there is no E-commerce (online store) or blogging functionality. 

For more advanced free sites that can feature multiple pages, there are other site builders available that can create a more functional, multi page site when compared to Carrd.

Thank you for reading, we hope this Carrd review has helped you decide whether the platform is the correct free website builder for your next online project. Feel free to browse the rest of our blog to compare Carrd against some of the best website builders on the market.

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