How to make AI video

How To Make AI Videos?

⚡ Quick Answer: 

1. Determine the type of video you want to create and find a suitable AI video generator.
2. Collect necessary resources like text and images. Input these resources into the AI video generation tool.
3. Let the AI tool generate your video content. Preview, customize, and edit the video output if necessary.
4. Download the generated video after completing the steps above.

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How To Create AI Videos?

Brief Overview

The evolving field of AI-generated videos is reshaping content creation. AI video generators can potentially automate and streamline the video creation process, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

The process of creating AI videos presents some challenges. In addition to the technical nuances of AI tools, there are also ethical and legal considerations, such as the possible misuse of AI for creating deepfakes. These challenges need to be addressed to leverage the potential of AI-powered tools in video production fully.

Definition of AI-Generated Videos

It is important not to conflate AI-generated videos with traditional video content.

As we know, traditional videos include long- and short-form movies, documentaries, music videos, various types of commercials, and many more.

AI-generated videos refer to the video content created through artificial intelligence algorithms, showcasing the technology’s ability to synthesize visual elements dynamically.

AI videos represent generative or so-called synthetic media.

What is Synthetic Media?

Synthetic Media is an umbrella term to describe video, image, text or voice that has been fully or particularly generated using AI algorithms.

It’s crucial to point out that, as of now, AI hasn’t fully achieved the complexity seen in traditional videos.

Instead, AI-generated videos often manifest as short-form clips, sometimes of lower quality, and are distinct from professionally produced video content.

Examples of AI videos include:

  • automated video summaries
  • short animations
  • explainer videos or tutorials featuring AI avatars
  • AI-generated product demos, etc.

They demonstrate AI’s potential in generating quick, targeted visual content but cannot yet rival the production capabilities of traditional filmmaking.

AI Video Creation Methods

In the context of this AI category, it is useful to know the following AI video generation methods:

  • Text-to-Speech (TTS) video generation: This method combines text-to-speech synthesis and video generation techniques to create videos with synchronized voiceovers. Mostly known for creating video content featuring AI avatars.
  • Text-to-Video (TTV) generation: It uses natural language prompts as input to generate videos. Using advanced ML techniques, it processes the context and semantics of the input text and then creates a corresponding video sequence.
  • Image-to-Video (ITV) generation: This model takes an image as input and generates a video based on the content of the image.
  • Video-to-Video (VTV) generation:  It utilizes AI techniques to automatically generate videos based on existing video content. This process involves training AI models on large datasets of video clips and images to learn patterns, styles, and visual elements.

Currently, the first two methods are the most popular among the majority of users.

Below is the list of AI video generators that are gaining in popularity among users:

TTS Video Generation

Today, Text-to-Speech video generation is probably the most widely utilized method in the field of AI video production.  It uses artificial intelligence to convert written text into spoken words, which can then be added to videos using human-like AI avatars.


Here are step-by-step guidelines for creating a video with an AI avatar using Synthesia.

  1. Create an account: Sign up and create an account on Synthesia.
  2. Input your script: Prepare a script for your video. Type or paste the script text into the script box. Users can also use AI script generator for this purpose.
  3. Select a voice: Choose from a multitude of natural-sounding voices or clone your voice. The AI voice generator will automatically convert the text and generate speech.
  4. Choose an AI avatar: Add a realistic AI avatar that will narrate your text and make the voiceover more engaging.
  5. Customize your video: Adjust and edit your TTS video with stock photos or your own pictures, videos, audio files, and more.
  6. Generate your video: Click on the “Generate video” button and let Synthesia create your TTS video. You can download, stream, embed, and share your video.

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TTV Video Generation

Text-to-Video generation is a more complex process and involves advanced AI algorithms that analyze the input text, interpret its context, and dynamically generate corresponding visual elements, including scenes, animations, and transitions.

Use cases of this technology include short product demos, educational explainers, short marketing and social media video content, movie trailers, etc.

Here is an example of applying the TTV method to create a movie trailer (produced by Pika Labs):

Brief Summary

AI video generation tools, leveraging techniques like Text-to-Speech and Text-to-Video, are opening up new possibilities in various fields such as marketing, education, and film production. The benefits of AI video generation are obvious.

They allow for the quick creation of good-quality videos, reduce the need for complex recording equipment or voice actors, and enable content creators to produce engaging content efficiently. The application of TTS technologies is becoming less complex.

However, the challenges are still there. The quality of AI-generated videos can vary, and the technology may struggle with complex narratives or nuanced emotions. The production quality of AI videos cannot yet compete with professional video making.

Looking forward, this AI field holds immense potential. As technology evolves, we can expect more sophisticated tools and methods capable of creating increasingly realistic and high-quality videos.

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