ServiceScape Review

ServiceScape Review (Exploring a Freelance Platform)

⚡What is ServiceScape?

ServiceScape is an online platform that connects freelance professionals in the fields of editing, translating, writing, and graphic design with clients and businesses seeking their expertise. 

It serves as a marketplace where individuals and organizations can find qualified professionals to assist with various projects and tasks.

After the pandemic, freelancing has seen a significant rise in popularity. A 2022 survey among 700 freelancers revealed that 71% of them found happiness in their work-from-home setup.

As the demand for freelancers continues to grow, let’s explore one of the online freelance platforms – ServiceScape.

What is ServiceScape and How It Works

ServiceScape Homepage
ServiceScape Homepage

ServiceScape operates as a platform that facilitates connections between professionals, clients, and businesses. Users can sign in as professionals seeking to offer their expertise, clients looking for services, or businesses with specific project requirements. 

Here’s how ServiceScape works for each type of user:

✔️ For Professionals

Sign up for a professional account on ServiceScape
Sign up for a professional account on ServiceScape

As a professional, you can easily sign in to ServiceScape using your registered credentials. Upon accessing your account, you’ll be presented with a personalized dashboard where you can manage your freelance business. 

Freelancers can showcase their services, credentials, and completed work in their profiles, making their profiles appealing to potential clients. 

ServiceScape’s freelancer directory categorizes professionals based on specializations, average client ratings, and completed projects, making it easier for clients to find the right match. Achieving “Elite” status in the directory boosts visibility and enhances opportunities for client engagement.

Earning income on ServiceScape is a simple process—professionals complete projects and receive payments, with ServiceScape deducting a 50% fee, which includes service and payment processing charges. To facilitate payment, freelancers must submit a valid W-9 Form/W-8BEN Form to declare their tax status, and earnings are distributed on a monthly basis.

ServiceScape offers certifications for editing and translation, adding credibility to freelancers’ profiles and demonstrating their expertise to potential clients. These certifications are signed declarations from ServiceScape, attesting to the professional quality of edited or translated documents.

✔️ For Clients

ServiceScape offers a convenient filtering function that allows clients to browse freelancers to find the perfect match for their specific needs. Clients can apply relevant filters to narrow down their search and discover freelancers who align with their project requirements. 

Filtering function on ServiceScape
Filtering function on ServiceScape

Once clients have identified potential candidates, they can explore each freelancer’s profile in detail to gain deeper insights into their qualifications, portfolios, and past client experiences. 

During this evaluation process, clients can directly communicate with the freelancers of interest through ServiceScape’s secure messaging system or schedule teleconferencing calls to have more in-depth discussions.

Messaging system & teleconferencing calls on ServiceScape
Messaging system & teleconferencing calls on ServiceScape

This combination of filtering options and direct communication empowers clients to make informed decisions and select the freelancer who best fits their project. 

After carefully evaluating their options, clients can proceed to click on the “Hire” button to initiate the engagement with their chosen freelancer, starting a productive and efficient collaboration for their project needs.

✔️ For Businesses

Besides benefiting freelancers and clients, freelancing platforms can be advantageous for businesses as well. According to research between US and UK employers, over 60% believe that working with freelancers saves time and is cost-effective.

Top 5 Biggest Challenges of Hiring Individual Contractors

With ServiceScape, businesses gain comprehensive insights into their outsourcing workflow. 

Account managers have full visibility into the interactions between their team and the hired freelancers. The platform provides data on projects, freelancers hired, and overall outsourcing activities, enabling businesses to optimize their productivity and make informed decisions.

High-volume users can take advantage of deposit bonuses ranging from 5% to 10% when funding their Corporate Account. This incentivizes businesses to use ServiceScape’s freelance talent on demand, allowing them to save costs while still accessing top-notch services.

The Corporate Account serves as a seamless payment method for freelance outsourcing. By depositing funds into the account, businesses can easily integrate freelance labor into their workflow. This simplifies the payment process and streamlines the collaboration with freelancers.

To get started, businesses can open a Corporate Account with an initial deposit and share the account information with their team. Team members can then register as clients, pay for projects using the Corporate Account, and collaborate seamlessly with the hired freelancers.

Advantages & Disadvantages

ServiceScape, like any other platform, comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at what we liked and what raised some concerns about this tool.

👍 What We Liked

  • Credentials and Vetting: The platform implements a rigorous vetting process to ensure that only experienced and qualified freelancers become part of their network. By verifying the credentials and qualifications of freelancers, ServiceScape instills confidence in clients that they are working with professionals who possess the necessary skills and expertise to deliver exceptional results. 
ServiceScape requires credentials during sign-up
ServiceScape requires credentials during sign-up
  • Certificates: ServiceScape provides editing and translation certifications to give clients extra assurance and credibility. These certifications act as concrete evidence that the editing or translation work has undergone professional review and meets industry standards. Clients can rely on these certifications to have greater confidence in the quality and accuracy of the services provided by ServiceScape freelancers.
  • Direct Communication: One aspect we particularly appreciated about ServiceScape is the emphasis on direct communication between clients and freelancers. The platform’s secure messaging system enables clients and freelancers to engage in clear and direct discussions.

👎 What We Didn’t Like

  • High Fees: One significant aspect that may be a concern for some clients is the high service fees charged by ServiceScape. The platform deducts a substantial portion, around 50%, from the freelancer’s earnings as a service fee. This fee can significantly impact the overall project cost for clients, making it more expensive compared to other freelance marketplaces that charge lower fees.
  • No Escrow System: ServiceScape lacks an escrow system, yet it’s low risk for clients and professionals. Clients pay upfront, and professionals receive payment on project completion. The site refunds clients’ money for reasonable refund requests, ensuring professionals get compensated for their work.
  • Quality Variation: While ServiceScape implements a vetting process, there is still a potential for variation in the quality of work among freelancers. As with any freelance marketplace, clients may encounter freelancers with varying levels of experience, expertise, and reliability. It’s important for clients to carefully review freelancers’ profiles, portfolios, and client ratings to make informed decisions and mitigate the risk of working with less experienced freelancers.

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Why You Should Choose ServiceScape

In conclusion, ServiceScape serves as a reliable platform that connects qualified professionals with clients and businesses in need of top-notch editing, translating, writing, and design services. 

The requirement for credentials and the availability of certifications enhance the platform’s credibility, ensuring clients find the expertise they require.

The platform can be a great choice for experienced professionals. However, it may not be ideal for beginners due to the requirement of credentials and expertise validation. 

Businesses with a good budget seeking experts for their projects can benefit from using this platform.

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