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Divi vs Wix: The Most Comprehensive Comparison Guide

Launching a website can be an exciting new venture—building a website, on the other hand, not so much. However, you can purchase a comprehensive design platform like Divi or Wix to help. 

Both website design framework applications make customizing your website more accessible than most. But, you might be asking yourself, which one should I choose to create my website?

Well, we’ve created a comprehensive guide discussing Divi vs Wix below to help you make your decision. 

Wix vs Divi: Overview

Let’s start this comparison guide by talking about the main concepts between Divi vs Wix.

What Is Divi?

The website development company, Elegant Themes, created Divi, a website theme and page builder that’s WordPress compatible, to aid in the website production process.

The Divi theme allows users to visually develop their website pages without inputting code or HTML, making it easier for novice website builders.

If you do have to implement code into your site, Divi offers an advanced code editing feature to help you through the process.  

Plus, the Divi theme includes over 800 premade Divi theme templates and over 100 full-website packages to suit various website needs, such as:

  • Ecommerce
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Blogs
  • Health
  • Events
  • Art & Design
Divi home

It gets better: Divi is not only a theme, but a page builder as mentioned above, meaning you can choose from over 40 pre-built design elements for your specific page needs, including: 

  • Forms
  • Call-to-action
  • Slideshows
  • Galleries
  • Testimonials

Not to mention, Divi is also compatible with Woocommerce to streamline your product sales. 

What Is Wix?

Like Divi, Wix is a website builder with an extensive library of preset theme templates that allows you to customize your website however you like with its visual-friendly customization tools. 

Or, if you prefer, Wix offers a quick questionnaire to generate a basic template that you can then turn into a website of your own creation instead of starting from something premade.

WIX website builder homepage

Unlike Divi, Wix website builder is not a theme that you install to WordPress or another hosting platform. Instead, Wix is the complete package for building and hosting your site. While Divi features front and backend building options. 

Divi vs Wix: How Do They Differ?

While both platforms allow for complete website customization, they have many differences to consider before you subscribe and start building.

More specifically, Divi and Wix differ concerning customization, support, pricing, and eCommerce.

In this section, we will explain the major differences between Divi vs Wix.



Wix offers three primary website structuring methods, including

  • Wix Artificial Design Intelligence
  • Wix Editor
  • Wix Code

You will also find drag-and-drop design tactics similar to Divi using the Wix Editor. In addition to the design structure, you will find extensive Wix plugins and Wix add ons to choose from to customize your sites, such as SEO.

Wix features


After choosing an initial theme layout for the platform, Divi builder lets users visually drag and drop different elements to their websites. 

Users can also specialize their pages with modules that enhance interaction between the site and site usages, such as CTAs and forms.

Plus, Divi is compatible with an extensive library of add ons and plugins, like Woocommerce, to further your site’s personalization.

Divi features

Divi Theme vs Divi Builder

Between Wix vs Divi, Wix gives you a plethora of site templates to choose from. This encompasses the overall design, color scheme, font choices, and other brand variables that run consistently throughout your site. 

On the other hand, the Divi builder gives you complete customization over each page within your site. Here, you can choose from different modules, like forms, comment sections, galleries, CTA buttons, and other interactive page elements. 



Elegant Themes, the company behind Divi page builder, offers clients a ticket system, community forum, and thorough documentation to provide support.

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Not to mention, the platform also has a vast community that includes blog posts, meetups, videos, podcasts, and more support options.

Divi Support Forum


On the other hand, Wix offers VIP support, a customer service phone number, and documentation.

Wix help center


Let’s talk about the price differences between Wix vs Divi.

Divi Pricing

You can choose from two different options for Divi pricing, either yearly or lifetime access. Both payment options include:

  • One license
  • Access to support
  • Over 100 website packs
  • Product updates
  • Unlimited website usage

The only difference between the two Divi pricing options is annual fees of $89 versus a single payment of $249 for lifetime access. Want to know the best part? You can try Divi for free for 30 days with a money-back guarantee.

Divi Pricing Plans

Wix Pricing

Wix users get more variety from their payment plan options. Wix prices include:

Monthly Price$39$23$18$14
Free SSL CertificateYesYesYesYes
Custom DomainYesYesYesYes
Storage Space35GB20GB10GB3GB
Customer SupportPriority24/724/724/7

Wix also offers customized premium plans for businesses and e-commerce. These plans include:

Business VIPBusiness UnlimitedBusiness Basic
Monthly Price$49$27$23
Secure Online PaymentsYesYesYes
Storage Space50GB35GB20GB
Automated Sales Tax500 Transactions per month100 Transactions per monthN/A
Customer SupportPriority24/724/7

Note: Wix pricing may vary based on your location.

In addition to the comprehensive price options, you can opt for the Wix free plan. Yes, free sounds great, but you might want to consider the Wix free vs premium plan to see what feature it lacks, such as:

  • No custom domain name
  • Maximum 500MB storage capacity
  • Online payments for e-commerce are not available
  • Google analytics integration not supported


Let’s take a look at the differences between Divi vs Wix when it comes to E-Commerce.

Divi eCommerce Features

When building Divi websites for eCommerce needs, you have to choose from a compatible theme. You will also need to install an eCommerce plugin, but since Divi is compatible with WooCommerce, you can install the WooCommerce plugin easily.

Some Divi eCommerce examples include: 

In the video below you can see an overview of Divi’s WooCommerce modules.

Wix eCommerce Features

Wix offers specific packages for eCommerce and business that include secure online payments, automated sales tax, and other eCommerce site specifications.

Wix will handle payments and process customer information like you can with Divi. 

eCommerce features from Wix

The Bottom Line: Divi vs Wix

We hope that this information was useful to decide between the Elegant Themes Divi vs Wix. Ultimately, your preference depends on your website plans and knowledge.

For example, if you don’t have a firm grasp for coding, you might want to go with the visual-oriented, drag-and-drop capable Divi theme or Divi WordPress plugin. 

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