Meet Divi AI

Meet Divi AI: New Divi Feature by Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes has just launched Divi AI. It’s a big step in web design and development.

This tool works with the Divi builder. It has many features to make creating websites easier and better.

Let’s take a close look at Divi AI.

📝 Content Creation Features

  • Auto-Generation of Content: Divi AI can make text, images, or whole modules with one click. It looks at what’s already on the site to decide what to add next.
  • Help for Writers: Stuck on what to write? Divi AI offers ideas. It’s like having a partner who always has fresh thoughts.
  • Making and Changing Images: Divi AI can create new images. It can also change existing ones. Users can make big or small changes to pictures.

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💡 Making Creativity and Work Easier

  • Better Content: Divi AI can make the existing text better. It can change the tone, and length, or add creativity.
  • No Limits: Divi AI lets users make as much text and images as they want. It’s like having a team member who never stops.
  • Quicker Website Making: Divi AI speeds up making websites. It takes care of content and images, so designers can do other things.

🎆 Image Features

Divi AI's Image Style feature
Divi AI’s Image Style feature
  • Smart Image Making: Divi AI makes images that fit the page. It can also make old images look better.
  • Changing Styles: Users can make many types of images. They can turn photos into digital paintings, 3D pictures, and more.

📢 What’s Coming Next

  • Making Code: Divi AI plans to let users make or change code, even if they don’t know how to code.
  • Making Full Layouts: Divi AI might soon make whole layouts.
  • Editing Images in the Builder: Future plans include changing images right in the builder. This includes changing size and filling empty spaces.

💲 Pricing Details

Divi AI has a simple price. One fee covers all the AI-made text and pictures. There’s a discount now, but users should check the terms to understand it fully.

Divi AI pricing
Divi AI pricing

✨ Easy To Use

Divi AI is easy to use. It’s good for expert designers and beginners. It works smoothly with the Divi builder, and it’s fast and efficient.

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✔️ Conclusion

Divi AI is Elegant Themes’ new tool. It has many features for making websites. It can help with creativity and make work faster.

But it’s just a tool. Its value depends on how it fits with each user’s needs and goals.

Divi AI offers new ways to design websites, but it doesn’t replace the human touch. It’s an exciting look at what might be coming in web design, mixing technology and creativity.

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