What’s the World’s Most Translated Website? (The Answer May Surprise You)

Ever wonder what is the most translated website in the world? 

As global brands expand to new regions and online shopping surges, it’s become common for websites to support more languages to provide a seamless customer experience. 

Take for example that the demand for translation services spiked for certain digital sectors during the COVID pandemic, with a 34% higher translation demand for social networks, 29% for IT services, and 28% for software products.

Vertical Markets with Increased Demand for Language Services

Vertical Markets with Increased Demand for Language Services
Source: CSA Research

Let’s go in-depth into the world’s most translated websites today and what the future of website translation may look like. 

Most Translated Websites by Number of Languages Available 

WebsiteLanguages Available
Jehovah Witnesses1,068 languages
Wikipedia329 languages
Google150 languages
Facebook113 languages
Apple100+ languages

To start, a good way to assess the most translated websites is to calculate how many languages are available on them. 

Website translation has become essential for businesses trying to reach new global audiences today. In fact, the average global website now supports 33 languages, according to the 2021 Web Globalization Report Card.

Yet, some websites and organizations go above and beyond by providing even more languages.

The #1 most translated website today is the Jehovah’s Witnesses ( with a whopping 1,068 supported languages at the time of publication.

Jehovah's Witnesses supports 1068 languages
Jehovah’s Witnesses supports 1068 languages

This site not only includes a wealth of written content, but also video translations in these languages.

Wikipedia takes the #2 most translated website with 329 languages, which you can see is a large dip down. That said, Wikipedia has a much larger reader base with 1.3 billion total visits, compared to Jehovah’s Witnesses with 224.3 million total visits (according to SimilarWeb).

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Most Translated Websites by Amount of Content Translated

Another way to evaluate the most translated websites is to consider the amount of translated content, instead of simply the number of available languages. 

For example, even though the Jehovah’s Witnesses website supports 1,000+ languages, it has much less translated content compared to a site like Wikipedia.

According to its XML sitemap, it has around 180+ web pages – which isn’t a ton of content! 

Sitemap of most translated website
Sitemap details of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Unfortunately, it’s highly complex to calculate what site has the most translated content. First of all, discovering how many webpages, words on every page, and content in every video would require manually checking the content on any given site. 

Our Best Guess: Wikipedia

However, we can make a general estimate that Wikipedia probably is the most translated website based on the amount of content.

Wikipedia today has 56,612,207 pages (and counting!) and is available in 329 languages. Of course, not every page has 329 languages supported. This means that the exact amount of translated content would vary from page to page. 

Considering the size of Google, it could also be a forerunner as the most translated website based on content.

However, while Google has a lot of content in multiple languages, it’s not necessarily reflecting the same original content that’s then translated into other languages. 

For this reason, we estimate that Wikipedia is probably the most translated website based on the amount of content, though we can’t say for sure.

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The Future of Website Translation

While the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ site currently leads the pack as the most translated website, they may have some competition in the future.

As our world becomes more global, the general trend is to support more languages. This is especially true given how much English currently dominates the internet, accounting for 61.1% of all web content.

To woo customers in other regions worldwide, businesses will likely rely on translation services to create savvier customer experiences.

After all, 68% of consumers prefer to interact with global brands in their native languages, according to the 2021 Global Multilingual CX Report

Even more importantly, approximately 40% of customers said they would never purchase from brand websites that aren’t in their native language (according to CSA research).

For this reason, we predict that other global brands will soon catch up to these most translated websites in order to capture new customer bases. 

Stay on Top of Global Website Trends

While the world’s most translated website may have surprised you, the rankings may change as more brands go global.

Here at Siteefy, we provide insight and statistics into today’s global website trends. Be sure to check out the other articles and reports on our blog to stay on top of all the latest!


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Jon Seddon
Jon Seddon
5 months ago

JW.ORG is now in 1,083 languages (as of Dec 2023). Part of the reason for this number is not only the use of cutting edge technology but there are teams of dedicated translators working in translation offices globally, in close association with native speaking people to arrive at the purest form of expression possible in that language. Like all of Jehovahs Witnesses, these teams work on a voluntary basis, with the motivation solely to spread the message of God’s Word. Not having a monetary incentive puts this in a very different league to business based translation.

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