How To Check How Many Pages a Website Has (a Short Guide)

Whether you are auditing your own website or conducting research on a competitor’s, it is sometimes useful to determine how many pages a website has, helping to give you a clear picture of its layout and navigation.

For your own website, you may wish to find out all your live web pages to make sure they are being crawled by search engines.

In this quick guide, we will walk you through how to check how many pages a website has, using three simple techniques.

How Many Pages Should a Website Have for SEO Purposes?

There is no real correct answer for how many pages your website should have for SEO purposes as it depends entirely on your business and the goal of your website.

However, as a general rule, you should ensure you have 10-30 pages of engaging and unique content on your website to give yourself a good platform. 

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How To Check How Many Pages a Website Has

There are three main ways to check how many pages a website has which we will detail below.

1. The XML Sitemap

The most accurate way of finding out how many pages a website has is by checking the XML sitemap. This can be done with very little effort as it can be accessed by anyone.

Simply, type in the website’s URL, followed by sitemap.xml or sitemap_index.xml (for example,

Sitemap.xml is for a website that has one sitemap, while sitemap_index.xml is for websites that have multiple.

Siteefy URL in XML Sitemap

Click on the “post-sitemap.xml”.

For websites that use WordPress and have plugins such as Yoast installed, the sitemap will likely show a count of all the URLs.

Checking Siteefy's page numbers using XML Sitemap
Checking Siteefy’s page numbers using XML Sitemap

If the website uses a less advanced sitemap, then you may be required to manually count each URL. 

There are also tools such as the XML Sitemap Generator Tool that you can use if the website in question does not have a sitemap available. The free version of this tool will only generate a sitemap for websites that have less than 500 pages

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2. A Google Search Query

Another quick way to check a website’s page count is using a Google search query.

All you need to do is open Google, and enter, obviously replacing ‘’ with the website you want to check. 

Once you click return, the number of indexed pages will be shown on the results page.

Checking Siteefy's page numbers with Google Search Query
Checking Siteefy’s page numbers with Google Search Query

📝 Note
However, this method is not the most accurate, as in some cases, a number of pages may not have been crawled by Google. Whether that is under instruction from the website’s robots.txt, or if new pages have been added since the last crawl. 

3. Using the Google Search Console

The third method is also courtesy of Google, but this time we are using the search engine’s extremely useful Search Console tool.

This method cannot be used for checking a competitor’s website though, as you need to verify yourself as the owner, or the owner needs to grant you access.

Once you have verified your website or you have been granted access, open Search Console and navigate to Google Index > Index Status in the main menu. On the Index Status page, you will be able to see the number of indexed pages.

This number will include many different types of pages which could be confusing to anyone who isn’t fully aware of the makeup of a website. Page types can include categories, tags, archives, and more, which could consist of multiple pages.

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Checking how many pages a website has is very simple, with three main methods that can be performed by anyone. The easiest and most accurate of these three methods is by searching for the website’s XML sitemap. 

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