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15+ WordPress WYSIWYG Editors Compared

Siteefy content is free. When you purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Siteefy content is free. When you purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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WordPress WYSIWYG editors (aka WordPress page builders and site builders) are plugins that help to build WordPress pages and websites code-free.

If you are new to WordPress then a reliable WordPress builder will make your life much easier.

On this page, you’ll find everything you may ever need to know about the best WordPress page builders and editors available today on the market.

Best WordPress WYSIWYG Editors Table

Page BuilderOverall RatingWYSIWYG ScoreLive DemoPrice
Divi4.8 🏆95 🏆Available$89
Elementor4.8 🏆90🆓Try FreeFree
Thrive Architect4.790❌Not available$97
Avada4.790❌Not available$69
Brizy4.795🆓Try FreeFree
Visual Composer4.485AvailableFree
Beaver Builder4.390AvailableFree
SeedProd4.385🆓Try Free$79
WPBakery4.275🆓Try Free$56
Themify3.870❌Not available$69

📢 Recently, new WordPress page builders such as Breakdance have gained popularity. We are in the process of evaluating these editors and will include them on this page once testing is complete.

1. Divi Builder

✅Tested by Siteefy

Quick Facts About Divi Builder

Initial release: 11 December 2013
Current version: Divi 4.23
Active Installations: 800K+
Compatibility: compatible with any WP theme ✅
Responsiveness: 100% responsive and mobile-friendly ✅
Number of content elements: 40+
Number of premade templates: 110+ premade websites and 880+ premade layouts
Best premade template: Digital Marketing 🔥(see demo ➡️)
Live chat support: yes ✅
Rating on WordPress: not available
Trustpilot rating: 4.9/5 based on 19K+ reviews
Live demo: available ✅


→ Powerful WordPress page builder

→ Theme building capabilities

→ Global elements and styling

→ A/B Testing functionality

→ Pricing and one-time payment option

→ Regular updates and support

→ Marketplace


→ Shortcode based widgets

→ May get a little slow with long pages

🔔 Divi Live Demo is available here.

Divi is probably the most popular drag-and-drop WordPress page builder and WordPress theme out there.

We have been using Divi since 2016 (more than 7 years now!). So, we have a lot of experience with this WP page builder.

Proof: Our first invoice from Elegant Themes dated 29 February 2016

We have a lot to share about Divi 😎

Let’s go.

First of all, Divi is more than just a WordPress page builder, it’s a complete WordPress framework.

There is a lot to love about Divi, and it’s only going to get better with time.

A one-stop shop for all your WordPress needs without having code? Yes, please!

Divi Builder is:

  • super easy to use
  • beautifully designed
  • extremely powerful

Here is a quick video that explains Divi in detail:

Here is how Divi WordPress Page Builder looks in action:


Building a website with Divi is a breeze. There is probably nothing you can’t build with it.

Recently Elegant Themes introduced Divi AI which takes everything to a whole new level.

Let’s now take a closer look at every aspect of Divi individually.

❇️ Divi Builder Interface

Divi Builder interface is simple and straightforward. As soon as you open the editor, it becomes clear what each button does.

Divi builder editor
This is what Divi Visual Builder Interface looks like. As you can see from the screenshot, editing takes place right on the website.

Importantly, as a true front-end WordPress editor, Divi makes everything happen right on your website and not on the backend (although this option is also available if needed).

It’s 100% WYSIWYG and front-end.

🧩 Divi Content Elements

Divi comes packed with a lot of content elements called modules.

These modules make the process of creating beautiful and unique layouts much easier.

Divi content modules
Divi Modules

Whether you want to create a call-to-action button, an image slider, or even a section with several different types of columns – there are more than enough options which will make your life easier.

Elements can be dragged all over the page and resized as needed. Modifying your content is that easy.

Divi builder content modules
Inserting Divi Modules

Imagination is the limit with Divi when it comes to design. You can create virtually any layout you can think of.

Adding a new element is as simple as clicking where you want the item to appear on your website and selecting the module.

You can choose from a number of modules, which offer different functionality and appearance to fit your needs.

Every element has a wide variety of customization options: size, color, depth, and other parameters that will help you create the exact look and feel you want.

Divi Content Modules
Divi Modules (left) and Button Module Customization Options (right)

✨ Divi Builder Templates

Divi comes with hundreds of professionally designed layouts accessible right from the Divi Builder in your WordPress panel.

Divi WordPress Page Builder Plugin Layouts Library-min
Divi premade layouts library

Ranging from business websites to portfolios, personal blogs, WooCommerce shops and even landing pages, there is a template for everything.

Some of these layouts are complete website packs which means that all you need to do is to pick one and add your content.

The process of adding Divi premade layouts and website kits to the WordPress site looks like this:

Using Divi Premade Layouts
Divi pre-made website kits and layouts can be added in a few clicks.

🔥 Check out this Divi Digital Marketing Layout Live Demo (this is the one we are using in the GIF image above).

If you are not planning to have something very special or extremely unique on your website, Divi pre-made templates are great for building your website from scratch literally in the blink of an eye.

🪄 Divi Builder Main Features:

  • Drag and drop WordPress page builder with front-end and back-end editor
  • No coding skills required
  • Easy setup
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Inline text editing
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Responsiveness
  • 24/7 Support
  • Huge user community (including Divi centered forums, websites, and communities with countless tutorials on everything you might need)
  • Divi Marketplace
  • Divi AI
  • Amazing Bloom & Monarch included as a nice bonus

♾️ Divi Builder Additional Features

Divi also includes a number of additional features that will help you turn your website into a complete masterpiece.

For example, it comes with a really convenient color picker that makes choosing the right colors very easy.

Divi Color Manager

You can find all sorts of cool effects to make your website stand out, such as blur, shadows, or different transition effects.

Divi is not just a drag and drop interface – you can also add your own custom CSS code if you need some custom styling for your website.

Generally, as already mentioned above, Divi is not just a page builder. It is a complete WordPress website builder.

What else comes with Divi:

  • 100+ Complete Website Packs (see the full library here ➡️)
  • 800+ Pre-made Designs (see the full library here ➡️)
  • 40+ Website Elements (see the full list here ➡️)
  • Divi Library where you can save your custom designs, modules, and layouts
  • Global elements
  • Split testing functionality
  • Bulk editing
  • Animations
  • Undo/Redo functionality
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Searchable & filterable settings
  • Custom CSS control
  • WooBuilder (integration with WooCommerce)
  • History, Backups and Autosave
  • Export/Import options

Did you know?

Divi is compatible with Gutenberg. Click here to learn more!

🧑‍💻 Divi Builder Support

Divi is a product of Elegant Themes (ET), a well-known premium WordPress themes provider. The team at ET is committed to delivering well-polished and fully-featured products and they always provide top-notch customer support.

Divi is no exception: you can find a ton of free tutorials on ET website that will help you get started with the plugin.

They also have a very large support forum where other users and the ET support team can help you if you get stuck with something.

Although ET has a very competent support team and a large community, in our experience they don’t always respond to user questions quickly enough. But when they do, they usually make every effort to assist.

If you require faster support you may want to check Divi VIP.

🤓 Our experience with Divi Builder

We have used Divi extensively here at Siteefy and we must say that it really lives up to the hype.

While other WordPress page builders have their limitations, Divi feels very solid from day one. It offers almost unlimited possibilities of what you can build with it.

Although there is probably a certain point where you outgrow Divi Builder, this point is quite distant.

So, while you are still a beginner or even intermediate-level website creator, this plugin will surely help you build WordPress websites faster and easier.

We also like the fact that Divi is quite future-proof: the team at Elegant Themes regularly makes new updates and adds extra functionalities to Divi.

However, as with every other product out there, Divi is not perfect.

👎 Cons of Divi Builder

These are the flaws of Divi Builder we noticed so far:

  1. Minor, but annoying UX issues such as the cursor randomly jumping up when trying to edit in-line
  2. Spacing related issues where setting the right space between elements on the page is close to impossible for the beginners
  3. Shortcodes
  4. Relatively steep learning curve

Note: We’ll keep updating this list as we discover new issues related to Divi.

🏷️ Divi Pricing

Okay, now how much does Divi cost?

Divi pricing is simple and straightforward.

First of all, it’s important to note that Divi is a part of Elegant Themes membership and unlike other WordPress page builders is not offered as a standalone product. To get access to Divi, you need to subscribe to Elegant Themes Membership.

There are currently two pricing options offered by Elegant Themes.

One is yearly access which renews every year and the other one is lifetime access with single-time payment.

Here is the current pricing information for both options:

Yearly access is $89
Lifetime access is $249

ℹ️ Divi is a premium-only WP page builder – free version is not available (but you can try Divi Browser Demo for free here).

What is included in Elegant Themes Membership:

  • Complete access to all features, themes, and plugins (including Divi, Extra, Bloom & Monarch)
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited users
  • Premium support
  • 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee

Overall, Elegant Themes membership is packed with value. Definitely a great deal for all WordPress users.

Check the Complete Divi Review here ➡️

2. Elementor

✅Tested by Siteefy

Quick Facts About Elementor

Initial release: 2016
Current version: Elementor 3.17.0
Active Installations: 10 million+
Compatibility: compatible with any WP theme ✅
Responsiveness: 100% responsive and mobile-friendly ✅
Number of content elements: 100+
Number of premade templates: 100+
Best premade template: Design Conference 🔥(see demo ➡️)
Live chat support: not available ❌
Rating on WordPress: 4.7/5 based on 6095 reviews
Trustpilot rating: 3.7/5 based on 274 reviews
Live demo: free version is available ✅


→ Feature-packed free version

Simple user interface

→ Constant updates

→ Great documentation and videos

→ Active Facebook group community


→ Can be complicated for new users

→ No white label option for developers

🔥 Check out Elementor Kits Library here.

Elementor is another widely popular WordPress drag and drop page builder known for its ease of use, clean code, and speed (both in terms of plugin’s work and the speed of websites built with Elementor).

Many people consider Elementor to be the easiest WordPress page builder out there.

In fact, Elementor is our second favorite WordPress page builder and the one we use the most after Divi.

Elementor Interface

Unlike Divi, Elementor is available for free in the WordPress plugin repository, which makes it an attractive option for beginners.

Adding Elementor to WordPress is simple.

As a plugin Elementor has a high average rating on WordPress (4.6 stars out of 5 based on 6,635 reviews at the time of writing this post):

Elementor is probably the best one among free WordPress page builders available today to WP users.

Before Elementor there was no free WordPress page builder of this level. All comparable products were premium.

At the same time, to get the 100% out of Elementor, you still need to buy a license.

Here is what building with Elementor looks like:

❇️ Elementor Interface

Elementor is a bit more complicated to use than Divi. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it takes some time to learn all the options and get used to the interface.

However, once you master the basic functionalities and you begin to understand how they work, Elementor feels natural and intuitive to use.

Here is what editing WordPress with Elementor looks like:

Editing WordPress with Elementor
Elementor in action

Elementor’s interface is made of a side panel and the main editor window. The side panel is the place where you will find most of the options and settings.

The main editor window displays your website in real-time. You can drag and drop widgets from the side panel to the main area and re-arrange them.

Drag and drop editing with Elementor
Elementor Interface – dragging and dropping a widget from the sidebar to the main area followed by slight customization.

🧩 Elementor Content Elements

Just like Divi, Elementor offers a wide range of content elements called widgets that you can add to your website.

You’ll find all the typical widgets, including sliders, buttons, pricing tables, testimonials, and many more in Elementor.

Elementor Widgets
Elementor Widgets

In the free edition, you will be able to use only a few widgets. But there is an extensive collection in the Elementor Pro – the premium version of Elementor.

The widgets are fully customizable. You can change their content (text or images), style (colors and fonts), size, etc. You can also re-arrange them as you like by dragging and dropping.

Additionally, third-party add-ons are available if anything is missing from Elementor’s core widgets.

✨ Elementor Templates

Currently, Elementor offers over 100 pre-made templates and you can find anything in Elementor’s library, starting from basic layouts and ending with complete website kits.

Elementor Premium Template Library
Elementor Templates Library

Divi Builder’s templates are more polished, but Elementor’s collection is growing very fast and it’s only a matter of time before the gap is closed.

Using Elementor templates is easy. Once you have selected a template from the library, you can easily customize it to perfectly fit your needs.

You can also create your own templates, either from scratch or by modifying existing templates.

🪄 Elementor Main Features

  • One of the top WordPress page builders overall
  • High speed
  • Clean code (no lock-in)
  • 24/7 Support (Pro version)
  • Auto Save functionality
  • Redo/Undo functionality
  • Responsiveness
  • Role Manager

♾️ Additional Features of Elementor

You get plenty of additional functionality with Elementor such as Elementor Popup Builder:

🔥🔥🔥 See live Elementor pop-up demos here ➜

Elementor Form Widget:


Third-Party Integrations:

Elementor is compatible with most WordPress plugins. It’s also compatible with WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, Jetpack, and other popular WordPress plugins.

WooCommerce Page Builder:

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce plugins. If you use WooCommerce on your site, Elementor can help you.

Elementor Finder:

What else comes with Elementor:

  • 150+ Elementor Kits and Templates
  • Hello WordPress theme
  • Content Lock functionality
  • Cool motion effects and animations
  • Powerful Custom Positioning
  • Shape Dividers
  • Lightbox Overlay
  • Social Icons & Share Buttons
  • Star Rating and Reviews
  • Sticky Elements
  • Evergreen Countdown
  • Tutorials and other learning materials
  • Developer-Friendly
  • Third-party addons

🧑‍💻 Elementor Support

Elementor has a comprehensive Help Center.

They also offer email support.

That’s great, but the community is even better. The Elementor community on Facebook is active and helpful. If you get stuck, chances are someone else has already asked the question and found an answer.

🤓 Our experience with Elementor

Like Divi Builder, we work with Elementor a lot. We find Elementor to be powerful and easy to use.

It requires no coding knowledge, it’s fast, and thanks to the huge community, it’s pretty much guaranteed that if you get stuck with anything, the answer is only a click away.

In our opinion, Elementor is a brilliant WordPress page builder.

The only thing is that when it comes to WYSIWYG and pure front-end editing experience, in our opinion Divi Builder is still the ultimate WordPress page builder.

Elementor can get pretty close, but Divi simply offers more.

🏷️ Elementor Pricing

Elementor Pro costs as below:

  • $49 for a single website 
  • $99 for three websites
  • $199 for 25 websites,
  • $499 for 100 websites
  • and $999 for 1,000 websites

All plans include 1-year support and updates.

All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee (learn more about Elementor’s refund policy here).

Click here to see the full Elementor review ➡️

3. Beaver Builder

✅Tested by Siteefy

Quick Facts About Beaver Builder

Initial release: 2014
Current version: 2.8
Active Installations: 1,000,000+
Compatibility: compatible with almost any WP theme ✅
Responsiveness: 100% responsive and mobile-friendly ✅
Number of content elements: 29+
Number of premade templates: 50+
Best premade template: Fullscreen Landing Page🔥(see demo ➡️)
Live chat support: not available ❌
Rating on WordPress: 4.8/5 based on 352 reviews
Trustpilot rating: NA
Live demo: available ✅


→ Free version is available

→ Simple user interface

→ Regular updates

→ Speed

→ White labeling option


→ Additional functionality costs extra

→ Limited features and functionality compared to Divi and Elementor

Beaver Builder is another popular (and free) WordPress page builder.

As it’s typical for this level WordPress page builders, with Beaver Builder your coding skills do not matter and creating a stunning website is possible with simple drag and drop manipulations.

Over 1,000,000 WordPress websites have been built with Beaver Builder so far and this number is ever-growing.

❇️ Beaver Builder Interface

The primary screen of Beaver Builder, in terms of look and function, is comparable to Elementor.

The layouts are similar, but Beaver Builder’s interface appears more modern and is simpler to use than Elementor.

Beaver Builder frontend editor
Beaver Builder Interface (Left-side Panel)
Beaver Builder Interface (Fullscreen)

Beaver Builder has an intuitive and clear interface which makes working with this WordPress page builder easy for anyone.

Like Divi and Elementor, Beaver Builder provides a live preview of your page as you edit.

You can drag and drop any element onto your page, resize it, move it around, and edit its styles and content.

One thing to note here is that in-line text editing in Beaver Builder doesn’t feel as smooth as it is with other WordPress page builders (especially Brizy, Divi, and Elementor).

Here is a quick introduction video to Beaver Builder:

🧩 Beaver Builder Content Elements

Beaver Builder comes with all the standard content elements you need to build your page or post.

You can add headings, paragraphs, text blocks, images, galleries, buttons, sliders and so much more.

Beaver example modules
Beaver Builder Content Elements

They are simple to use, customizable and will allow you to build your page in no time.

✨ Beaver Builder Templates

Like other WordPress page builders, Beaver Builder comes with a set of standard templates that you can use as-is or start with and build on.

Beaver templates
Beaver Builder Templates

While Beaver Builder’s selection of templates isn’t as extensive as Elementor or Divi Builder, they are still more than enough to get you started.

The best thing is that no matter which template you start with, they are all fully customizable.

🪄 Beaver Builder Main Features:

  • Simple and user-friendly drag and drop editor
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface
  • No coding skills required
  • Responsiveness
  • Compatible with almost any WordPress theme
  • Helpful community
  • Clean and neat pre-made templates

♾️ Beaver Builder Additional Features

Beaver Builder comes with several additional advanced features that further enhance your site-building experience.

This includes, among many others, the Beaver Themer, the Beaver Builder Theme, Add-ons, WooCommerce and BigCommerce integrations, White label option, multisite capability, and so on.

Additional features like these make Beaver Builder a very powerful WordPress page builder tool. However, it also comes at a price.

It’s the most expensive WordPress page builder on this list when you compare the total costs for getting all features offered.

What else Beaver Builder offers:

  • Save & Reuse Options
  • Shortcode Support
  • Widget Support
  • Import & Export Functions
  • Translation friendly
  • Social Buttons

🧑‍💻 Support

Beaver Builder offers support through its ticket system. They are also active on social media and Slack. Plus, Beaver Builder has a community forum.

Direct support availability, however, might be a little issue with Beaver Builder since it’s not available on weekends and US holidays.

🤓 Our experience with Beaver Builder

We like Beaver Builder and enjoy using it here at Siteefy.

The drag and drop interface of this WordPress page builder is clean, modern, and easy to use. The content elements are extensive enough for most users.

However, Beaver Builder is quite expensive. And its text editing options aren’t as good as Elementor’s or Divi’s.

Nonetheless, Beaver Builder is a WordPress page builder that we recommend to both new and advanced users.

🏷️ Beaver Builder Pricing

Beaver Builder comes in a free version (Beaver Builder Lite) and three different yearly premium packages.

The premium packages are:

  • Standard Package – $99
  • Pro Package – $199
  • Agency Package – $399

All three packages come with 1-year support and are valid for an unlimited number of websites.

4. Thrive Architect

Quick Facts About Thrive Architect

Initial release: 2013
Current version: NA
Active Installations: NA
Compatibility: compatible with almost any WP theme ✅
Responsiveness: 100% responsive and mobile-friendly ✅
Number of content elements: 36+
Number of premade templates: 300+
Best premade template: ProLayers group of templates🔥(see demo ➡️)
Live chat support: not available ❌
Rating on WordPress: NA
Trustpilot rating: 2.1/5 based on 20 reviews
Live demo: not available ❌


→ Extensive functionality and plenty of useful features

→ Simple user interface

→ Regular updates

→ Special focus on conversions

→ Multiple pricing options


→ No free version or demo

→ Limited number of content elements

Thrive Architect might not be as popular as Divi or Elementor, but it has a special spot among WordPress page builders. Some Thrive fans consider it to be the best WordPress page builder on the market.

As the page builder positions itself, Thrive Architect is a “click to edit” solution (as they also call this “truly visual WordPress page builder”).

Similar to other WordPress page builders, Thrive Architect adds a real front-end editor to WordPress meaning that you do not have to deal with the WordPress back-end to build your pages.

❇️ Thrive Architect Interface

The interface of Thrive Architect looks very similar to Elementor.

Just like Elementor, Thrive Architect has a left panel and the main content area where you can construct your website.

WP Front End Editor - Thrive Architect
Thrive Architect Interface

The left panel on Thrive Architect is where you’ll find all of your customization options.

The main content area is where all the magic happens. You can use this area to design your website as you like by dragging and dropping various elements.

Just like other WordPress page builders listed above, Thrive Architect requires no coding skills.

Check this quick Thrive Architect walkthrough video:

🧩 Thrive Architect Content Elements

Thrive Architect emphasizes conversions once again when it comes to content components. They offer two types of building blocks:

  1. Conversion focus building blocks
  2. Thrive Architect elements (standard building blocks)

Conversion-focused building blocks are a dozen of pre-made content elements that you can use to improve conversions on your website.

These include CTAs, content boxes, lead generation forms, contact forms, countdown timers, and more.

Thrive Architect conversion-focused building blocks
Some of the conversion-focused building blocks offered by Thrive Architect

Standard elements include things like paragraphs, images, menus, dividers, icons, tabs, toggles, and more.

Thrive Architect Elements
Thrive Architect elements

All the content components are draggable and customizable.

✨ Thrive Architect Templates

Since the main focus of this WordPress page builder is on conversions, it offers 300+ pre-made landing page templates.

The nature of these templates varies from full-length homepage-like templates to signup confirmation (“thank you for signing up”) pages and more.

Each premade template has its own demo (preview page) that you can view before using it.

🪄 Thrive Architect Main Features:

  • Full front-end drag and drop WordPress page builder
  • Designed to speed up the page building process
  • Desktop, smartphone, and tablet previews
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Special focus on conversions

♾️ Thrive Architect Additional Features:

Thrive Architect comes as a part of Thrive Suite which is packed with value and includes countless additional advanced features.

To name a few:

  • Thrive Theme Builder
  • Thrive Quiz Builder
  • Thrive Optimize (A/B testing)
  • Thrive Automator
  • Thrive Leads (forms, popups, and scroll mats)
Thrive Suite Products
Thrive Suite Products

All these additional features come as a part of Thrive Suite and are very helpful for building and running high-converting and professionally looking WordPress websites.

What else Thrive Architect offers:

  • Pre-designed and conversion-focused smart landing page templates that are also fully customizable (Thrive Architect has its own Smart Landing Pages technology)
  • Plus ready-made pages for all your other marketing needs including webinar and product launch pages
  • Additional pre-built conversion-focused elements (buttons, countdown timers, forms, testimonials, etc.)
  • Easy integration with the major marketing tools
  • Simple landing pages designed to quickly validate business ideas
  • A/B testing functionality
  • Blog post layouts and elements designed for higher user engagement
  • Font customization
  • Full-width layouts
  • Hover effects
  • Advanced mobile customization options
  • Dynamic animations

🧑‍💻 Support

Thrive Architect is a part of Thrive Themes – a top WordPress product company with numerous WordPress products.

This means that you’ll get all the support you need when it comes to Thrive Architect from a company with thousands of customers and a team of experienced WordPress developers.

🏷️ Thrive Architect WordPress Page Builder Pricing

Thrive Architect comes in three different pricing options:

  • Thrive Suite Membership at $299/year
  • Thrive Architect as a standalone product at $91/year
  • Optimize Bundle at $167/year

5. Visual Composer

✅Tested by Siteefy

Quick Facts About Visual Composer

Initial release: 2017
Current version: 43
Active Installations: 90,000+
Compatibility: compatible with almost any WP theme ✅
Responsiveness: 100% responsive and mobile-friendly ✅
Number of content elements: 200+
Number of premade templates: 160+
Best premade template: Fancy Product Landing Page
Live chat support: pre-sales only ❌
Rating on WordPress: 4.7/5 based on 179 reviews
Trustpilot rating: 4.0/5 based on 7 reviews
Live demo: available ✅ (try now ➡️)


→ Rich functionality and plenty of useful features

→ Free version and live demo available

→ Simple user interface

→ Speed

→ Plenty of content elements and templates


→ A little clunky

→ Live template demos not available

Visual Composer is another massively popular drag and drop WordPress page builder that requires no coding. It allows users to edit pages in real-time on the front-end and view the end result before hitting the publish button.

❇️ Visual Composer Interface

Most users find Visual Composer’s interface easy to use and intuitive.

It is well thought out, which makes it easy for you to build your pages.

WordPress Visual Editors - Visual Composer
Visual Composer Interface

The main editing screen comes with a narrow left-side panel that extends when needed to reveal additional options.

All the customization options are there, just a click away.

If you have used any WordPress page builder before, you will find yourself right at home with Visual Composer.

🧩 Visual Composer Content Elements

Visual Composer’s content elements library contains plenty of items you can drag and drop to your pages.

The selection includes common elements like buttons, images, testimonials, headings, countdowns, contact forms, embedded YouTube videos, etc.

But you can also find more advanced elements like sliders, tabbed content areas, galleries, WooCommerce widgets, and more.

Visual Composer modules
Visual Composer Content Elements

✨ Visual Composer Templates

Visual Composer has a large library of templates to choose from (300+ at the moment of writing this post). Most are free, while some others require a paid subscription.

The templates are organized by layout type, which is useful when you’re looking for a certain page design.

Visual Composer Template Library
Visual Composer Templates

You can easily apply these templates to your pages and then customize them as needed.

🪄 Visual Composer Main Features

  • WordPress Visual Editor
  • WordPress widgets support
  • Custom CSS
  • Global templates
  • Responsive design
  • Compatibility with Yoast SEO plugin

♾️ Visual Composer Additional Features

Visual Composer offers tons of additional features, including parallax support, advanced typography settings, right-click controls, element path, tree view, sidebar editor, popup builder, the option to add your own CSS/JavaScript, and so on.

Visual Composer has so many features it’s hard to list them all. It is definitely one of the most feature-packed WordPress page builders on the market.

🧑‍💻 Support

Visual Composer support is impressive but is available exclusively to premium license owners.

Free users can access tutorial videos and knowledge base articles.

Visual Composer’s documentation is very detailed and frequently updated.

⚠️Update (April 2022)

Emails to Visual Composer can sometimes remain unresponsive, which is not an experience expected from a top WordPress page builder.

🤓 Our experience with Visual Composer

We generally like Visual Composer and can say only good things about it. It is a great tool, and we like the fact that it offers a free version. This makes it possible for everyone to try Visual Composer.

However, despite all pros Visual Composer is still a little behind Divi and Elementor.

6. Brizy

✅Tested by Siteefy

Quick Facts About Brizy

Initial release: 2018
Current version: 2.3
Active Installations: 90,000+
Compatibility: compatible with almost any WP theme ✅
Responsiveness: 100% responsive and mobile-friendly ✅
Number of content elements: 25+
Number of premade templates: 100+
Best premade template: Petits (see demo ➡️)
Live chat support: not available ❌
Rating on WordPress.org: 4.7/5 based on 694 reviews
Trustpilot rating: 3.0/5 based on 5 reviews
Live demo: free version is available ✅ (try now ➡️)


→ Clean UI

→ Simplicity

→ Speed

→ Free version is available

→ Decent ready-made templates


→ Limited number of content elements

→ Relatively new and therefore not yet established name among WP page builders

Launched in 2018, Brizy is a relatively new WordPress page builder.

Similar to other page builder plugins listed on this page, Brizy lets you build stunning WordPress websites quickly and easily with no coding required. 

Brizy page builder

While WordPress page builder market is dominated by plugins like Elementor (5M+ installations), Divi (767,000+ installations), and Beaver Builder (300,000+ installations), Brizy has managed to get over 80,000 active installations just 3 years after the initial launch.

Brizy offers a fully responsive visual WordPress page builder with real-time editing. It uses React technology as the backend of the tool, making the drag-and-drop editor very fast and easy to use.

❇️ Brizy Interface

Brizy has a modern and easy-to-use interface, which is really intuitive.

We’d say Brizy’s interface is probably the best among all editors listed on this page.

Here is how simple and minimalistic it is:

Brizy Interface
Brizy WordPress Page Builder Interface

Narrow left sidebar and popup options when clicked on elements – this is how editing with Brizy is like.

We love the drag and drop interface of Brizy. As already mentioned above, it is simple, minimalistic and it lets you focus on your content.

Brizy is also super responsive and editing WordPress with Brizy is a breeze. 🙂

🧩 Brizy Content Elements

Currently, Brizy offers 25+ content elements.

The number might not be impressive (compared to other WordPress page builders), but the thing is that all elements are useful and will cover most of your needs.

With Brizy you get all the essential content elements your website might need like text, images, galleries, etc.

Brizy Content Elements
Brizy Content Elements

All elements of this WordPress page builder are responsive and look stunning on any device.

✨ Brizy Templates

Brizy offers templates for all types of websites and all types of needs.

Currently, Brizy templates come in four categories:

  • Layout Packs
  • Landing Pages
  • Blocks Kit
  • Popup Designs

All templates are modern, stylish, and easy to use.

Each template has its own demo page, so you can see how everything works before using it.

We really like the idea of Blocks Kit – Brizy helps you create the layout of your website in a blink of an eye.

All you need to do is choose a block and insert it into your page.

🪄 Brizy Main Features

  • Full site editing with Brizy WordPress page builder (100% responsive control)
  • In-built mega menu
  • WordPress email integration
  • 300+ layouts and blocks
  • 4000+ vector icons included
  • Marketing integration with Zapier, Mailchimp, Drip, ConvertKit, etc.
  • Dynamic content and ACF support
  • White label option for freelancers and agencies

♾️ Brizy Additional Features

Brizy also has a few additional features that might come in handy for some users.

These include among others:

  • Popup builder
  • Contact forms
  • Membership feature
  • Web stories builder

All these features are really useful, so we’d say that Brizy is a young but quite powerful and feature-packed WordPress page builder.

🧑‍💻 Support

Since Brizy is a relatively new product, it doesn’t have that much of a community yet.

But the team behind Brizy is really helpful. They will gladly answer your questions and assist with any issue you might be facing.

You can reach Brizy support directly via email.

🤓 Our experience with Brizy

We love the editing experience that Brizy provides. Among all WordPress WYSIWYG editors we tried, Brizy feels the most pleasant to work with.

Also, the inline text editing functionality of Brizy is absolutely the best in our opinion. It feels so much smoother compared to other page builders.

The editing interface is minimalistic, and it doesn’t have a lot of distractions which is great.

So, in short, our experience with Brizy was highly positive and we recommend trying out this fantastic WordPress page builder.

🏷️ Brizy Pricing

Brizy offers three different pricing plans:

  • Personal — $49 per year or $149 lifetime for 1 pro website
  • Freelancer — $99 per year or $299 lifetime for 100 pro websites
  • Agency — $199 per year or $399 lifetime for 500 pro websites

All plans include all the Brizy Pro features, updates, and premium support.

7. Oxygen

✅Tested by Siteefy

Quick Facts About Oxygen

Initial release: 2016
Current version: 4.0
Active Installations: 20,000+
Compatibility: Oxygen disables the WordPress theme system when enabled
Responsiveness: 100% responsive and mobile-friendly ✅
Number of content elements: 17
Number of premade templates: 17
Best premade template: Hyperion (see demo ➡️)
Live chat support: not available ❌
Rating on WordPress.org: not available ❌
Trustpilot rating: 3.7/5 based on 1 review
Live demo: available ✅ (try now ➡️)


→ Powerful controls

→ Nice-looking templates

→ Flexibility

→ Demo version is available


→ Limited number of content elements

→ Limited number of templates

→ Steep learning curve

Launched in 2016 by Soflyy, Oxygen is one of the newest WordPress page builders that has managed to attract a lot of users from the WordPress community.

Oxygen is a drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin that lets you build powerful WordPress websites with a combination of pre-built templates and other basic elements.

Oxygen WordPress page builder

The Oxygen Builder is a complete WordPress page builder that supports theme editing too. So if you’re looking for a theme builder or an alternative to Divi or Elementor, Oxygen is a great option to consider.

Check this video to see Oxygen in action:

❇️ Oxygen Interface

Oxygen is a bit more difficult to use and comprehend than the other builders listed in this article (like Divi, Elementor, and Brizy). The interface of this WordPress page builder is not as user-friendly and intuitive as the interface of the editors mentioned above.

However, it doesn’t mean it is not easy to use. It might take some time to get used to Oxygen, but after that, you will get the hang of it.

Oxygen Interface
The Interface of Oxygen WordPress page builder

Oxygen has a left sidebar which is the main panel containing most of the controls.

Although this sidebar can easily be hidden to let the user focus on editing the content, it still looks a bit overwhelming.

In short, Oxygen has a fairly good interface, but not as nice as what you’d get with Divi or Brizy.

🧩 Oxygen Content Elements

Oxygen comes with a dozen of pre-built composite elements.

The number might not be that impressive, but all the elements are very useful and well-designed.

Oxygen Content Elements
Oxygen Pre-Built Elements

Things like Mega Menu, Number Counter, Review Box, Switcher, Flipbox and other stuff are all very helpful and make content editing a lot easier.

✨ Oxygen Templates

Oxygen doesn’t have a lot of templates at the moment. In comparison to other WordPress editors listed in this post (especially Divi and Elementor), the templates collection of this WordPress page builder is somewhat limited.

However, the number is expected to rise as Oxygen becomes more popular.

Oxygen Templates
Oxygen Design Sets

The good news is that each design set available for Oxygen users has its own demo page with a live preview so you can see exactly what the template looks like before using it.

🪄 Oxygen Builder Main Features:

  • Drag and drop WordPress page builder
  • Fully responsive editing
  • Flexbox layout engine
  • Scroll animations
  • Full WooCommerce support
  • SEO-friendly
  • Speed
  • Supports dynamic data
  • Built-in Gutenberg support

♾️ Oxygen Builder Additional Features

Oxygen has several additional features that might come in handy for some users.

These include among others:

  • Built-in SEO tools (mostly speed and code related)
  • Separate header builder
  • Client-friendly editing mode
  • Global colors

Since Oxygen is a relatively new product we expect the number of advanced features and functionalities to increase within the next couple of years.

🧑‍💻 Support

Oxygen provides lifetime support and updates, which is great for a product like this (compared to other editors where you have to pay extra for future updates).

Official support is provided through a ticketing system on the Oxygen website. Tickets are answered within 24 to 48 hours.

Additionally, Oxygen has a pretty active community where you can share your feedback, make feature requests, or ask for help if needed.

🤓 Our experience with Oxygen

We didn’t encounter major problems or glitches during our testing period, but it is normal to expect some minor issues here and there considering Oxygen is still in its early stages (again, relatively).

The major drawback of this WordPress page builder is its somewhat bulky interface. Other than that, we really like the editor and features it offers.

🏷️ Oxygen Pricing:

The best thing about Oxygen is that, unlike other page builders, Oxygen only has one-time plans, so you don’t have to pay every year, and all the plans include lifetime updates, lifetime support, and unlimited installations.

The three pricing plans Oxygen offers are:

  • Basic plan – costs $129 and covers only the primary Oxygen WordPress page builder.
  • WooCommerce plan – costs $199 and includes the primary WordPress page builder plus WooCommerce integration.
  • Agency plan – costs $279 and covers basic, WooCommerce, and the Gutenberg block editor.
  • Ultimate plan – costs $349 and includes everything mentioned above, plus Composite Elements.

8. Themify

Themify is another well-known WordPress page builder (back-end and front-end) that comes with Themify Theme and Themify Builder (which is free as a standalone WordPress editing plugin).

Here is how Themify works:

Similar to Divi, Themify also provides two editing options:

  • Backend editing
  • Frontend editing

So, depending on your personal preferences you can use any of these options and comfortably switch between them.

Themify Builder Editor

Themify Builder comes with over 40 professionally designed layouts which you can simply import and build your own pages based on them.

Stunning web pages on many different topics can be created literally in minutes with these pre-made layouts.

With this WordPress page builder you can create amazing animation effects like this:

Themify Animation Effects

Additionally, Themify page builder plugin includes its own caching system that helps to reduce server resources and makes page processing faster.

Themify Builder Main Features:

  • Back-end and front-end WordPress page builder
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Multi-site support
  • Can be extended further with add-ons

Themify Builder Additional Features:

  • Undo/Redo functions
  • Import/Export functions
  • Easy duplicating
  • Flexible rows and columns combinations
  • Layout parts
  • 60+ animation effects
  • Custom styling

Themify WordPress Page Builder Pricing:

The basic version of Themify Builder is free.

Themify Builder Pro comes with all 25 builder addons and costs $69. However, you can also buy the addons separately for $39.

9. WP Page Builder

WP Page Builder is a visual WordPress page builder plugin developed by Themeum.

It is a beginner-friendly WordPress page builder with a clean interface and flexible customization options. You can use nested rows and columns to build any type of layout you want with this plugin.

WP Page Builder by Themeum

Multiple ready-to-use blocks and templates are available in WP Page Builder that you can import to quickly build pages. But there’s no inline editing in this WordPress page builder, and you will have to edit your text in the sidebar editor.

Some of the content elements included in WP Page Builder are accordion, carousel, form, post grid, button, flip box, heading, icon, image, progress, social buttons, and testimonial carousel.

While WP Page Builder is a nice plugin for building simple page layouts, you don’t get as many options as you get with other builders like Divi or Elementor.

Some advanced features like theme builder, popup builder, and marketing integrations are not included with this WordPress page builder.

WP Page Builder Features 🧩
  • Front-end WordPress page builder
  • 60 content blocks and 38 addons
  • 27 layout packs
  • Unlimited redo and undo options
  • WordPress widget support
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes
  • Translation ready builder
WP Page Builder Pricing 🏷️

This page builder comes with yearly and lifetime plans:

  • Single license — $39/year or $299 one-time payment.
  • 5 license pack — $59/year or $399 one-time payment.
  • Unlimited license — $99/year or $599 one-time payment.

You will get regular plugin updates and priority support with all plans of WP Page Builder. There’s also a standard 30-day refund policy offered by this page builder.

10. WPBakery WordPress Page Builder

The WPBakery WordPress Page Builder lets you build responsive websites, and it also allows you to manage your content with ease as it comes with an intuitive WordPress front and back end editor.

WPBakery page builder for WordPress
WPBakery Page Builder

Similar to other WordPress builders listed on this page, you won’t require any technical skills or programming knowledge to create websites using WPBakery page builder.

The editor also comes with several premium content templates and predefined layouts, which allow building WordPress websites in a very short time.

Here is a quick video about WPBakery Page Builder:

WPBakery WordPress Page Builder Features 🧩
  • This WordPress page builder supports both front end and back end editing
  • WPBakery page builder comes with 80+ predefined layouts and grid design templates
  • Includes a shortcode mapper
  • Multisite and multilingual support
  • 200+ addons with hundreds of content elements
  • Built-in user role controls
  • Compatible with WooCommerce and Yoast SEO
WPBakery WordPress Page Builder Pricing 🏷️

WPBakery page builder is available for $45 for use on 1 site, along with free updates, 6 months premium support, and access to a template library.

The extended package is available for $245 for use in a single SaaS application, along with free updates, premium support, and theme integration.

11. Spectra

Spectra is an intuitive drag and drop page builder designed to work seamlessly with the WordPress block editor.

Spectra homepage

Spectra Interface ❇️

Spectra doesn’t add a new interface or complicated menus. Instead, it adds a series of creative blocks within the default WordPress editor.

If you can use the block editor, you can use Spectra!

Spectra Blocks Interface
Spectra Blocks Interface
Spectra Content Elements 🧩

Spectra adds a range of blocks, templates, and wireframes along with some very usable block patterns. You get some useful blocks, 42 block presets, and access to a selection of professionally designed templates.

Blocks include headers, tabs, price lists, table of contents, star ratings, post grids, and many more. All are accessible from within the WordPress block editor or via simple buttons.

Spectra also supports flexbox containers which opens up page design completely. No more rows or columns, you get complete freedom to design your pay your way.

Spectra Templates ✨

Spectra comes with a collection of full website templates designed to install in seconds and deliver a fully operational website.

You can customize everything you see on the page using the WordPress block editor, giving full control over your site.

Templates are all pro-quality and cover most niches, from blogging to eCommerce.

Spectra Pricing 🏷️

Spectra is free. There is a premium version, Spectra Pro coming soon, but this version will always be free.

12. SeedProd

✅Tested by Siteefy

Seedprod is another relatively new name in the WordPress page builder space, but it’s already making waves with its simple yet powerful drag-and-drop editor.

SeedProd WordPress Page Builder

It comes with all the features you need to create a high-converting WordPress website, such as landing page templates, theme builder, integrations (including WooCommerce), subscriber management , and more.

Plus, it’s backed by a team of WordPress experts, so you know you’re in good hands.

SeedProd Interface ❇️

The interface of SeedProd looks similar to Elementor.

SeedProd Interface

You have a sidebar on the left with all the elements you can drag and drop onto your page, a live preview on the right.

Overall, the interface is clean and easy to use.

SeedProd Content Elements 🧩

SeedProd comes with 80+ WordPress Blocks for building your pages.

The blocks are divided into 5 categories:

  • Standard Blocks
  • Advanced Blocks
  • WooCommerce Blocks
  • Template Tags
  • WordPress Widget Blocks

To give you an idea of what’s included, here are some of the standard blocks:

  • Headline
  • Text
  • Images
  • Buttons
  • Divider
  • Spacer
  • Video

And here are some of the advanced blocks:

  • Contact form
  • Optin form
  • Testimonials
  • Pricing table
  • Search form
  • Gallery
  • Animated headline

So, in short Seedprod provides everything you need to create a WordPress website without having to touch a single line of code.

SeedProd Templates ✨

If you don’t want to start from scratch, Seedprod also comes with 180+ pre-designed landing page templates that you can use to jump-start your website.

The templates are divided into 8 types:

  • Coming Soon
  • Maintenance Mode
  • 404 Page
  • Sales
  • Webinar
  • Lead Squeeze
  • Thank You
  • Login

And each template can be further customized to match your brand.

SeedProd Pricing 🏷️

However, if you need more advanced features such as landing page templates, pro blocks, access controls, theme builder and better support , then you need to upgrade to the premium version.

Premium starts at $79/year for 1 site, $199/year for 3 sites, $399/year for 5 sites and $599/year for unlimited sites.

13. Avada Website Builder

Avada is another popular WordPress theme that comes with a drag & drop interface called Avada Website Builder.

The builder is packed with features and allows you to create beautiful pages without having to write a single line of code!

Avada WordPress Website Builder

Avada comes with a huge library of pre-designed content blocks that you can easily drag & drop to create your pages.

Avada Interface ❇️

Avada Website Builder has a clean and user-friendly interface. It looks like a regular (Elementor-like) WordPress editor, with some custom features and characteristics.

Avada Interface
Avada Live Editing Interface

Importantly, Avada interface can be customized to better fit your needs.

Avada Content Elements 🧩

Avada Website Builder comes with a variety of content elements that you can use to create your pages.

This includes everything from basic text and images to more advanced elements like charts, checklist, counter circle, flip boxes and others.

Generally, the quantity and quality of elements offered by Avada is impressive. It’s definitely one of the best among all page builders listed on this page. Plus, Avada has a comprehensive page dedicated to each component, with in-depth information on how to use it, examples, and documentation.

When it comes to content elements, Avada set the bar pretty high.

Avada Templates ✨

Avada comes with a great collection of fully customizable pre-built websites (aka templates or website kits) that you can use as a starting point for your own projects.

The templates are well categorized and can be easily filtered by category. The designs are modern and look great on all devices.

Avada Pricing 🏷️

Avada is a premium-only product and costs $69 for a lifetime license.

14. Colibri WordPress Page Builder

✅Tested by Siteefy

Colibri is another relatively new full site drag-and-drop WordPress page builder.

From the header, footer, page content, post layout, navigation menus, global and individual styling — you can edit everything with Colibri.

All the builder content components are fully customizable with settings like background and colors, typography, alignment, border, shadow, margins, and paddings.

Other than that, Colibri has over 90 entire website packs and over 150 predefined blocks for sections like about, features, services, testimonials, team, portfolio, contact forms, etc.

Colibri WordPress Page Builder Features 🧩
  • Multiple hero section designs
  • Shape dividers
  • 90+ full website templates included
  • 150+ pre-designed blocks
  • 40+ drag-and-drop content components
Colibri WordPress Page Builder Pricing 🏷️

Colibri offers both yearly and lifetime plans:

  • Personal at $67 yearly or $159 one-time payment for 1 site.
  • Business at $74 yearly or $209 one-time payment for 5 sites.
  • Agency at $129 yearly or $359 one-time payment for unlimited sites.

All plans offer priority support, constant updates, and 20% renewal discounts (applicable on yearly plans only).

15. MotoPress WordPress Page Builder

MotoPress is another drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin capable of designing pages, posts, and custom post types. You can build 100% responsive websites with MotoPress, without writing a single line of code.

MotoPress Page Builder and Frontend Editor

The best part about this WordPress page builder is that it works smoothly with all WordPress themes, and it comes with 30+ built-in content elements like text, image, slider, grid gallery, button, social buttons, video, audio, post grid, accordion, tabs, table, and more!

MotorPress WordPress Page Builder Features 🧩
  • Visual WordPress page builder
  • Editing for mobile, desktop, and tablet devices is available
  • It comes with mobile-ready layouts
  • From sections to widgets and pages, everything is customizable
  • It is compatible with WPML (WordPress Multilingual plugin) and multilingual interface
MotoPress WordPress Page Builder Pricing 🏷️

You will get three pricing options with MotoPress builder:

  • Personal plan at $39 for 1 website.
  • Business plan at $69 for 5 websites.
  • Developer plan at $139 for unlimited websites.

All plans include a yearly license for automatic updates and support.

16. WordPress Page Builder by SiteOrigin

✅Tested by Siteefy

SiteOrigin Page Builder is a widely used WordPress page builder plugin that is totally free.

WordPress Page Builder by SiteOrigin might not be as advanced as other page builders listed here, but it does its job well.

SiteOrigin Page Builder works with any WordPress theme and keeps your layout and content in place when you change your theme.

SiteOrigin Page Builder Interface
SiteOrigin Page Builder Features 🧩
  • Front-end and back-end functionality
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Useful history browser that lets to roll forward and back through your edits
  • SiteOrigin Page Builder is based on content elements

17. Live Composer

Live Composer is a free and open-source drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin that you can use to create and customize your WP websites.

What we particularly like about Live Composer is that they (like Elementor) call their product a WordPress site builder and not simply a WordPress page builder, plugin, or editor.

Currently, Live Composer offers a 100% drag and drop WordPress page builder interface with more than 30 content modules.

Live Composer WordPress page builder

With Live Composer content modules, you can create custom landing pages, blog posts, and other page types (about us, service, homepage, etc.).

Live Composer Features 🧩
  • WordPress page builder
  • 30+ content modules
  • Responsive editing
  • Full visual drag and drop builder
  • SEO friendly
  • Landing page support
  • Full WooCommerce customization
  • In-built Portfolio presets
Live Composer Pricing 🏷️

The basic Live Composer site builder is a free WordPress page builder plugin with two premium extension plugins to which you can upgrade if you need more customization options.

  • The Pro extension pack costs $49 for 1 site and $99 for unlimited sites.
  • The Woo extension pack is priced at $49 for 1 site and $99 for unlimited sites.

Both extensions include 12 months of support, regular updates, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case you don’t like the product, you can easily ask for a full refund.

18. Advanced Editor Tools (TinyMCE Editor)

✅Tested by Siteefy

Previously known as TinyMCE Editor, Advanced Editor Tools is a rich text editor that now merges the WordPress classic editor and the Gutenberg editor.

This means that you can use the Classic Paragraph Block of the old classic editor in the new Gutenberg editor — giving you the best of both worlds.

TinyMCE Features 🧩
  • Allows you to opt between the classic block and classic paragraph in terms of setting the default block in the WordPress editor
  • Allows you to create and edit tables in the classic editor and the classic blocks
  • Search and replace function
  • Supports custom font family and font size in the classic block and classic editor
TinyMCE Pricing 🏷️

The basic version of TinyMCE is available on WordPress.org, which you can download for free.

To get access to the premium editor, you can subscribe to its cloud essential plan at $25 per month.

Who is the Winner?

As you can see there is a big variety of different WordPress editors and page builder plugins (both free and premium). Telling which one is the best among them is not an easy task.

But we’ll give it a try:

🏆 What is the best page builder for WordPress?

At this very moment the following builders are closer to being the best WordPress builder compared to others:

  • Divi
  • Elementor
  • Brizy
  • Thrive Architect
  • Avada


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3 years ago

Thanks for useful content!
Have decided for myself finally which builder to use!

3 years ago

Thank you so much for such a detailed article! It’s exactly what I was looking for.

3 years ago

This is really great information .I was not aware of so many varieties of front end wordpress editors , appreciate the share!

Bill Brose
Bill Brose
3 years ago

Can these WYSIWYG editors be used in both WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

Reply to  Siteefy Team
3 years ago

I like the sound of divi builder. Since no coding or special skills are required there.

Geeky Daddy
Geeky Daddy
3 years ago

Ton of useful information. I am new to WordPress and was unaware of most of these tools.

3 years ago

This is useful.

3 years ago

It is super helpful. Thank you!

3 years ago

This was really interesting to read. The only front end editor that I have used is Elementor (although I do have significant experience now working with it). It really does offer great functionality, although it does slow most sites down slightly, so that’s something to consider.
I feel like the addition of Gutenberg was a step in the right direction for WordPress. As you stated, the classic editor was great for basic blogging, however, it lacked the ability to build pages the way that many other website builders did. While it’s not a full replacement for a front end editor, it does offer quite a few great options as you get used to using it!

3 years ago

So far, I love Elementor. It does the job for me without any additional cost. I know a lot are using Divi but I have been meaning to check out Themify too. Thank you for sharing this comparison. Makes it easier to decide on what to use.

3 years ago

I like all the points you’ve made. Thanks!

3 years ago

What a brilliant article packed with so much useful and relevant information, thanks for sharing x

3 years ago

What an amazing list of Wysiwyg WordPress page builders that you have compiled. Personally, I have used Elementor, WP Bakery and Thrive Architect. My favourite, for now, is Elementor.

3 years ago

I use a template from Studio Press but I also taught myself html years ago. Like 10+ years ago, so I’m not afraid of using html blocks if needed to get what I want.

Reina Victoria
Reina Victoria
3 years ago

I love how much detail you go into on this post! I have been enjoying the Gutenberg editor on WordPress but haven’t explored other options. I think I’d look at Elementor next based on your review. Thanks!

3 years ago

I think learning to code is a great skill to have, but it’s great that there’s so many options like these out there for those who don’t wish to learn! I’ve heard great things about Gutenberg, but so far I’ve been doing okay on my own. When I struggle, my extremely tech-savvy partner might have to step in and help me since programming is a big element of his job!

3 years ago

I need to say tat this is a great article of the editors at one place. Even though I no longer use WordPress, I wish something like that existed when I needed it. Im familiar with Divi, Elementor and Beaver builder and Visual composer. Some of them I didn’t know or maybe they didn’t exist at my time with WordPress. But its always good to have an overview in these things. Thank you!

3 years ago

I have never used a Drag and Drop Page Builder for my site. I agree that WordPress has a bit of a learning curve so these are probably great time savers!

Samantha Pearl
Samantha Pearl
3 years ago

Great article! Thank you for sharing all this helpful information.

3 years ago

Wow this is so helpful! Love that you broke down the different builders.

3 years ago

Very informative and detailed post. There is so much more to WordPress; themes, builders and more!

Thank you for sharing!

Autumn Murray
Autumn Murray
3 years ago

I would love to learn how to code if I had the time. It would save me from having to hire out to get things done on my website. I have Gutenberg, but it is confusing to me so I use classic editor.

Megan Nadan
Megan Nadan
3 years ago

Super helpful! I feel so more confident in my pick after reading this.

3 years ago

My god such an extensive research and very well detailed blog that is sure to help out a lot of existing and emerging bloggers!

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I am so glad we have plenty of page builders we can choose from when building a website. Since, most of us are not that techie type, having these around really help.

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I like how the other page builders have a test drive, so we can see its potential for our site. I use WordPress for my blog too, so this is really informative!

3 years ago

So helpful, I appreciate you sharing these with us!

John Banks
John Banks
Reply to  Krysten
2 years ago

Amazing post, thanks. I use Elementor for all my websites. The free and the premium. Although I am finding it a little slow these days so may look to switch soon.

3 years ago

This is very informative! I use wordpress and I’m still getting to know some of these tools.

Meg Stewart
Meg Stewart
3 years ago

Code is not definitely not my strongest skill! This was jam packed with tons of info and I’ll have to keep come back to digest it and figure out what I’m missing out on!

3 years ago

Great article. I use Siteorigin on my blog and site – so easy to use and basically a WYSIWYG.

3 years ago

Brilliantly explained. I use WordPress too and these were not known to me!

3 years ago

Great list. I picked Elementor and it is definitely the best.

3 years ago

Ok, I never knew there were so many WordPress page builders! Thank you for sharing this.

3 years ago

Learning more about wordpress. I am a blogspot guy but interesting details to know though.

3 years ago

Thank you so much for this informative article. I still feel so lost when I am doing stuff on WordPress and this really helps!

3 years ago

Super comprehensive article. Thanks for sharing this! My sister recently opened up a website on wordpress and could have used something like this, haha.

3 years ago

I have never used drag drop before, but I want to try. This post is really helpful with so much useful insight and tips!

Renata Feyen
Renata Feyen
3 years ago

What an interesting article – so many things I had never heard about – I will have to come back later to check a few out 🙂

Nikki Wayne
Nikki Wayne
3 years ago

I know someone who’ll definitely love this article. I’ll share this to her. Thanks!

Sarah Stockley
Sarah Stockley
3 years ago

Thanks for the comprehensive guide. For my own website I use Wix. But my VA clients all use WordPress so I am more clued up now.

Kathy Kenny
Kathy Kenny
3 years ago

This is definitely a useful post for those who would like to take their WordPress websites to the next level.

3 years ago

I really liked the pros and cons of the different WordPress builders. I was using Divi but it seems to slow down my website so I started using Gutenberg but I am still learning how it works.

3 years ago

Thanks a lot for sharing these page builders, definitely learnt a thing or two.

Gladys Nava
Gladys Nava
3 years ago

Oh wow! What a great blog post! I am really glad to know all these! Thanks for sharing!

3 years ago

Some superb detailed information on your picks for the best WordPress editors. Will definitely keep this for future reference when needed. Great Post!

Miranda Balogh
Miranda Balogh
3 years ago

Wow, you put a lot of time and effort into this article. It’s so informative and well-organized. Thanks for sharing!

3 years ago

Ah this is super useful! I personally don’t use wordpress, but my clients do and have used Divi. Might have to show one of my clients this who wants to change up their site and make it easier to use. SO detailed! Thanks!

3 years ago

Great list. I never know what plugins help versus hurt my site when speed is taken into account.

Audrey Truitt
Audrey Truitt
3 years ago

This was an amazing article! Thank you so much! I am currently using Elementor Pro, but wanted to check out some of the other editors. Will definitely reference this article again.

3 years ago

How much of research and efforts you have put in! That’s such a useful write up with all necessary details. Great work.

3 years ago

I will be reading this over a few times. Great information. I’m still learning daily about word press.

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